9 Bathroom Organization Tips that Make Life Easier

Nine Tips for Achieving and Maintaining an Organized Bathroom

The following tips are certain to simplify the process of whipping your bathroom into shape and keeping it that way:

 1. Clear Out and Get Organized – It helps to start with a blank slate when organizing a bathroom, and the best way to do that is by removing everything that you can from the room before you begin. Empty out all storage areas and wipe down and clean all interior and exterior surfaces. Categorize every item that you keep in the bathroom and donate, throw away or otherwise remove things that you no longer need. Finally, create a plan for where you will store everything going forward.


2. Find What You Need with Tiered Organizers – Get more out of shelves in your bathroom by organizing items in convenient tiered organizers. Keep frequently used items near the front and less frequently used ones toward the back. At a glance, you will be able to reach in and grab whatever you need without fumbling around every time.


3. Invest in Over-Toilet Storage – Free up valuable space in vanities, cabinets and drawers by investing in storage furniture that can be installed above the toilet. Wall-mounted, over-toilet cabinets are perfect places for things like spare toilet paper, hand towels and much more, and they provide easy access to such necessities.

9 Bathroom Organization Tips that Make Life Easier


4. Clear the Counter and Use Drawers Instead – Sure, it’s nice to have everything right out where you can see it. What isn’t nice, though, is having a continual cluttered mess of toiletries and makeup littering the space. Switch over to storing your everyday items in drawers instead of on counters. Use silverware organizers to keep items in the drawers neat, tidy and easy to find.


5. Make the Most of Wall Space – Even if you have a very cramped bathroom to work with, it still has four walls that can be used for storage space. Floating shelves, for instance, may be installed near the toilet, high up on walls or even above doorframes. Hooks are also very convenient in bathrooms; in addition to towels, they can be used to store things like hair ties and headbands.


6. Sort Similar Items into Clear Containers – Use small, clear containers to keep small, similar items organized and easy to find. You can repurpose old containers like baby food jars or invest in your own. From Q-tips to hair ties, small jars and other containers will allow you to keep the bathroom tidier with less effort.


7. Boost Organization with Baskets – Funnily enough, large cabinets and cupboards can actually be liabilities in bathrooms because everything can end up in a jumbled mess inside them. Avoid this by investing in baskets and other containers and using them in larger storage areas like cupboards and cabinets. Group similar items into different baskets. That way, you can just grab the basket that you need instead of rummaging through a huge cabinet.


8. Establish a Designated Travel Kit – Whether you travel rarely or often, you probably use certain items only when you are on the road. Rather than have them clutter up the space that you use every day, set them aside and keep them in a travel kit elsewhere in the house. When the time comes to pack your bags, part of the work will already be done for you.


9. Keep it Going – As nice as it would be, organizing and cleaning a bathroom isn’t something that you do once and check off of your list forever. Rather, keeping it tidy and organized should be an ongoing process. Once it has been properly organized, keeping it that way will be a lot easier – but you must be diligent about putting things in their designated places. When you notice clutter accumulating, repeat the process of emptying everything out and starting with a fresh slate again.

9 Bathroom Organization Tips that Make Life Easier


An Organized Bathroom Makes Sense

Although you’ll have to devote a bit of time into the process, getting your bathroom organized will pay off in a number of ways. By investing in organizational furniture and items for the space, it will be that much easier to keep under control. With a neat, tidy bathroom, you will fly through your morning routine much faster – and your day will feel that much easier.


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