Amazing & Creative Corner Shelves for Your Home

Amazing & Creative Corner Shelves for Your Home

With the prices of rent and home ownership giving you a smaller home than the same amount of money a few years ago, you may be finding that space is at a premium in your home. This can be especially true if you live in the same space for a long period of time, so finding ways to create space is imperative.

 Have you ever considered corner shelving for your home? If the space is not filled with an end table or a small piece of furniture, the corners are often left bare, which is a lot of wasted space. With the right corner shelving, you can gain functionality as well as an aesthetic appeal that you and your guests will love. Let's take a look at some of the shelving options that will make your corners look amazing.

 Standing Corner Shelves

 This is a traditional style that is based on the floor, and gives your home a more contemporary look. This type of shelving is ideal for photos, books, or knick-knacks. The amount of shelves on the unit will vary, based on the height of the shelving system that you prefer. Typically, these are going to have a square design that will not take up a lot of space in your living room.


Geometric Shelves

This is more of a modern design that is raised up in the corner. It will attach to both walls; typically, alternating with a shelf in between each section. A dark wood like cherry or mahogany is ideal for this type of shelving because it will provide a beautiful contrast with most walls. This type of shelving will look great in a study or a main living space, but it can be customized to give any area of your home a modernized look.

Amazing & Creative Corner Shelves for Your Home


Ladder Shelves

 If you prefer something that is more rounded so that it takes up more of the space in the corner, ladder shelving can be a great option. This is a shelving system that is going to have three legs: one that sits in the corner and two others that sit against the two connecting walls. With three to five shelves, you will find that this type of shelving in ideal for pictures, flowers, and other things that fill your living space. If you have a farmhouse or a contemporary-style home, this will look amazing in your space.


Floating Shelves

 if you do not want the corners of your home to look too cluttered, you can consider floating shelves for a more minimalist look. The shelves can be made out of wood, which will look great in a main living space, but if you are considering this style of shelving for your bathroom or kitchen, you may want glass or marble shelves instead. They are ideal for holding spices, candles, and toiletries that you will want to have easy access to daily.

Amazing & Creative Corner Shelves for Your Home


 L-Shaped Shelves

 L-shaped shelving can be placed in any corner in your home. This look is great for a kitchen because it will give you space for your appliances and food staples that you use daily. You can even add lighting to the bottom of the shelves to make it easier to see what you are cooking. In the living room, you can create corner shelves of this type that hold photos of the family. This is also a great type of shelving to consider for a child's room because it can easily hold books and toys that you may want access to.

Amazing & Creative Corner Shelves for Your Home

 Which of these corner shelves work best with your home décor? If you are having a difficult time choosing one, you can easily build your own corner shelves.



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