Cutting-Edge Additions to Your Home Office

Cutting-Edge Additions to Your Home Office

 You've probably read a number of articles about how to furnish your modern home office. These guides usually offer advice on subjects like task lighting, ergonomic furniture and storage options. But what about the type of design elements that make a home office stand out from all the rest? In this article, we're focusing on the furnishings and accessories that will create a home office you might never want to leave. Read on to find out how to turn yours into an innovative contemporary refuge for working, relaxing and finding creative inspiration.


 Wall-Mounted Monitor/TV

 Let's start with the visual aspects of working and relaxing in a home office retreat. As computer monitors have become ever-larger, the next logical step is to use a wall-mounted monitor in the office. Arrange your desk so that it faces the screen at an optimal distance for working. This will help prevent neck strain and shoulder stiffness since you'll be looking upward with your head supported by the desk chair headrest.


 A wall-mounted computer monitor/TV is also the ideal format for video conferencing and face-to-face meetings. The office sofa or divan can be arranged so that it faces the screen. Use this setup to view videos related to work or to take a break and watch something for pure entertainment. The extra-large screen will become a multifunctional part of your office, and you'll wonder how you ever got by without it.


 Uber-Cool Chair

 While all office chairs should be ergonomically designed and comfortable, you can take this a step further. The ideal home office chair is super-adjustable, offering a footrest when needed or even opening up full-length for a spontaneous meditation break. You want a chair that's designed for the human body and has the ability to be customized for yours in particular.

Cutting-Edge Additions to Your Home Office

 Office chairs with built-in heat and massage are available, or you can find an add-on massager that's compatible with your chair. When you're facing a long session of computer work, you'll be thankful for the added comfort.


 Exercise Pedals

 While you're pampering yourself with an ingeniously comfortable desk, monitor and chair setup, keep in mind that too much sitting in one position can be unhealthy. Of course, you can always add a treadmill or stepper in one corner of the office. But sometimes space or budget considerations prevent that option.

 Taking advantage of an under-the-desk pedal exerciser is an inexpensive way to keep up your strength and coordination, even while working at home. Whenever you take a break, spend five minutes pedaling. It will improve your alertness and keep your muscles from getting stiff.


 Kitchen Corner

 Working at home, distractions can be the death of progress and creativity when you're immersed in a task. That's a practical reason to have your own small kitchen area in the office, and one fabulous reason is to have a place to put your cappuccino maker and healthy snacks. A small refrigerator takes up little room and can even serve double duty as a printer stand. Keep it right next to your desk so you don't have to get up when pages are printed and, as a bonus, you can reach for a cold drink anytime.


 Wireless Everything

 It should go without saying that in today's technological world, wireless is the way to go. Ditch the cables snaking from the computer to the printer, speakers and headphones. Just about anything you need for work productivity can be found in a wireless version. For your own comfort and concentration, invest in wireless headphones that are noise-canceling. A modern wireless printer should also have the capability to be a fax machine, scanner and copier.


 Digital Personal Assistant

 Finally, hook yourself up with one of the most inexpensive personal assistants around. It doesn't matter if you prefer Siri, Alexa or another digital assistant. They're all more than willing to play the music you like during breaks, quickly look up vital facts for important research, and dim or brighten the lighting in the room. But you might not realize that your artificially intelligent helper can also show you the weekly schedule with a voice command, or give a head's up if the internet signal is lagging.

 Cutting-Edge Additions to Your Home Office


The Complete Home Office

 This may sound like a suggestion to turn your home office into a fun retreat that you'll never want to leave. And why not? Instead of having to work, most people would rather be with loved ones or relax and read a good book. If you have to work, however, there's no reason it can't be in most pleasant surroundings possible.



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