Best Vessel Sinks for Bathrooms

Vessel sinks are all the rage, but picking the right vessel sink for your bathroom isn’t easy. Even after you’ve picked a single or double vanity that’s compatible with vessel sinks, you’ll still need to select a sink that matches your bathroom mirror and medicine cabinet. Read on to learn all about the different types of vessel sinks and how to include these trendy sinks in your remodel process.

Types of Vessel Sinks

Vessel sinks come in a variety of materials and styles. Here are a few of the options you have at your disposal:


1. Hammered Metal Sinks

Hammered metal has been a preferred sink material for centuries. Long before vessel sinks became a fad in the New World, farmhouse owners on the French countryside took pride in the hammered copper sinks that sat on top of their bathroom counters.

You can also find brass hammered sinks, and these sinks shine like the sun. Whichever type of metal you choose for your sink, just make sure that it’s hand-hammered so your metal vessel sink will look fully authentic. You should also learn how to clean your copper sink before you buy it.

 Best Vessel Sinks for Bathrooms

2. Glass Sinks

While glass and bathroom sinks are two concepts that might not seem to go together at first glance, many vessel sinks on the market consist of pure tempered glass. Manufacturers make tempered glass under intense heat and pressure, which makes this material much more durable than normal glass.

One major benefit of tempered glass as a vessel sink material is this material’s affinity for paint. You can paint vessel sinks in any color of the rainbow, and some artisans adorn these sinks with beautiful, intricate designs. Just remember that even though your tempered glass sink is durable, you still shouldn’t use it to wash heavy pots and pans or put all your weight on it while you change a light bulb.

Best Vessel Sinks for Bathrooms


3. Bamboo Sinks

While it might not seem like it makes sense to make sinks out of wood when you aren’t in the know, bamboo vessel sinks are actually extremely popular. These sinks differ from normal bamboo you’d find in chopsticks or other homewares; bamboo sink manufacturers treat these sinks with special compounds that protect them from water damage and increase their overall durability.

Bamboo vessel sinks look great in contemporary bathrooms, and they’re especially beautiful when you pair them with other wood features. If you have wood paneling in your bathroom or you’ve invested in an onsen-style wood tub, then a bamboo sink is the right way to go.

Best Vessel Sinks for Bathrooms


4. Ceramic Sinks

Most bathroom sinks consist of ceramic materials, and vessel sinks are no exception. Ceramic is highly durable, and its clean white appearance blends right into the backdrop of a modern or contemporary bathroom.

It’s easy to make ceramic sinks in all shapes and sizes, and manufacturers can make these sinks in colors other than white. As an added benefit, many ceramic vessel sinks have overflow drains, which are rare in the vessel sink industry.


5. Stone Sinks

If you want your bathroom to look and feel like a refreshingly cool natural cave, then you might want to install a stone vessel sink. Some stone sinks consist of slate, which is a relatively inexpensive material that might flake or crack.

Other stone sinks, however, consist of marble, which is an attractive material that has tons of variations. If you pick a marble vessel sink, you might want to select a variety of this stone that perfectly matches your vanity countertop, or you might want to choose colors and grains that artfully contrast the aesthetics you’ve set up in the rest of your bathroom.


6. Round Sinks

Now that we’ve covered the main materials that manufacturers use to make vessel sinks, it’s time to learn about the different shapes of vessel sinks you can buy. Like most bathroom sinks, the majority of vessel sinks are round, and you might prefer this shape in your bathroom for various reasons.

Feminine bathroom aesthetics call for round sinks. In general, feminine bathrooms feature lots of light colors and soft curves, and a round vessel sink would fit in perfectly with this approach to bathroom décor. Remember that vessel sinks also come in oval or other semi-round shapes.


7. Square Sinks

If you want to take a more masculine approach in your bathroom, you might decide to choose a square vessel sink instead. Masculine décor usually calls for darker colors and sharper edges, so you may want to pick a square vessel sink made from dark marble, slate, or another similarly subdued or sharp-looking material.

Square vessel sinks look great on big countertops. Keep in mind that if you choose a double-sink vanity, you can install both a round and a square vessel sink to add some personalization to the areas where you and your partner groom yourselves every morning.


Pros and Cons of Vessel Sinks

Here are a few of the general benefits and detractors of vessel sinks you should consider as you pick the right sink for your bathroom:



  • Easy Installation: Vessel sinks are much easier to install than sinks that mount on top of or under your counter. This type of sink only requires a single small hole in your vanity counter for plumbing.
  • Flexibility: If you stop loving your vessel sink, it’s easy to swap your existing sink out with a new one on a whim.
  • Aesthetics: There’s a reason that vessel sinks are so popular. These sinks have an undeniable aesthetic allure that makes your entire bathroom look classy.



  • Durability: Vessel sinks made from glass or bamboo can crack, and vessel sinks made from other materials are also surprisingly prone to unexpected breakage.
  • Height: Since vessel sinks stand on top of your vanity, they might be hard to reach for children or people with disabilities.

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