Best Folding and Roll-Away Beds for Guests

Best Folding and Roll-Away Beds for Guests

 It's nice to have a guest room just for overnight company, but if you don't have one, a fold-away or roll-away bed will provide the extra room you need without taking up extra space. A twin fold-away bed can be stored in a closet when compacted, and a rolling bed will slide right underneath many standard beds. Another option is buying a bed with a pull-out trundle bed beneath it. A pop-up twin bed is a good solution for storage under a daybed frame, and a sofa-bed is another option for a folding bed that's invisible when not in use.


 Folding Twin Bed

 As long as you have closet space to store it, a twin mattress and frame that folds in half will be out of sight when not being used. The bed should have a minimum 5-inch mattress in order to provide the comfort of a real bed. Also, look out for inexpensive models that might have sharp corners or flimsy support. Locking swivel wheels will make it easy to set up and store the bed. It's worth the investment to buy a folding bed that will be comfortable for your guests and easy for you to set up.


 Roll-Away Bed

 This is a twin or double mattress and frame on wheels. The low height allows it to slide beneath an existing bed that's high enough off the floor. You can find rolling beds with heights as low as ten inches, creating a low enough profile to slide under many traditional beds. A bed skirt will hide a roll-out mattress and frame until you're ready to use it. If you make sure it has swivel casters, getting it out from under the bed will be an easy task.


 Built-In Trundle Bed

 A popular bed for youth, the built-in trundle bed is a twin bed that's raised about two-and-a-half or three feet off the floor. Beneath the top mattress, there are handles for pulling out a bottom mattress when needed. Kids like trundle beds because they're handy for sleepovers. They're generally as comfortable as regular beds since each one is built to support a standard mattress. A trundle bed can also be a space-saver in a small bedroom.

 Best Folding and Roll-Away Beds for Guests

 Pop-Up Roll-Away Bed

 The perfect option for daybeds, a pop-up roll-away twin bed can be used close to the floor, or it can be raised to the same level as the daybed. When placed side-by-side, the daybed and pop-up bed together have the same amount of room as a king-sized bed. Or, you can move the extra bed to the other side of the room, and have two beds for guests to sleep on. Like the fixed rolling frame, the pop-up bed will be disguised by the daybed cover and bed skirt.


 Sofa Bed

 Three main types of sofa beds are the futon, flip-open and fold-out. You can find comfortable and sturdy beds in all of these types. Just remember that you'll get what you pay for. It's important to lay on a sofa bed before purchasing it, to test it out. Futons are the most notorious for being hard to transform from sofa to bed and back again. Flip beds are an easy, modular pick, but the cushions must be dense to provide the same comfort as a typical bed.

Best Folding and Roll-Away Beds for Guests

 The fold-out sofa bed is probably the best choice if you're looking for a bed that provides true comfort to a guest. In a folding sofa bed, the mattress is hidden away until it's used. In a futon or modular sofa, the mattress doubles as a place to sit, and that can make it uneven and less comfortable. Check out the thickness of the mattress and the amount of support the frame provides when looking for a quality folding sofa bed.


 How to Care for Your Folding or Roll-Away Bed

 When you first bring your new folding bed home, remove the mattress from the frame and give the joints a light application of silicone spray like WD-40. Wipe off any excess before replacing the mattress. For a rolling bed, treat the wheel casters the same way. If you do this every six months, your frame will continue to operate smoothly.


 Always take bedding such as mattress covers, sheets and pillowcases off of the fold-away or roll-away bed before storage. Folding up bedding or pillows inside a mattress can cause extra wear on the springs. In a roll-away bed, it just provides extra places for dust to gather. Whichever type of bed you choose, a fitted plastic cover will keep it from becoming dusty or damp.


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