Creative Ideas for Bathroom Storage

Have you ever experienced that moment when you get home from Costco or Sam’s Club with a 36-pack of toilet paper and nowhere to put it? If you have a big family, you’re probably also constantly running out of places to put your towels. Thankfully, there are tons of bathroom storage hacks out there that can help you find the extra space you need in your bathroom without much time or effort.

1. Mount a Wall Cabinet

As you progress through the process of remodeling your bathroom, you’ll probably end up with some extra lumber that you don’t need. However, don’t throw this wood away; instead, use it to make your own open DIY bathroom cabinet. If you look hard enough, you’re sure to find a vertical surface in your bathroom where you can deploy this unique bathroom storage idea, and once you do, it will be the perfect place to keep toothpaste, toilet paper, or any other type of bathroom necessity that you want to keep easily accessible but out of the way.

Creative Ideas for Bathroom Storage

2. Try a Storage Ladder

If you’re hankering for a DIY storage project that you can bust out in a day or less, an attractive and simple bathroom storage ladder might be the perfect thing to make in your free time. It’s easy to make this storage solution out of some strips of plywood, and once you’re done, you can paint it in any color you please to brighten up your bathroom. Just remember to use smaller and smaller shelves as you go up to make it easy to grab your toilet paper, towels, cotton balls, or whatever items you like to use on a daily basis.

Creative Ideas for Bathroom Storage

3. Put Shelving Above Your Vanity

Most homeowners and renters don’t use the spaces above their vanities to their full potential. Instead of reserving this entire area for a wall-to-wall mirror, you should try carving our spots for attractive and useful shelving. Shelves next to your mirror can be the perfect places to store towels, and you can use high-up shelves that are hard to reach for storing artistic accessories that lend an air of class to your bathroom.

4. Add Some Artistic Wicker Baskets

If you like the idea of having more storage but you don’t want to use unattractive plastic or wooden boxes, give stacking wicker baskets a try. These types of baskets look great next to your toilet or beside your sink, and you can use them to store any number of different bathroom necessities. For a truly adorable look, stack wicker baskets of different sizes on top of each other.

5. Set up a Peg Rail

If you’re always running out of space for your hand towels, try setting up a peg rail next to your sink. This DIY project should take you an hour or less to complete since it simply consists of a wooden rail with pegs sticking out of it. While you’ll probably deploy this storage solution with hand towels in mind, it’s also perfect for hanging toothbrush holders or razors.

6. Hang Baskets from Towel Racks

Towel racks aren’t only for towels, you know. It’s also possible to hang baskets from these racks, so if you have more towel racks than you need in your bathroom, you might want to do just that. You can even install more towel racks in your bathroom with the express purpose in mind of using them to hang slightly tilted baskets that are perfect for storing toiletries and toothbrushes.

7. Make the Most of Your Pedestal Sink

Everyone loves pedestal sinks, but these types of bathroom features can be inconvenient in a major way. While they look great and save space, they also eliminate your potential of having a bathroom vanity and the storage space that comes with it.

However, it’s possible to have your cake and eat it too in this situation. All you’ll need to do is make a custom cabinet that wraps around the pedestal supporting your sink. To do so, you can simply use a normal bathroom cabinet and cut out an area on the back to fit your sink’s pedestal. While you won’t be able to use the area that you’ve cut out, you’ll suddenly have access to a top surface area and plenty of places to put your soap and toilet paper.

8. Store Your Makeup with Magnets

Here’s a DIY idea that’s blowing people away around the world: Store all of these tiny makeup containers on a vertical magnetic rack. All it takes to put together this DIY project is a large magnet board and some adhesive magnetic strips. Cut your strips to fit the bottoms of your makeup containers, and stick them to your board (which is mounted on the wall) whenever they aren’t in use.

9. Build a Recessed Shelf in Your Shower

It’s easy to run out of space in your shower, but if you’re already doing a shower remodel, it’s equally easy to add a recessed shelf that will expand your storage options immensely. These shelves work great when they’re installed behind your showerhead, but they also fit in well anywhere else in your shower. Just remember to make the base of your shelf slightly slanted outwards to keep water from pooling inside.

10. Make Use of the Back of Your Bathroom Door

If you’re truly strapped for space, the back of your bathroom door is a prime candidate for more storage. You can start with an over-the-door hook, but if you want to get fancy, you can also build wooden shelves directly onto your door. These shelves won’t be visible when your door is open, but the moment that you shut yourself in your bathroom for some privacy, it will be easy to reach your toilet paper, toiletries, or whichever necessities you need.

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