Best Shower Designs & Decor Ideas

There are a lot of things to keep track of as you remodel your bathroom. From picking out the perfect toilet to making sure your bathroom mirror and vanity match, the basics of bathroom design can make it hard to make time to pick out a shower you’ll love for years. As the place where you get clean every day, however, you’ll want to put a lot of thought into the type of shower you’d like to have, and here are our top shower designs and decor tips to give you a leg up in the process.

Cover Everything with Tile

Fiberglass shower enclosures are old and tired at this point. At the same time, however, tile shower designs are coming back into style, and covering the walls of your shower enclosure with tile is a great way to add some attractive flair to your overall shower design.

Tiled bathroom walls are seen as a sign of luxury, but the reality is that many types of tile are relatively inexpensive. If you want to cover every surface in your bathroom with marble, it will cost you a pretty penny, but there are plenty of inexpensive tile options to choose from that won’t break the bank.

Try picking a type of tile that matches your overall bathroom decor. If your bathroom has an overall masculine theme, try dark tile, but if your bathroom is light and airy, try a light-colored tile that brings out the brightness of your space.

Try an Open Shower

Won’t all the water get out if your shower doesn’t have a door? While it’s true that an open shower design leaves more room for splashing, these types of showers are actually less messy than they seem.

There’s a big difference between constructing a huge shower room that has one open wall and simply leaving the shower curtain off of your tub/shower combo. As long as your showerhead is relatively distant from the open “door,” you won’t have much water to clean up afterward. At the same time, however, open showers offer an attractive look that’s perfect in warm or tropical climates.

Best Shower Designs & Decor Ideas


Install a Steam Room

It would be prudent to keep the door on your shower if you live somewhere cold. In the winter months, after all, the warm steam you’ve worked so hard to accumulate would float away without a door, and the cold air from the rest of your bathroom would make its way in.

If you want to stay warm and steamy all winter long, in fact, you might want to take the opposite route and install a steam room. These types of showers are completely enclosed to the point that they’re practically airtight. Only a tiny amount of steam can leave your steam room, which creates a warm, humid, sauna-like experience every time you take a soothing hot shower.

Best Shower Designs & Decor Ideas

Set up a Rounded Door

You can replace the flat door on your walk-in shower with a round one to make a simple statement that doesn’t cost a lot of money. There’s no particular advantage to rounded shower doors except that they increase the square footage of your shower slightly. At the same time, however, these types of shower doors lend an aesthetic appeal that shouldn’t be underestimated.

Rounded shower doors work especially well alongside other soft or feminine bathroom features. If your vanity countertop is curved, for instance, a rounded shower door will fit right in, and this type of shower door also blends nicely with feminine light fixtures and round mirrors.

Install LED Lighting Inside Your Shower

LEDs have taken bathroom lighting to a whole new level. While it’s now in vogue to put tiny LEDs behind your mirror or under your vanity countertop, many homeowners overlook one of the most attractive spots for LED lighting: the shower.

There are tons of different ways you can deploy LEDs in your shower. Some showerheads, for instance, come with LEDs pre-installed, and these lights activate when you turn on the water. You can also install tiny LEDs in the ceiling above your shower in various arrangements and shapes, and as long as you make sure to follow proper waterproofing procedures, you could even install LEDs in the walls or flooring of your shower enclosure.

One of the great things about LEDs is that many of these lighting solutions can be programmed to change color. If you’re not in the mood for simple white lighting on a particular day, you can program your LEDs to shine out in a blue hue or cycle through all the colors of the rainbow. Use your shower LEDs to set the mood and provide a relaxing environment after a long day.

Array a Few Tropical Plants

Tropical plants thrive in humid environments, and if your shower room is big enough, it’s the perfect place to deploy a frond or two. Wherever you put them in your bathroom, plants make your atmosphere more vibrant, and they also improve the air quality in your space. When you put tropical plants in the shower, you give these moisture-dependent organisms the best possible chance of surviving and thriving, and you treat yourself to a soothing tropical scene whenever you jump in the shower.

Buy a Shower that Heats Itself

There’s nothing worse than running out of water in the middle of your shower. With traditional showers, there’s no way around this mood-killing inconvenience, but certain types of high-end showers have solved this perennial issue by heating themselves.

Called electric showers, these self-heating showers heat the water you use to bathe as it comes in through the pipes. These showers reduce the strain on your water heater, and they ensure that your supply of hot water will never be interrupted mid-shower. Due to modern engineering improvements, these types of showers are also 100% safe to use.

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