Crazy Bathroom Floor Ideas

Is making things mildly eclectic not enough to satisfy your unique aesthetic sensibilities? Then you might want to stop at nothing to complement your contemporary vanity, shower, and tub with the craziest bathroom floor in the entire city. Check out our nine top ideas for turning your everyday bathroom floor into an avant-garde masterpiece as part of your ongoing remodel efforts.

1. Make a 3D Chasm

Have you ever seen that type sidewalk chalk art that looks like it’s jumping out at you? Well, someone had the idea to do something similar in a bathroom, and the notion caught on like wildfire.

Most of the 3D bathroom ideas out there today seem to have one goal in common; to make you lose your footing as your brain is tricked into thinking you’re sinking into the ocean or standing on a dolphin’s head. Not all 3D bathroom floors are so intense, but one thing’s for certain; you don’t want to have this type of floor in your bathroom if you plan on entertaining any elderly people or little kids.

 Crazy Bathroom Floor Ideas

2. Try a Glass Floor

Have you ever been consumed with the desire to see into your crawlspace while you sit on the toilet? We haven’t either, but that doesn’t mean a glass bathroom floor is necessarily a bad idea.

While 3D bathroom floors often trick the mind into thinking it’s seeing depth that isn’t there, glass bathroom floors are the real deal. While they aren’t quite as impressive as glass-bottomed boats, glass bathroom floors add a feeling of space and openness to your bathroom. One crazy designer even built a glass bathroom floor over a 15-story elevator shaft, but we don’t recommend you try this at home.

3. Recreate the Ocean in Your Bathroom

Some people find it to be relaxing to turn on the water while they use the restroom. Whether or not this trick works for you, creating the impression that the tide has flowed into the bathroom of your beachside cottage is a winning trick if you want to have one of the craziest bathroom floors in existence.

This type of bathroom floor is technically 3D, but its purpose isn’t to trip you up or make you think you’re falling down an endless hole. Instead, a good beach-inspired bathroom floor is littered with painted-on starfish, shells, and waves that will make you feel like you just walked onto the sand whenever you visit your bathroom. Just take are care not to get swept away by the undertow!

Crazy Bathroom Floor Ideas


4. Make a Hodgepodge Collage

If you want a sea of information to stare at while you think on the toilet, this crazy bathroom idea might be right for you. To make your bathroom floor into a collage, you’ll need plenty of magazines and a clear covering that fits your bathroom floor perfectly.

Start off by cutting out your favorite phrases and snippets from the most exciting magazines you can find. You might even want to diversify by cutting out panels from comic books or graphic novels. Arrange all the items on the floor, and glue them into place.

You’ll probably want to have a professional cut the sheet of clear plastic that will cover your floor. Once it’s in place, apply waterproof sealant around the edges to keep your masterpiece intact.

 Crazy Bathroom Floor Ideas

5. Invite the Dolphins for a Swim

A surprising number of the eclectic bathroom floor ideas out there appear to include dolphins. We have to admit that there’s no better way to make your bathroom fun than to include a 3D image of a dolphin on your floor, but just make sure you don’t feel bad every time you accidentally step on your aquatic friend’s head.

6. Set up Puzzle Piece Flooring

Do you want a bathroom floor that you can literally puzzle over to your heart’s content? Then you should invest in floor tiles shaped like puzzle pieces. These types of floor tiles can be hard to find and even harder to install, so you can also settle for vinyl flooring sheets that have jigsaw puzzle piece patterns.

7. Make a Rainbow out of Non-Slip Floor Mats

This crazy bathroom floor idea might be the easiest to implement. Instead of requiring that you tear up your existing bathroom floor, all you need to do to add the colors of the rainbow to your bathroom is lay down parallel lines of non-slip tiles. These floor mats serve an undeniable practical purpose, and as you prevent your kids from slipping on the wet bathroom floor, you can also arrange your tiles in rows of different colors to create a highly attractive and vibrant effect.

8. Install a Medley of Random Tiles

You shouldn’t just pick up tiles at random from your local reclaimed furniture store and lay them down on your bathroom floor willy-nilly. However, artfully-selected tiles that are the same shape and size but otherwise look nothing like each other can make your bathroom eclectic in a milder way than painting a huge 3D design. This crazy bathroom flooring effect works best in a smaller bathroom since you have to pick out a fresh design for every tile you lay down, but you can also achieve the same effect in a big bathroom with a little effort.

9. Build an Iridescent Spiral

There’s no reason you shouldn’t make your bathroom floor into a work of art. You know those garden stepping stones that have amazingly intricate designs made from tiny tiles? Someone took this idea and applied it to a bathroom floor, and it looks great.

For most of your bathroom, normal granite or marble tiles will do nicely. Coming through the center of your bathroom, however, set up a beautiful spiral made from a brightly-colored blue or green stone. Just remember that this project requires a master artisan’s touch.

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