Are Rustic Bathrooms Still Popular?

There’s something about the charm of rustic decor that never gets old. This decor style incorporates all of the best elements of an old-style farmhouse or cabin while providing the amenities that you’re used to having in a contemporary home. If you’re deploying rustic decor throughout your home, you won’t want to forget about your bathroom, and a rustic-style vanity or tub can be the perfect counterpoint to a more modern-looking master bedroom or living room. Learn about the basics of rustic decor, and find out more about the furniture and features you should use to make your bathroom look rustic.

What Are Rustic Bathrooms?

Any bathroom can be considered rustic when it incorporates elements of the old in combination with elements of the new. In this way, rustic decor is similar to modern or mid-century modern decor, but rustic decor focuses more specifically on elements that evoke pastoral or rural associations.

For instance, an ideal rustic bathroom will incorporate features that might have been common to see on a farmhouse in the 19th century, or it might mimic the aesthetics of a secluded hunting cabin in the mountains. There are dozens of ways to make a bathroom look rustic; the only real rule is that a bathroom must transport its occupant to some past time or place to be considered truly rustic.

Are Rustic Bathrooms Still Popular?

What Are Some Elements of Rustic Bathrooms?

There are quite a few different design elements that you can use to make your bathroom look rustic. One of the best things about decorating a bathroom in rustic style is that it’s perfectly acceptable to use antique or used elements in a rustic bathroom, so your first step in redecorating your bathroom might be a trip to your local antique or reclaimed furniture store. It certainly isn’t necessary to use all new materials in your rustic bathroom, but make sure that the materials you use are in good condition.

One of the elements of rustic decor that you find in almost every rustically-decorated home is exposed ceiling beams. Exposing the beams in the ceiling of your bathroom will take quite a bit of effort, but in the end, it will be worth it. Keep in mind, however, that any old ceiling beams won’t do; the best way to achieve a rustic effect is to use raw logs pine logs or planks of cedar to keep your roof up. Bonus points are awarded if your bathroom ceiling is slanted.

Raw or exposed wood should also be used in as many other contexts as possible. For instance, you might want to make a log pedestal for your freestanding tub, or you may decide to use weathered wood as paneling for your bathroom’s walls. In addition, wood vanities look great in rustic bathrooms, and you might even want to install a Japanese-style wooden sink to complete the effect.

Where you don’t deploy wood, you should use white, earth tones, or other muted colors. In general, it’s best to use the colors of nature in your rustic bathroom; avoid shades like pink, bright green, or purple, and focus more on hunter’s green, gray, or black.

You may find that white walls look great in your rustic bathroom, or you might want to try stone tiles. Keep in mind that a rustic bathroom shouldn’t look like it’s actually from the 1800s; incorporate plenty of modern elements as well to ensure that you and your guests will remain comfortable.

How Do You Decorate a Rustic Bathroom?

Decorating a rustic bathroom is easier than decorating many other types of bathrooms. As we’ve mentioned, it’s easy to find materials for these types of bathrooms at used furniture stores, but it’s also possible to pick up pretty much everything you need for the renovation process at your local hardware store.

Once you’ve torn down your walls, exposed your ceiling beams, put a bunch of wood elements in place, and painted everything white, it will be time to decorate your new bathroom with plenty of accessories. Since rustic decor is related to modern decor, you shouldn’t go overboard with accessories in your bathroom, but rustic decor is much less spartan than other types of decor that emerged in the 20th century.

If your bathroom is big enough, for instance, you might even find that antlers look great on the wall over your toilet. It’s also fine to use unusual light fixtures in your rustic bathroom; you may find that wall sconces or replicas of hanging oil lamps perfectly evoke the mood you’re going for.

To provide space to store your towels, try building some shelves out of reclaimed wood, and you may want to use a genuine barn door handle as a towel rack. Keep in mind that if you want to fully evoke the rustic aesthetic right from the get-go, replacing your bathroom’s current door with a barn door with black iron hardware is a great move.

Are Rustic Bathrooms Still Popular?

Rustic Bathrooms: The Bottom Line

Ultimately, achieving the rustic bathroom look is one of the easiest and most inexpensive types of renovations to accomplish. With only a few touches of reclaimed wood or the use of some whitewashed wood paneling, it’s easy to transform any bathroom into a rustic paradise in a day or less.

If you want to take things a step further, however, you may love taking the time to complete the exposed ceiling beam look in your bathroom. What starts as a simple quest to give your bathroom a new lease on life may gradually expand to an effort to renovate your entire home in rustic style; make sure you keep track of the places where you purchased your materials in case you end up wanting to renovate your bedroom, living room, or dining room in this alluring style as well.

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