A $1,000,000 Kitchen - Is it Possible?

A $1,000,000 Kitchen - Is it Possible?

Is it possible to build a kitchen that's worth more than a million dollars? We've all heard of million-dollar houses; in fact, homes in this price range aren't even particularly uncommon anymore. However, packing this much value into an area that doesn't usually exceed 200 square feet is no easy task. If you follow these principles, though, you should be able to pull off a luxury look like no other in the part of your house where you store food and prepare meals for your family.


 Top Luxury Kitchen Materials

 If you're in the market for top-of-the-line luxury, there are a few materials you should consider for your kitchen:


 Statuario Marble

 Most marble countertops that you see are made from Carrara marble, which is cheap and plentiful. Calacatta marble, however, is one of the rarest types of marble in existence, and it can fetch an incredibly high price. A square foot of this precious substance costs about $200, which means that covering all of your kitchen surfaces with Calacatta marble could easily cost tens of thousands of dollars.

A $1,000,000 Kitchen - Is it Possible


 Teak or Mahogany for Cabinets

 When it comes to price, teak and mahogany are among the most expensive types of woods that you can use in cabinets. These types of hardwoods are exceedingly rare, and they are also durable and beautiful. If you outfit your entire kitchen with solid teak cabinets complete with teak top knobs, you'll be one step closer to the million-dollar mark.


 Diamond-Studded Tiles

 Choosing to incorporate this material into your kitchen can run your budget into the million dollar range easily. In most luxurious kitchens, tiles are installed on the wall behind the range for easy cleanup and aesthetic grandeur. However, not many of these tiles feature glittering diamonds, and those that do can fetch prices of up to $1,000,000 per square yard.


 Central Components of Ostentatious Kitchens

 You'll need all of these components in your kitchen anyway, so you might as well go big:


 Stainless Copper Sinks

 Most kitchen sinks aren't much to look at; after all, these features serve a utilitarian purpose, and they aren't designed to awe guests with glitzy features. However, if you want to get a hold of the best type of sink that money can buy, you should go for a stainless copper basin.

 Stainless steel is one of the most well-known materials available, but stainless copper is more obscure. In most cases, this material is handcrafted in Italy, and it doesn't come cheap. Some copper sinks that are stain resistant can cost more than $6,000, but this expense will be proven well worth it when you take your first glimpse of this shimmering and delightful metal in action.


 Drawer Dishwashers

 These types of dishwashers load from the top, and they slide out just like a drawer. They don't come cheap, but that's what you're looking for, isn't it?


 Double-Door Refrigerators

 These refrigerators are wider than the average coolerator, and they include features like glass doors. They pack in special add-ons like touch-and-glide crispers and exterior temperature displays. Plus, some of these high-tech refrigerators even have separate pull-out drawers for frozen items or food that you want to keep separate.


 Awesome Luxurious Accessories

 For every glamorous kitchen, there are handy accessories to match. Add these optional features to your kitchen if you're aiming for the uppermost heights of luxury:


 Pot Fillers

 Do you need a pot filler? No. Do you want it? Absolutely! These special types of faucets are designed to swing over your range and fill your pots without it ever becoming necessary to move cookware off of the stove.


 Wine Refrigerators

 Have too much wine for a single refrigerator? That's easy: Just get yourself a separate refrigerator for only your wine. You could even buy a second one for the basement if the first overflows.

A $1,000,000 Kitchen - Is it Possible


 Can You Pull off the Million Dollar Look?

 It's certainly possible to build a million-dollar kitchen. Once you start adding gold and diamonds to things, the price starts to pile up quickly. However, building a true million-dollar kitchen isn't just about cost; it's also about value. Constructing a kitchen that's worth a million dollars won't mean much if it doesn't make you comfortable or if it's hard to cook in your ritzy paradise.

 That's why it pays to decide exactly where and how you want to spend your fortune before you blow it all on a single feature that you'll get bored with in a few days. Make sure that you've lined up all of the upper-crust necessities for your kitchen, and then find optional accessories that you can use to fill out the rest of your budget with glitz and glamour.


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