Amazing Hotel Bathroom Designs

Amazing Hotel Bathroom Designs

When most of us think of hotel bathrooms, images of white, antiseptic, and boring chambers filled with single-use bars of soap and tiny bottles of shampoo are the first things that come to mind. However, some hotel operators have maneuvered their way out of the box, and they have spruced up the bathrooms in their hotels to evoke a sense of high fashion. Hotel owners aren't the only people who can benefit from this mounting trend; you can also employ these glitzy hotel bathroom ideas in your home to achieve an effect that positively screams "five-star."


 Floor-to-Ceiling Tile

 If you think that tile is just for floors, think again. You can also install this patterned material on the walls in your bathroom to evoke the look and feel of a classy hotel room. There are thousands of different types of tile at your disposal, and they range from the exceedingly simple to the incredibly intricate.

 Depending on your sense of taste, you might want to go for a basic light green tile on your walls and a darker color on your floor. However, bathroom wall tiles also come in complex shapes like chevrons, hexagons, and mosaics, and it's even possible to find tiles that have been painted with highly involved designs. Once you've coated your bathroom walls in penthouse-style tile, you might as well go ahead and give your ceiling the same treatment. You can even use mirrored tiles on your bathroom ceiling to create an infinitely expansive look.


 Fall in Love with Rustic Hammered Brass

 Even if you can't get away into the country like you wish you could, you can evoke the ambiance of a rustic bed-and-breakfast in your bathroom at home. Instead of sticking with the mainstream by selecting a contemporary type of bathroom sink, delve deeply into tradition by installing a traditional hammered brass sink basin.

 These types of sinks catch the evening light in the most charming way, and they are usually equipped with solid brass faucets that complete the country look. Pair your sink with a dark wood countertop to complete the illusion that you've escaped into the rural French countryside for an extended vacation.


 Go for Broke with Bright Colors

 The days of bland, identical hotel rooms are over; even two-star and three-star hotels are now incorporating lots of bright, vibrant colors into their bathroom schemes. You can ride this trending wave by replacing your shower door with glass that's colored yellow, orange, or purple. You can also hang fluffy bathrobes of many different colors from hooks in your bathroom, and you might even want to paint the ceiling of your bathroom light yellow, green, or sky blue as a coup de grace. Just remember to offset this colorful wonderland with some simple white or light gray tile that will serve as a grounding influence.

Amazing Hotel Bathroom Designs


 Try Contemporary Style

 Modern bathrooms are all about simplicity and elegance. To create a contemporary masterpiece that looks like it's been lifted right out of a swanky New York hotel room, try installing a simple circular mirror over your bathroom sink. You might also want to add a bamboo bath tray over your tub that you can load up with loofas and bars of scented soap. In contemporary bathrooms, simple patterns on bath mats do nicely, and you might want to cover your walls with multiple colors of simple tile designs. Last but not least, don't forget to place a few tasteful decorative plants on your windowsill.


 Install a Soaking Tub

 No classy hotel bathroom is complete without a soaking tub. While most tubs are utilitarian in their approach, soaking tubs are all about comfort, and they are considerably deeper than their mainstream cousins. Some of these tubs are built flush with your wall, but others stand alone in the middle of your bathroom on feet that are all their own. These high-end tubs are designed to help hotel guests relax and feel at home after a long day of traveling or seeing the sights, and you can recreate this feeling of soothing contentment by swapping your traditional tub for a bonafide soaker.


 Include Some Upscale Towels

 No bathroom is complete without towels, but you won't achieve the genuine hotel aesthetic with any old basic white towels folded on your rack. On the contrary, the only way to trick yourself into thinking that you're getting the penthouse treatment is by investing in some upscale, fluffy towels that are so oversized you'll be swimming in them after your dip in the bath or rinse in the shower. To take your hotel-like aesthetic to the next level, monogram your name onto your pale green or light blue luxury towels. You can even use a famous hotel's name for fun.

Amazing Hotel Bathroom Designs


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