Beautiful Interior Design with Brown Color

Beautiful Interior Design with Brown Color

One of the most basic choices involved in successful interior design is selecting a color scheme. Throughout the years, as design fads come and go, the color brown remains a consistently popular choice. That's because it's versatile enough to go with all different sorts of styles from traditional to contemporary. Brown also comes in a variety of shades from light to dark. Here are a few ways you can incorporate this rich, beautiful color into your interior design.


Choose Brown as a Wall or Floor Color for Timeless Style

 When it comes to designing a room or an entire home, selecting which flooring and wall colors can set the tone of your entire plan. If you decide to go with a rich, deep shade of brown for the floors, such as ebony, teak, dark walnut, or cherry, you should probably go lighter with your wall color choice. You could paint your walls a complimentary light neutral shade, such as beige or sand. Or you could choose a lighter patterned wallpaper that includes some brown elements in the design.

 If you really love the warmth that the color brown can add to a room so much that you want both the floor and walls to be brown, consider going with a bit lighter shade. Or, if you do decide to go with a dark brown for both walls and floor, you can brighten the room up with lighter furniture, rugs, and accent pieces that still match the earth-tone color scheme, such as sage green or sand. Or, you could really make the room pop with some furniture or window treatments in a contrasting color, such as teal, lavender, or powder blue.


Select Brown Furniture or Window Treatments for Sophisticated Elegance

 Depending on the room's overall color scheme, you may choose to incorporate the color brown into your design by your choice of furniture or window treatments. There is a whole host of brown furniture options, from leather, PU leather, or fabric sofas or dining tables and chairs. One practical advantage of brown dining or living room furniture is its ability to endure inevitable spills without looking dingy. Brown window treatments come in an array of possibilities as well, such as wood blinds, faux wood blinds, roman shades, bamboo shades, or fabric drapes.

 Perhaps you have chosen a brown couch or chair for your living room and you're wondering how to add some excitement to the room. The great news is that brown makes an ideal background color for a wide variety of color choices. You can add splashes of yellow, orange, red, blue, or purple depending on your personal taste. Simply incorporate your favorite accent colors with throws, couch pillows, and blankets.

Beautiful Interior Design with Brown Color


Add Brown Accent Pieces for an Extra Touch of Class

 If you enjoy the color brown but you don't want it to dominate a room's entire color scheme, consider adding it to the room's overall design with carefully chosen accent pieces. These could include area rugs, curio cabinets, end tables, coffee tables, or ottomans. The shade of brown you choose should contrast and compliment the room's existing color palate. You could add brown to your bathroom by choosing a brown bath vanity. These brown accent pieces could be used to tone down a brightly painted room or add some classic charm to a room that could use some special finishing touches.

Beautiful Interior Design with Brown Color

 The warm, inviting, and versatile nature of the color brown makes it a great interior design choice. Hopefully this piece has given you some inspiration for incorporating this satisfying shade into your interior space.


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