9 Items Every Bathroom Needs

When you’re first setting up your newly renovated bathroom, remembering all the grooming essentials you’ll need to supply can be a challenge. Even if you’ve set up the perfect vanity, mirror, shower, and tub, missing one small necessity can ruin your visit to the bathroom in a big way. Before you use your new bathroom for the first time, make sure that it’s stocked with these nine items every bathroom needs.

1. Something That Smells Good

There’s no reason to stoop down and smell the roses; bathrooms are filled with all sorts of odors that you want to urge on their way as fast as possible. While there are tons of options when you’re looking for a way to eliminate odors in your bathroom, some stink-stopping solutions are better than others.

For instance, you could rely on a simple car air freshener if you felt like it, but having a bunch of two-dimensional fir trees and lemons hanging around your bathroom would starkly contrast with your cultured contemporary décor. Instead, you might want to try an essential oil diffuser, which is a simple electronic device that sits on your bathroom counter and belches out clouds of nice-smelling steam.

You can also try the analog diffuser approach and put a small jar of essential oils with absorbent reeds stuck into it on your counter. Remember that the storage space above your toilet is another ideal spot you can put a diffuser, and keep in mind that many store-bought bathroom air fresheners contain toxic chemicals.

9 Items Every Bathroom Needs


2. Somewhere to Put Your Toilet Paper

Sticking endless stacks of toilet paper underneath your sink can get old fast, and this storage solution is even less attractive if you have a pedestal or wall-mounted sink. Before you find yourself in need of toilet paper that’s all the way across the house in the garage, come up with a simple toilet paper storage solution that blends in with your bathroom’s décor style.

A simple wicker basket next to the toilet will do the trick, but there are even tall, thin devices that dispense toilet rolls whenever you need them. While you’re at it, why not upgrade your toilet paper holder itself? That simple recessed holder you’ve had for years isn’t the only option on the market, after all.

3. Tissues on the Counter

While it’ll do in a pinch, don’t expect your guests to blow their noses on toilet paper. Keep a box of facial tissues on the counter, and while you’re at it, get an ornate tissue box cover that blends in with your existing décor style.

Here’s another pro tip: Get generic tissues if other people will be using your bathroom. While you might love scented or aloe-equipped tissues for your own purposes, others might be discouraged by these add-ons that aren’t universally beloved.

4. Plenty of Storage

Running out of bathroom storage is a simple mistake that every homeowner should avoid. Especially when you consider that there are so many places in your bathroom practically begging to be transformed into storage, there’s no reason you should ever run out of space in your newly renovated grooming area.

A simple rack, for instance, can capitalize on the vertical space above your toilet, and don’t take that potential storage space under your counter for granted as you decide between a traditional vanity and a pedestal sink. It’s even possible to install a recessed cabinet in your wall, so let your imagination run wild as you come up with innovative storage solutions for your bathroom.

9 Items Every Bathroom Needs


5. A High-Quality Bathmat

No matter how luxurious your shower may be, nothing is worse than stepping onto bare bathroom floor after you’ve concluded your daily grooming routine. A good bathmat will keep you comfortable during the critical transition phase of stepping out of your shower, and it will also protect your floors from water damage. While marble or stone flooring might not show water damage even after years of abuse, wood flooring can quickly start to deteriorate if you don’t work hard to keep it dry as much as you can.

9 Items Every Bathroom Needs


6. Attractive and Useful Apothecary Jars

There’s no reason you should turn your bathroom into an advertisement for your favorite brand of cotton swabs or makeup applicators. Simple glass apothecary jars look better than the packaging that popular grooming products come in, and these jars also experience impressive improvements in attractiveness the more of them you arrange on your counter. Plus, setting up alluring apothecary jars where everyone can see them frees up space in your cabinets for items that you’d prefer to keep private.

7. Lots of Lighting Options

Most homeowners understand the importance of having lots of bright lighting in the bathroom. A bathroom that’s well-lit looks bigger, so setting up multiple types of hanging and recessed lights is essential.

It’s just as important, however, to have lots of lighting options. Instead of having all your lights on one switch, make it possible to turn on the LEDs behind your mirror independently for mood lighting, and keep your miniature chandelier and recessed ceiling lights on different switches to enable creative lighting combinations.

8. A Plunger with a Discrete Case

A plunger is a necessity in the bathroom, but there’s no reason this tool should draw attention to itself. Spend a little bit more and pick up a plunger that comes with a case that will match your décor style. That way, your plunger will become a net benefit to your bathroom décor instead of a detriment.

9. An Attractive Hand Soap Bottle

Instead of sticking with the store-bought aesthetics of your plastic hand soap bottle, pick up a relatively ornate bottle that will look attractive on your counter. Alternatively, you can print out a transparency of your favorite photograph and stick it in a generic bottle for a mystifying and unique effect.

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