Best Innovations for Your Bathroom

Technological innovations that would have seemed like science fiction 30 years ago have already arrived in a bathroom near you. Instead of playing catch-up with your tech-savvy friends, get ahead of the curve and install these nine cutting-edge innovations in your bathroom as part of your ongoing remodel process. When you’re done, your bathroom will be so automated that your toilet, shower, and sink will seem like living things.

1. Toilet Seat Warmers

Just when you thought that toilets couldn’t get any better, someone had the idea to make heated toilet seats. Some fancy toilets now come with auto-warming seats, but you can also replace your existing toilet seat with an option that warms your tush whenever you sit down at your favorite thinking spot.

Best Innovations for Your Bathroom


2. Automatic Bidets

The French have known about bidets for decades; the people of this notoriously high-brow nation have long been far too good to wipe themselves after they use the restroom. Instead, they invented a type of toilet that cleans you itself.

The only problem with bidets in the past was that you had to operate them like other toilets. These days, however, you can have a normal toilet with a bidet attachment, called a “spritzer,” that automatically detects when you’re done with your business and cleans you without any prompting. With this type of high-tech toilet, you can save paper and sit in the lap of luxury at the same time whenever you use your toilet.

3. Chromatherapy Tubs

Chromatherapy is a relatively new psychotherapeutic discipline that promotes the idea that different colors can affect your mood. According to proponents of chromatherapy, certain colors can agitate you while others might calm you down.

Tubs that take advantage of the latest advancements in chromatherapy contain tiny LEDs that can emit any color you like. If you want to activate your mental abilities, you might want to choose an indigo or purple hue, or a light shade of pink might help you relax after a long day. Whether or not chromatherapy is anything more than pseudoscience, having your bath light up with any color of the rainbow is undeniably cool.

4. Hydrotherapy Tubs

Back in the day, homeowners might have called these types of tubs “jet tubs” or “whirlpool tubs.” These days, however, any tub that contains jets that shoot out and massage your back, shoulders, legs, or feet is called a hydrotherapy tub, and these soakers can be just the thing you need after a long jog or a hard day in the office. You can program the latest hydrotherapy tubs to go through complex programs that automatically massage different parts of your body while you soak.

Best Innovations for Your Bathroom


5. Thermostat-Controlled Tubs

If you’ve ever soaked in your tub for a little bit longer than you know you should, you’re well aware of how annoying it is to add hot water whenever your tub starts to cool down. Today’s high-tech tubs, however, constantly monitor the water temperature while you soak, and if the temperature goes below a certain threshold, they automatically heat the water back up. With this type of tub at your disposal, you’ll be able to enjoy a bath that’s just as warm as it was the moment you dipped your first toe in no matter how long you choose to soak.

6. Showers with Electronic Panels

It can seem like everyone decides to call you the moment you step in the shower, and if you have a TV in your bathroom, not being able to alter the volume or change the channel while you’re getting clean can be annoying. However, it’s now possible to install a waterproof electronic panel in your shower that allows you to control basic functions on your smartphone, control your TV, or perform any number of other functions. Of course, you can also use your shower’s electronic panel to program the super-cool LED lights you’ve installed in your shower room.

7. Tub-Side Wine Coolers

If you really treasure your ability to relax in the tub after a long day or an even longer week, a tub-side wine cooler is just the handy bathroom innovation for you. These coolers are small enough to not get in your way when you’re going through your daily grooming routine or performing your weekly mopping, but they’re incredibly convenient whenever you want to open a bottle of chilled white wine while you’re in the tub. If wine isn’t the thing for you, these coolers are also great for beer or your favorite imported sparkling water.

8. Automatic Sinks with Timers

By this point, you’re used to the automatic sinks you find in airports and other public bathrooms. These sinks are convenient, and they prevent the spread of germs. However, the types of automatic sinks you can get for your bathroom at home are leaps and bounds beyond those you’ll find in public spaces.

Certain sinks on the market only turn on exactly when you need them, and you don’t have to do any complicated hand waving to get them going. These sinks time how long it takes for you to brush your teeth, and they turn on when it’s time to rinse out your mouth and your toothbrush.

9. Fully-Automated Bathrooms

When you put all these gadgets together, you get a bathroom that’s pretty much entirely automated. You can make your bathroom so smart that the lights will turn on automatically when you walk inside, and the toilet seat will lift before you even sit down. Throw all your toilet paper away; your toilet will automatically spritz you before you stand up.

Your sink knows exactly how long it takes you to brush your teeth, and you can change the channels on your bathroom TV with waterproof panels inside your shower and next to your tub. These days, the only thing you can’t automate in your bathroom is cleaning and maintenance; there’s only so much a Roomba can do.


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