7 Weird Bathroom Designs

When it’s time to remodel your bathroom, there’s no reason you shouldn’t take the road less traveled. You can make your new bathroom as weird as you want, and no matter how strange you want to make your bathroom look, someone’s been there before. Check out our top seven weird bathroom design elements that you might want to incorporate to make your vanity, tub, and sink a little kooky.

1. Bathroom with a Chalkboard

Some homeowners are now replacing their bathroom mirrors with chalkboards, and you could take this approach if you’re tired of seeing your reflection every morning. If you need your mirror to make sure you look presentable, however, you can also hang a small chalkboard next to your vanity and use it as a place to scrawl your favorite motivational messages.

If you’re feeling truly adventurous, you can even cover an entire wall of your bathroom with chalkboard paint. You can use chalk on this special type of paint just like a chalkboard, and covering a wall with chalkboard paint is a great way to let your kids unleash their inner creativity.

2. Bathroom with Hanging Barn Door

Hanging a barn door over the entrance to your bathroom isn’t as weird as it once was. When this craze first hit the mainstream, however, interior decorators were scratching their heads in amazement. Who would want to have a clunky, unattractive barn door at the entrance to their bathroom?

As time has gone on, however, initial skeptics have been forced to recognize both the aesthetic and practical wisdom of bathroom barn doors. You don’t want to have your master bathroom door shut all the time, but leaving the door open gets in the way. Installing a sliding barn door gives you privacy when you want it, but when your door is open, you can enjoy your master suite as the architects intended.

Plus, barn doors look great when combined with other rustic decor elements. If you have exposed ceiling beams and an antique bed frame, for instance, a repurposed vintage barn door will be just the thing to perfect your master suite’s farmhouse appeal.

3. Bathroom Design with a Folding Screen Instead of Curtains

If you have a window in your bathroom that’s anywhere near full-length, you’ve probably agonized about the right way to deploy curtains that will maintain your privacy. Some homeowners, however, have taken a unique approach and replaced their curtains with decorative folding screens.

You can use these multipurpose screens in your bathroom in various different ways. If you ever get tired of using your screen as a window covering, you could also use it to partition your bathroom. You’ll find that folding screens come in tons of eclectic patterns and designs, which means that just this one feature is enough to make your bathroom weird… in a good way!

4. Bathroom with a Wild-Colored Tub

If you have an old bathtub, it’s easy to paint this bathroom feature in any color you like. Contemporary tub materials might be harder to paint, but no matter what type of tub you might have, there’s a way to make it green, orange, or even pink. Since your tub takes up such a huge part of your bathroom, making this feature a little bit weird is the perfect way to take your bathroom design from normal to unique in a heartbeat.

7 Weird Bathroom Designs

5. All-Black Bathroom

Do you want your bathroom to inspire terror? Then make absolutely every surface black. Remember that black is still the edgiest hue there is, and even one black wall is enough to make your bathroom weird. With an all-black bathroom, however, it’s easy to provide all your guests with a sight they’ve never seen before.

7 Weird Bathroom Designs

6. Bathroom with 3D Floor Art

From dolphins to turtles to endless abysses, 3D floor art has become increasingly popular in bathrooms all over the world. While the perspective illusions created by this type of art might make you lose your balance, your new bathroom design will be all anyone’s talking about for weeks to come if you decide to take this weird approach.

7. Bathroom with a Mosaic Tile Message

Most homeowners stick with basic geometrical patterns when they use mosaic tile in their bathrooms. However, these simple square tiles also provide the raw materials for your own Minecraft-style wall artwork.

With the right colors and a basic idea of the message you want to get across, you can use mosaic tiles to spell out words or make basic images. If you’re renovating your kids’ bathroom, you might want to put their names on the wall, and it’s also possible to replicate your favorite piece of art or the likeness of a beloved pop culture icon.

If you want to go all-in, you could even use your mosaic tiles to make a true mosaic: an image that spans your entire wall. This project is more in-depth, and it may take months to complete. At the same time, however, covering your wall with a genuine mosaic art piece would make your bathroom about as unique as it gets.

Make It Memorable - Make It Weird!

Whenever you step out of the mainstream, you’ve already taken your first steps toward taking an unusual approach. Whether you decide to emulate some of the downright strangest bathrooms in the world or you just want to make your bathroom a little bit different than your neighbor’s, choosing unusual decor elements for your new grooming space is the first step.

Even if you stick to just one of the weird tips on this list, you’ll have succeeded in making your bathroom a little bit different than the norm. If you combine all the weird tips we’ve listed in one bathroom, however, you’ll have succeeded in making a space so unique that it’s a work of art!

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