Black Bathroom, Yay or Nay?

When people think of bathroom colors, most often it's hues like cerulean, dusty pink, and pistachio. Maybe it's even yellow, orange, or red. If someone says, "Paint it black," people usually look at that person strangely. Still, nowadays, that's not so much the case anymore. Good Housekeeping, for example, lists both black and charcoal as go-to colors in their list of 20 Best Bathroom Colors.

 Black Bathroom, Yay or Nay


The Case Against Painting Bathrooms Black

Black, along with other dark colors, can make a room seem smaller than it is. These colors also show flaws more than other colors. It is much more difficult to paint over a black wall with a lighter color than it is the opposite way. All of these are solid reasons not to paint your bathroom black. These, however, pale in comparison to the reasons for painting your bathroom black. Indeed, if you put the search term "reasons not to paint a bathroom black" into Google, most of the highly placed webpages are about painting a bathroom black or in how to overcome the minor issues associated with such painting.


The Case for Painting Bathrooms Black

While black may make rooms seem smaller, it's also far more relaxing than antiseptic, blinding white or sugary pastels. It will soothe you as you chill in a hot bath before bedtime. Remember, too, that a black bathroom doesn't have to be all black. It can have touches of other colors, and this is one of the concept's great strengths. Splashes or accents of light colors won't detract from the overall theme, but they will alleviate the problem of a black bathroom seeming to be too small.

A black sink is a terrific modern accent to a bathroom of any color. It's especially great if you have a colorful border around the tip and sides that matches other accents in the bathroom. Black also accents mirrors spectacularly, particularly if the mirror has a silver or golden border. Just that little extra touch around the mirror heightens the visual effect of any bathroom.

If you happen to like industrial design concepts, nothing embodies them better than a black shower with a stone floor. With black tiles and gleaming white grout, you can achieve the desired effect with great success. You can go for different effects, too, using a gleaming, glossy tile or a subdued, matte-finish tile. The contrast with a white sink is both stunning and memorable. Black is definitely back.

You don't have to do everything in traditional squares either. Be adventurous! Create tiles with trapezoids, parallelograms, or even, if you're really adventurous, custom-cut swirls. You can even match squares on the floor with other shapes on the walls. Alternate glossy and matte tiles row-by-row and create a two-tiered effect.

If shapes are your thing, put together white and black tiles and make geometric patterns in the floor. You can have them repeat or be random. For a little extra fun, you could make arrows out of the black tiles and have them point to the various fixtures.

If you don't want to go all out with black fixtures and tile, just paint the walls black. It's relatively quick and easy to do so. Add a few distressed artifacts around the bathroom, and it'll be both stylish and eye-catching.

Doing the reverse works too. Paint the floor black and have black-and-white, swirled marble on the walls. Catch their eyes and keep them with this winning combination. Use different textures than matte and glossy. Vary the tile size. These are all fantastic ideas to make a black bathroom entirely your own.

To many, black oozes elegance. They think that the best way to do such a bathroom is to pretend the black in the bathroom is part of a formal black dress or tailcoat. Against this black palette, they add fixtures and accessories in the same way a people add jewelry and cuff links to their formal wear. You should use minimalist themes most of the time and let each bathroom feature speak for itself. Indeed, black is memorable, and accents in such a formal, elegant bathroom would detract from the overall theme.

The chief point of all this is that black is exceptionally versatile. There are hundreds of ways and combinations of how to use it in bathroom design. This affinity for creativity is the chief reason in the, "Yay!" column.

Black Bathroom, Yay or Nay


In Conclusion

Whichever way you decide to go, the answer to the, "Yay or Nay?" question is a resounding, "Yay!" Black is no longer shunned. It is, instead, fully embraced and celebrated as it should be. So, let your creativity go! Make the black bathroom of your dreams.



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