Blue: The Bathroom Color for 2019

In August of 2018, the international paint company Behr announced its interior color of the year for 2019. Following a long tradition of such announcements, no one in the interior design community was surprised when Behr unveiled their favorite color early enough for people around the world to prepare for the design challenges of 2019. However, many paint enthusiasts and decor lovers alike were taken aback by the bold color that Behr chose as their flagship shade for the coming year: Blueprint Blue.

While Blueprint Blue is Behr’s color of the year for your entire home, nowhere will this shade look better than in your bathroom. Whether you use Blueprint Blue as a base color for your medicine cabinet or decide to deploy it on your vanity, it’s important to learn as much as you can about this shade and the best ways to make it work in your contemporary bathroom remodel efforts.

About Blueprint Blue

Described as being warmer than denim and softer than navy, Blueprint Blue takes its name from the shade that’s used to make the background of blueprint paper stand out. Rather than enveloping you in a calm oceanic tone, Blueprint Blue reminds you of haze on the horizon or a crashing wave in the Pacific Northwest.

To help customers connect with its favorite color for 2019, Behr characterizes Blueprint Blue as being an “honest, approachable color.” This major paint company goes on to say that Blueprint Blue helps you reimagine your life with “awareness of what we want to build for ourselves can transform into action.”

While it’s far from being mellow or forgettable, Blueprint Blue isn’t so overpowering that it takes over your awareness of other colors in the room. Whether you use this shade as a base tone for your bathroom walls or deploy it on a few select features, it will breathe new life into your bathroom in 2019 and impress your guests with your knowledge of recent trends.

Blue The Bathroom Color for 2019

How to Use Blueprint Blue in Your Bathroom

There are tons of different ways that you can deploy this trendy tone in your contemporary bathroom. After due consideration, you may find that you’d prefer to take the obvious approach and use Blueprint Blue to color all the walls in your bathroom. If you decide to take this tack with your remodel efforts, you’ll need a large amount of paint, and keep in mind that stock of Behr’s Blueprint Blue in your area might be limited due to the immense surge of popularity that this paint tone is enjoying.

Depending on your tastes, you might want to paint all four walls and the ceiling in your bathroom in Blueprint Blue, or you might prefer to paint your ceiling a complementary shade. If you’ve already painted your walls in Blueprint Blue, you might want to avoid using this shade anywhere else in your bathroom to make sure that you don’t drown your family or your guests in an overwhelming sea of blue. However, if you’ve decided to use other shades for the main surfaces in your bathroom, you may want to use Blueprint Blue to accentuate some of the features in this part of your home.

For instance, this shade looks great on mirror frames, and it also works well as a trim shade on your crown molding next to your ceiling or the shoe molding by your feet. In addition, Blueprint Blue would be attractive on the drawers of your vanity, your medicine cabinet, or any other cabinets or shelves in your bathroom.

While some shades are so bold or bland that they are obviously relegated to either the world of trim or the world of main tones, Blueprint Blue occupies the liminal space between overwhelming and unassuming. Therefore, it’s easy to use this shade anywhere in your bathroom as long as you make sure that it matches well with the other tones you’ve used to decorate this room. Just keep in mind that Blueprint Blue might clash with certain other shades of blue; unless you have a good eye for color theory, it’s probably best to make Blueprint Blue the only blue you use in your bathroom.

Blue The Bathroom Color for 2019

Popular Blueprint Blue Color Palettes

Along with its announcement that Blueprint Blue would be its color of the year for 2019, Behr also revealed a number of different color schemes incorporating this color to help paint novices and seasoned interior designers create entire rooms that mix well with this shade. Here’s some basic information on the four color schemes Behr has put together that use Blueprint Blue to its fullest potential:

1. Monochromatic (Blueprint, Watery, Antigua, Dark Navy, and Blue Metal)

This color scheme is the bluest out of the four options that Behr has laid out. Antigua is a teal shade that complements Blueprint as another primary tone, and Watery, Dark Navy, and Blue Metal back up these shades to create an ambiance that’s compatible with brass and gold accessories.

2. Earth Tones (Blueprint, Elephant Skin, Mars Red, Kindling)

Blueprint also works well when it isn’t paired with other bluish tones as is evident from the attractiveness of Behr’s Earth Tones scheme. Both Elephant Skin and Kindling are unassuming grayish-brown tones, and the boldness of Mars Red defiantly opposes Blueprint’s calming effects.

3. Pastels (Blueprint, Cotton Grey, Standing Ovation, Sand Dance)

With it’s obviously feminine attributes, Pastels is an ideal color scheme for a luxurious master bathroom. While none of the tones in this scheme are overtly pink, Sand Dance comes quite close, and both Cotton Grey and Standing Ovation serve as excellent background shades.

4. Jewel Tones (Blueprint, Ecological, Amber Autumn, Raisin in the Sun, Vine Leaf)

Jewel Tones looks almost tribal. It’s the boldest of Behr’s four color schemes, and its shades range from Raisin in the Sun’s muted purple to Vine Leaf’s unapologetically lush green.

Blue The Bathroom Color for 2019

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