9 Must-Have Bathroom Accessories

The spartan look has a lot going for it, but reducing the clutter in on your vanity counter can go a little bit too far. When you’re preparing for a remodel, it’s natural to get rid of bathroom accessories you don’t use, but you’ll want to add to your new bathroom’s appeal once your redesign is done with some accessories you’ll find incredibly useful. Here are our top 9 picks for accessories you’ll love in your bathroom.

1. Custom Soap Dispenser

Did you know that you can make a unique soap dispenser for your bathroom with hardly any effort? Just pick out your favorite picture and put it inside your transparent soap dispenser.

All you’ll need is a cutout image of your kids, pets, or favorite landscape that you can make by physically cutting the background off a printed photo or using a photo editing tool like Photoshop. Then, take your cutout or edited image file to your local printing shop, and get a transparency of the image.

Roll up your photo, and put it inside the dispenser. Depending on the size and shape of the transparency, your picture might move around as you use the soap in the bottle.

9 Must-Have Bathroom Accessories


2. Stylish Toothbrush Holder

Your toothbrush holder doesn’t have to be boring. While many homeowners choose to simply put their toothbrushes in cups, you can make your own toothbrush holders from old medicine bottle caps, PVC pipe, or even empty toothpaste tubes.

If you prefer the ornate to the DIY when it comes to your toothbrush holder, you might want to invest in a brass or copper accessory that will fit right into your upscale bathroom décor. These toothbrush holders feature small holes that your toothbrush handle will slip into smoothly.

3. Bathroom-Size Trash Can

When you’re setting up a brand-new bathroom, it’s easy to forget the basics. If you don’t have a trash can in your bathroom, however, you’ll have to leave the room whenever you blow your nose or apply makeup.

You can choose a basic plastic bathroom trash can if you want, but if you’ve gone to the effort to make your bathroom beautiful, you might as well invest in a trash can to match. While a solid gold trash can would probably be overboard, an attractive brass option might look right at home in your redesigned bathroom.

4. Convenient Laundry Hamper

No matter what the location of your bathroom might be, you can’t go wrong by equipping your preening area with a laundry hamper. Your master bathroom is right next to your bedroom, so a laundry hamper in this room might seem excessive. However, you’ll find it convenient to have a separate a place to put your dirty bath towels, hand towels, and bath mats.

You should set up a laundry hamper in each of your other bathrooms as well. These simple accessories will make your weekly laundry easier to take care of, and they will also provide places for your kids to put their dirty clothes before they get in the shower.

5. Door Hooks

It can sometimes seem that you can’t have too many hooks in your bathroom. While you’d be overwhelmed if you covered every wall in your bathroom with hooks, these accessories are so useful that you should have them on the back of your door at least.

Door hooks are convenient places to hang your hoodie or fleece on your way into the bathroom. On a chilly winter day, dumping these outer garments on the floor might make them dirty, but putting your thermal top on a door hook makes it easy to grab once you’re done with your shower.

These hooks are also convenient places for hanging bathrobes. While your towels will dry better when you spread them out on towel racks, door hooks are almost as convenient for this purpose. You can even hang a storage or organizing tool on your door hooks if you want; these accessories are so versatile that you’ll never run out of uses for your convenient hooks.

6. Over-Toilet Storage

No matter what type of toilet you install in your bathroom, there’s no way around the fact that these bathroom features leave a lot of wasted vertical space above their tanks. With an over-toilet storage solution, however, you can use this space to its maximum potential. These items are usually aluminum, and they include several shelves that you can use to store toilet paper, tissues, candles, oil diffusers, or any other accessories that come to mind.

7. Useful Towel Basket

The linen closet can sometimes seem like it’s too far away for convenient towel storage. If you want to make it easy for your guests to grab towels when they need them, set up a simple towel basket, and equip it with colorful towels that add vibrancy to your bathroom.

8. Apothecary Jars

Apothecary jars have a special charm that will make your bathroom stand out. These types of jars look similar to glass cookie jars, but they have ornate handles that would make them look right at home in a high-end beauty store in Paris or New York.

Even if you don’t use your apothecary jars for anything other than decoration, they’ll look great next to your sink or in front of your mirror. Keep in mind, however, that your beautiful glass jars are the perfect places to put artisan soaps, Q-tips, cotton balls, or even fresh flowers.

9. LED Sconces

Overhead lighting is great, but installing a couple of sconces on your bathroom wall truly evokes a sense of luxury. Despite their ornate appearance, these types of lights are relatively inexpensive, and they look great flanking your mirror or above your toilet. To make sure that your sconces will shine out for as long as possible, consider investing in some energy-efficient and long-lasting LED bulbs.

9 Must-Have Bathroom Accessories

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