Beautiful Bathroom Makeovers

Giving your bathroom a fresh, new look could both upgrade your lifestyle and increase your home value. Read the following blog post to find out about some examples of beautiful bathroom makeovers. You can pick and choose which of these dynamic ideas to incorporate into your own exciting bath design.


When it comes to beautiful bathroom makeovers, there's no one-style-fits-all approach. Each homeowner has their own unique style. You can decide what theme would best express your style preferences. Once you've chosen your theme, you can keep your bath design simple or you can get as elaborate as you'd like. Here are a few creative theme ideas to get you started.


Give your Bathroom the Royal Treatment


What could be more luxurious than a bathroom that's fit for a king or queen? If you enjoy opulence with a medieval or renaissance flair, consider a castle-inspired bathroom. Features could include vaulted ceilings, arched leaded-glass or stained glass windows, a tapestry-design shower curtain, stone tile floors, and fancy chandelier lighting.


Find Tranquility with an Asian-Inspired Bathroom


Asian-inspired designs are known for promoting peace and relaxation with their clean lines and minimalist features. Bathrooms designed in this style often include dark woodwork and neutral tones. Bamboo is sometimes utilized as an accent piece. Large mirrors are a common feature of this style and can add an illusion of spaciousness.


Go Vintage with a Victorian-Style Bathroom


Victorian style bathrooms are featured in private homes and bed and breakfasts throughout the world. It's no wonder, due to their romantic charm. You can create this look by choosing a deep, claw-foot tub, vintage tile flooring, Persian rugs, pedestal sinks, elaborate sconce light fixtures, and plenty of floral accents.


Create a Cool, Contemporary Atmosphere


Contemporary bathroom styles are appealing to those who gravitate toward a sleek, modern look. Geometric-shaped sinks and tubs, neutral colors, and innovative uses of materials such as concrete, stone, and wood give bathrooms designed in this style a spa-like quality. Recessed or track lighting can add an air of sophistication.


Consider a Tried-and-True Traditional Bathroom


Traditional bathrooms tend to stand the test of time. If you'd rather not choose a trendy style that may look outdated in just a few years, you may want to consider this look. Traditional bathroom features include natural or painted wood vanities, porcelain or stone sinks, and decorative crown molding.


Add a Touch of Whimsy with a Shabby Chic Style Bathroom


If you like adding frills, fun, and charm to your home decor, shabby chic may be just the right option for your beautiful bathroom makeover. A vintage tub and sink can serve as base elements. Then you can add eclectic floral accents, distressed wood vanities, and a ruffled shower curtain.


Relax Island Style with a Tropical Themed Bathroom


You can transform your bathroom into a tropical paradise. Choose ocean-inspired colors, such as blues and greens, for either the tile or paint colors. Add accents such as seashells, sea glass, ocean view artwork, and tropical faux or live plants. Rattan, wicker, and natural fibers can enhance your beachy look.


Create a Downhome Feel with a Farmhouse Theme Bathroom


You don't have to have a farmhouse to make a farmhouse bathroom work. In fact, this style looks charming in both rural and urban settings. All you need to create this look is some distressed wood for your vanity, rustic fixtures, and farm-style accents like mason jars and galvanized metal.


Get your Bathroom in Ship-Shape with a Nautical Theme


Similar to a tropical bathroom, a nautical-themed bathroom will be focused on aquatic decorations. These can be accent pieces or fixtures such as anchors and ship's wheels, seashells, sand dollars, and lighthouse figurines. Nautical colors, such as ocean blue, navy blue, and white can tie your seafaring look together.


Turn Your Master Bathroom into a Romantic Escape


The master bathroom is a perfect place to add a touch of romance to your decorating. This could include luxurious gilt fixtures, fancy dimming chandeliers, floral wall decorations, and, of course, plenty of candles. Consider installing a relaxing oversized whirlpool tub and a dual headed shower system for extra excitement.


Get the Kids Involved in Decorating a Kid-Friendly Bathroom


You can have all sorts of fun decorating a bathroom that's primarily for the kids to use. You could go with any number of themes, from their favorite sports to cartoon characters, to an under-the-sea theme. Once you've found your theme, you can get their input and ideas for decorating.


Transforming your bathroom from boring to beautiful doesn't have to be complicated. You can draw from some of these great ideas or use your imagination to create your own unique bathroom makeover.

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