Best Toilet Ideas for 2019

As you prepare to freshen up your bathroom in 2019, it’s important to be aware of all of the current compelling trends in toilet design and decor. In this guide, we’ll cover some of the top toilet models for 2019, and we’ll also give you some tips on how you can decorate the area around your toilet to help your bathroom reach its full aesthetic potential.

Top Toilets for 2019

To help you choose the right toilet for your newly renovated bathroom, we’ve put together some information on the top toilet models on the market in 2019:

1. Fresca Apus

The Apus by Fresca is the apex of luxury toilet design. Featuring a low-consumption flushing system and a glazed inner trapway, this toilet combines the best of luxury engineering and environmental friendliness in one package.

What’s most striking about the Apus, however, is its design. While most toilets feature the same boring soft curves and oval shapes, the highly angular design of this Fresca toilet makes it stand out from the competition. In total, the aesthetics of the Apus evoke a sense of both futurism and solidity.

2. Toto UltraMax

While the Toto UltraMax looks like a normal toilet, it’s packed with impressive features. For instance, the UltraMax is taller than the average toilet, and it comes in a single piece, which makes installation easier.

In addition, the UltraMax comes with a SoftClose seat, which means that you’ll never make a racket shutting the seat on your toilet in the middle of the night. This Toto toilet is especially fitting for elderly or disabled people since it is ADA-compliant, and its dual-cyclone flushing mechanism makes it easier to clean and maintain your toilet.

3. American Standard 2988-101-020

If you’re looking for a no-frills toilet that will get you through the day, this American Standard option might be right for you. While this toilet is highly reliable, it won’t set you back as much as a Fresca or Toto option, and the American Standard 2988-101-020 has been updated to only use 1.28 gallons of water per flush.

Since a pressurized rim power-washes the bowl of this toilet with each flush, this American Standard toilet stays surprisingly clean. Plus, this bowl has a layer of EverClean sealant, which prevents the growth of mold and bacteria.

4. Kohler Wellworth

The Kohler Wellworth is a step up from many other toilets in its class, but instead of simply being more expensive, this high-end toilet also has a variety of features that make the investment well worth it. This toilet comes in one piece, and it has a curved tank that allows for more comfortable sitting.

Plus, the Wellworth has an overhanging lid that covers its seat for a sleek appearance. Keep in mind that this luxury toilet is also equipped with Kohler Class Five flushing action, which obliterates any waste in the bowl and sends it down the drain instantly.

5. Toto Aquia

If saving water is important to you, the Toto Aquia might be your top pick. When you flush this high-end toilet, you have your choice between using 0.9 gallons or 1.6 gallons of water. Plus, the Aquia has a sleek, one-piece design that makes it easy to clean this toilet whenever it’s time to freshen up your bathroom.

Attractive Toilet Decor Ideas

There’s no reason to keep the area around your looking bland and uninteresting. Check out these simple tips for making your toilet the aesthetic center of your bathroom:

Add Some Storage Shelves

If your toilet is in a corner or an enclave, this storage solution will be easy to set up. Even if your toilet is in another part of your bathroom, installing a few shelves shouldn’t be too much of a challenge. All it takes to install some simple and effective shelving above your toilet is a few wooden planks and some basic hardware; once you’re done, you’ll have spots to put all of your toilet paper, toiletries, and other bathroom necessities.

Try a Wall Hanging

If the area above your toilet is looking a little bare, try installing a woven wall hanging. These types of decor items are all the rage in bathrooms these days, and it’s easy to find a wall hanging that fits your decor whether you have a mid-century modern or tribal theme going on in your bathroom. In some cases, it may even be possible to pair a wall hanging with a type of storage option to combine pragmatism and prettiness.

Best Toilet Ideas for 2019

Set up a Vintage Basket

If you still have a basket left over from your locket in high school and you don’t know what to do with it, the area above your toilet might be the perfect place to deploy this relic from the past. Otherwise, you can pick up a basic wire basket and use some simple mounting hardware to create the perfect place to put your toilet paper.

Repurpose a Rustic Ladder

With a little bit of paint, an old wooden ladder can look great in your bathroom. Just remember to knock off the bottom rungs before you arrange it around your toilet.

Freshen Your Environment with Plants

Do you happen to have a windowsill right above your toilet? If so, it’s the perfect place to put a couple of small plants. Not only do houseplants help freshen the air in your bathroom, but a little touch of life can brighten things up in any room.

If your bathroom window doesn’t happen to be above your toilet, there’s another ideal place near at hand for placing a plant or two: the top of your toilet tank. If you have any issues with your toilet, you’ll have to move your plants, but you can avoid this eventuality by installing a small shelf right above your toilet to house your precious bathroom verdure.

Best Toilet Ideas for 2019

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