Best Bathroom Mirrors in 2019

Are you ready to update your bathroom with a new mirror? Picking out the right bathroom mirror can be a challenge, but here at Room to Rooms, we have plenty of options to pick from no matter which type of bathroom décor you prefer. In this guide, we’ll help you pick out a mirror, and we’ll give you detailed information on seven impressive contenders for the title of the best bathroom mirror in 2019.

How to Pick a Mirror

The first thing you’ll notice as you check out the different bathroom mirrors on the market is that there are quite a few different kinds of bathroom mirror styles. Certain styles look better with certain types of bathroom features, and it’s also important to keep in mind that not all bathroom mirrors are made equal.

At Room to Rooms, we curate two brands of bathroom mirrors that we feel are superior to other offerings on the market in almost every way. James Martin is one of the best American furniture companies, and this firm’s steady commitment to quality and style has made it stand out as one of the best manufacturers on the market.

We’ve also recognized Global Furniture USA as one of the top bathroom feature producers on the market. Together, these two brands represent the crème de la crème when it comes to high-quality, long-lasting bathroom mirrors.

Mirror Shapes

While most bathroom mirrors are rectangular, that doesn’t mean you have to be bound by convention. Round and oval bathroom mirrors are becoming more and more popular every year, and in some cases, rounded mirrors might go best with your existing bathroom décor. Before you pick a particular mirror shape, take a look at the different options that are at your disposal and compare them to the items that already fill up your bathroom.

Top 7 Mirror Styles for 2019

Here are the seven mirrors we think are the best for 2019. Keep in mind that you can buy each of these mirror models here at Room to Rooms simply by clicking the mirror’s model name in the header:

1. James Martin 160-M35-ACG Castilian 35 Inch Mirror

This mirror is our top pick due to its affordability and timeless style. While most mirrors on the market are either square, rectangular, or oval, the Castilian by James Martin seemingly squares the circle with its attractive and unique shape.

At $749 MSRP, this oak and birch James Martin mirror is already a steal, but we can offer this mirror for a much lower price to make your remodel process even easier without compromising on style. Like all James Martin products, the Castilian mirror is constructed in true Old-World style for maximum quality.

Best Bathroom Mirrors in 2019


2. Global Furniture 3 X 35 X 46 inch MIRROR WENGE MDF WOOD VENEER

While wenge finish was all-but unknown a few years ago, this type of wood finish is becoming increasingly popular for all sorts of different furniture applications. At $280 MSRP, this Global Furniture offering is highly affordable, but its simple and contemporary style is the perfect addition to and masculine or minimalist bathroom.

This unassuming mirror is bezel-free along three sides, and its solitary bottom bezel is an attractive slate gray color. Like many high-end contemporary mirrors, this Global Furniture bathroom mirror solution is slightly rounded at its top to provide the best of both worlds.

3. James Martin 500-M40-HON Malibu 40 Inch Mirror

If you aren’t afraid to go all-out, this James Martin behemoth is the perfect option for staying in touch with the latest trends in bathroom mirror design. Over the last few years, round mirrors have become “it” items in the bathroom décor industry, and James Martin capitalizes on this trend with the Malibu.

With real birch construction and a honey alder finish, this mirror will fit right in with rustic or farmhouse décor, and its simple design would even make it the right choice for a spartan contemporary bathroom. Plus, this mirror comes with a hand-applied anti-mildew varnish to keep its bezel protected.

Best Bathroom Mirrors in 2019


4. James Martin 147-114-5185 Brookfield 26 Inch Mirror, Warm Cherry

While this James Martin handcrafted mirror is affordable, it echoes some of the same early 20th-century themes that cause genuine antiques to go for dozens of times its price. Intricate wood carvings on the top of the frame give way to more modern themes on the bottom side, which makes this the perfect mirror to stride the distance between Old-World grandeur and modern simplicity.

Best Bathroom Mirrors in 2019


5. Global Furniture 47 X 2 X 38 inch MIRROR BLACK/BLACK 7089

This Global Furniture piece doesn’t have any pretenses; it’s a simple contemporary mirror that you wouldn’t be surprised to see in an Ikea catalog. Unlike some of its mass-produced cousins, however, this simple mirror is made with the best furniture crafting techniques on the planet, and its black wooden frame is designed to stand the test of time.

6. Global Furniture 38 X 3 X 40 inch MIRROR WHITE HG

If you have a relatively bright-themed bathroom, this white-framed mirror from Global Furniture might be the right choice. It’s nothing more than a simple white mirror, but its simplicity would look right at home in even the most austere minimalist grooming area. This mirror won’t break the bank, but it will look beautiful next to the white walls in your contemporary bathroom as you get ready for the day.

7. James Martin 800-M26-CWH Madison 26 Inch Single Mirror, Cottage White

Last on our list is this simple yet elegant offering from James Martin. The Madison mirror evokes a different time in which craftsmanship truly mattered, but its simple design doesn’t make it look like a dated and ornate antique. At $450 MSRP, the Madison is a high-end mirror that will look right at home above the vanity in your traditional, rustic, or even mid-century modern bathroom.


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