Budget Friendly DIY Remodeling Projects

Budget Friendly DIY Remodeling Projects


 Lay Your Own Vinyl Floor in Day

 This is a project that's not difficult enough to require a professional, especially if it's in just one room like a bathroom or kitchen. It's possible to lay new vinyl over an existing vinyl floor as long as it's firmly anchored to the floor and doesn't have a raised pattern. As a matter of fact, this is recommended if your vinyl flooring is 1970s era or older. In older linoleum flooring, asbestos was used as part of the backing, and it does take a professional to remove these materials.


 Install It Yourself for Less

 One easy method of laying vinyl floors is using peel-and-stick vinyl tiles. You'll use a chalk line to make gridlines that begin in the center of the room, then lay the tiles out with the backing still on. You may have to readjust if there's an edge with less than a 6-inch space for tile, but this is a personal preference. You'll be able to cut the edges to fit using a utility knife. Some DIY vinyl tiles are even groutable, making the floor look like it's covered with ceramic tile. If you choose this type, you'll also add spacers between the tiles as you go.


 This YouTube video clearly lays out instructions for installing peel-and-stick vinyl flooring. Your home supply store will also be able to answer any questions you have about installing the products they sell. Here are the materials needed and the steps to take for do-it-yourself vinyl sheet flooring:


  • Tape measure


  • Pry Bar


  • Small thin wood scraps


  • Trowel


  • Adhesive


  • Vinyl flooring


  • Measuring Kit


  • Utility knife


  1. Before buying your vinyl flooring, measure the area to be covered from the farthest point in each direction. This is the size vinyl sheet you'll need.


  1. Remove everything from the room, and take the doors off their hinges.


  1. Use the pry bar to gently pry the molding from the sides of the walls. Wedge the thin wood scraps behind the pry bar as you go to protect the walls.


  1. Remove any nails from the walls.


  1. Use your measuring kit to make a template of the area to be covered, and then lay that over the vinyl sheet and cut it. Don't forget flooring for closets and beneath moveable appliances. TIP: Reuse sheets of cardboard from broken-down boxes as you make the cuts, to protect the floor beneath the new vinyl.


  1. Fit the vinyl flooring into place and fold back half of it.


  1. The adhesive trowel will allow you to make scored lines of adhesive on the floor before you lay the first half. Press it firmly into place, checking to make sure that the unglued half is also in place.


  1. Repeat for the second half of the floor. After it's installed, use a heavy rolling pin to smooth the flooring from the center toward the edges to remove any air bubbles.


  1. Replace the molding, preferably with shiny new trim to match your floor!


 Before You Start

 This applies whether you're using vinyl tiles or sheet vinyl. After you've removed the floor molding, doors, and portable items from the room, prepare the existing vinyl floor. Clean the surface thoroughly with a detergent made for floors, then go over it with hot water to remove any residue. If your existing linoleum has a pattern, you can probably smooth it ahead of time by spreading an embossing leveler. Your home store expert can advise you on that.


 After You Finish

 Use a damp rag to clean up any excess adhesive, but don't wash the floor since excess moisture can keep the adhesive from curing properly. Stay off the new floor as much as possible for the first 24 hours, and don't mop it for the first week. Once the new flooring is installed, you might have to plane the underside of any doors to the room for a proper fit. Check this before rehanging doors to prevent damage to the vinyl.


 Enjoy Your New Floor

 Laying vinyl tile is a fairly straightforward and easy DIY job for the home-improvement enthusiast. Today, there's an incredible selection of tile and sheet flooring. Some of the faux wood and ceramic luxury vinyl is almost indistinguishable from the real thing. You can do this project in a day for one room, and it will add a new feel to any bathroom or kitchen.


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