Choosing the Best Decorative Towels for Your Bathroom

While you might think that bath towels serve a purely utilitarian function, these helpful drying tools also contribute to your bathroom’s décor. As you select the right towels for your bathroom, keep the following factors in mind to make sure that you pick the perfect bathing accessories for your needs.


As you get ready to remodel your bathroom, it’s natural to consider a wide variety of different décor options. Do you want to go for the mid-century modern mystique or keep things lively with a tropical-themed bathroom? Depending on your choice, you’ll need to pick one towel color over a variety of other options.

For example, muted tones look best in modern, contemporary, minimalist, and industrial bathrooms. For these décor styles, you may want to avoid colors altogether and pick white, black, or gray towels.

Other bathroom décor styles, on the other hand, call for colorful towels. Simple pastel shades can sometimes pair well with contemporary bathrooms that are on the eclectic side, and tropical, farmhouse, and Mediterranean bathrooms benefit from blue, red, green, and brown towels.

The color of your towels can completely change the overall appearance of your bathroom. Don’t be afraid to experiment with assorted colors as you find the bathroom aesthetics that truly tickle your fancy. Since you should change out your towels frequently, you’ll have plenty of chances to exchange your current color for a different shade.

Choosing the Best Decorative Towels for Your Bathroom


When you step out of your tub or shower, you’ll want to have a towel on hand that stimulates your sense of touch. Nothing’s worse than getting out of a long, luxurious bath only to find a towel that’s rough, fuzzy, or unabsorbent.

First, you should only consider pure cotton towels as you make your selection. Some manufacturers use other materials in their towels to save money, but only cotton has the absorbency you’ll need to get fully dry after a quick shower or a long soak.

There are quite a few distinct types of cotton for decorative towels. Turkish cotton is one of the most beloved materials for bath towels, and it’s clear to see why. Egyptian cotton, Pima cotton, and Turkish cotton are all examples of extra-long staple (ELS) cotton.

In comparison to normal cotton, ELS cotton fibers are much longer, which makes it possible to make, long, luxurious loops in towel fabric. ELS cotton towels feel better on your skin, and they usually last longer than normal cotton towels.

If you want to support the domestic economy and use the best cotton available, you can use Supima cotton towels. Supima cotton is a type of Pima cotton, and the American Supima Association (ASA) vets all American-made Pima cotton to make sure that it meets Supima standards.


Bath towels come in quite a few different sizes. Standard bath towels measure 27 inches by 52 inches, and this size of towel is usually right for average-sized people. These types of towels take up less space on your closet, and they pose less of a risk of brushing against the floor when you hang them up to dry.

If you want to enjoy a truly luxurious drying experience, however, you should consider the benefits of bath sheets. These types of towels measure 35 inches by 60 inches, and you can experience a much more enveloping feeling when you wrap yourself in one of these extra-large towels that’s still hot out of the dryer. If you’ve ever used an amazing towel at a hotel or a friend’s house and no towel has ever felt the same since, chances are that you used a bath sheet.

Bath sheets and standard bath towels aren’t your only options. If you have little ones, you can also buy kid-sized decorative towels. These types of towels usually measure 24 by 48 inches, which makes these towels easier for your children to use. While adult towels usually only come in boring solid shades or stripes, you can find towels for kids that feature vibrant prints or pictures of their favorite movie characters.

Choosing the Best Decorative Towels for Your Bathroom


Size, color, material aren’t the only variables that affect the appearance and feel of towels. Bath towels are made in a few distinctive styles, and each style has its benefits and detractors.

Combed Cotton

If a towel’s product description doesn’t list what type of cotton it is, chances are that it’s combed cotton. This type of cotton is simple to produce, and it’s relatively comfortable. However, there’s nothing all that special about combed cotton.

Ringspun Cotton

Ringspun cotton, on the other hand, is one of the most luxurious towel weaves on the market. Towels that feature ringspun cotton are made from thousands of tiny woven rings, and these rings are so densely packed that ringspun towels feel incredibly soft. Best of all, ringspun cotton towels dry quickly. On the other hand, ringspun cotton isn’t as durable as other types of cotton.

Terrycloth Cotton

Terrycloth is the most durable type of cotton weave. It features a mix of long and short cotton fibers, and upon close inspection, it’s easy to identify terrycloth by its long, wide loops. Terrycloth lasts a long time, but it takes a long time to dry. This cotton weave is also relatively rough.


You don’t know how a towel will feel until you’ve held it in your hands, so it’s important to work with retailers that have good return policies. If a supplier allows you to return towels even after you’ve used them, you’re in luck; many bath towels don’t show their true colors until you wash them at least once, and being stuck with a linty or otherwise defective towel is always disappointing.

If you’re planning to purchase a full set of bath towels, you can try this pro tip: Buy one towel each from several manufacturers, and compare the quality of each towel before you make a significant investment. Return the towels that you didn’t like; remember that buying your towels through platforms like Amazon and can make returns easier.

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