7 Things Everyone Forgets When Renovating a Bathroom

Especially when you don’t have a lot of experience in home renovation or interior design, renovating your bathroom can be overwhelming. There are so many things to keep track of, and no matter how organized you become, there are still plenty of important items that slip through the cracks. As you get ready to give your bathroom a new lease on life, use this list of seven things everyone forgets when renovating a bathroom to make sure your plans stay on track.

1. Planning Ahead

The best way to make sure that you won’t forget anything as you renovate your bathroom is to plan effectively. Just because you’ve been brainstorming on how you’d like to change your bathroom for years doesn’t mean you have a good plan; you’ll need to put your ideas on paper (or the digital equipment) and make sure that all your thoughts are clearly organized before you proceed.

In this day and age, it’s best to embrace the cyber revolution and use a digital note-taking tool that you can access from anywhere at any time. If you’re using an iOS device, the in-built Notes app syncs with all your other Apple devices, and no matter which type of device you’re using, top note apps like Evernote can serve as ideal places for jotting down quick ideas and organizing your overarching plans.

As long as your master plan is in place, the only margin for error is if you derivate from the predetermined path. Stick with your guns, keep everything organized, and invite anyone else who is involved in the renovation process to access your digital note app to keep everyone in the loop. Even if your cousin is only going to be replacing your toilet or your husband is going to do the heavy lifting when it comes to your new vanity, proper communication is key as you get your rag-tag team together for the renovation process.

7 Things Everyone Forgets When Renovating a Bathroom

2. Getting the Right Materials

It’s almost impossible to acquire the exactly right array of materials before you’ve started your project. No matter how effectively you prepare, things will take you by surprise, and you’ll have to head out to your local hardware store more often than you’d like to believe.

At the same time, however, you can make things a lot easier by getting as many of the tools and materials that you’ll need ahead of time. Keep in mind that most national hardware store chains have very flexible return policies; if you end up getting too much of something or buying items that you don’t need, Home Depot and Lowes will take the items back even if they’re lightly used.

If you have everything you need (or close to it) before your project starts, you’ll be able to focus on the task at hand without any distractions. If you’re lucky, you might even have a project helper who will serve as a gofer⁠—instead of being forced to go get items you didn’t know you need, your helper will be happy to go get those things for you and leave your workflow uninterrupted.

3. Not Getting Too Much

Remember to avoid overstocking on items you aren’t sure you need. If you only need to replace a 4x4 piece of drywall, for instance, a single 4x8 drywall sheet will do. Having two of everything doesn’t make you prepared; it just provides you with a headache you’ll have to deal with when all’s said and done.

To get an idea of exactly how many materials you’ll need to get the job done, check out DIY sites online. Chances are that a homeowner just like you has embarked on a similar task before, and if you’re fortunate, this intrepid adventurer into the unknown world of home renovations will have left a detailed report behind explaining the exact steps he or she took to deliver the desired results.

4. Making It Easy to Clean

It’s great that your new bathroom is fancy. But is it practical? Many overzealous homeowners invest in intricate bathroom designs that they can’t keep clean. As you develop your personal view of which bathroom designs are the best, keep an eye out for trendy, beautiful bathrooms that are also easy to clean.

While that ornate hammered-copper sink might look great in pictures, can you actually imagine cleaning that monstrosity day-in and day-out? We know you want your bathroom to be luxurious, and we want to help you make your bathroom design dreams come true. At the same time, make sure you know who will be cleaning your bathroom before you invest in anything too fancy or time-consuming.

5. Keeping Your Tastes Mild for Future Buyers

We get it⁠—You like gold leaf and gothic statues. What about the next owners of your house, however?

Unless you plan to live in your current address for life, keeping the tastes of future buyers in mind is essential. We get it if your current home is your magnum opus that you intend to die in, but if that isn’t the case, keep your bathroom remodel efforts relatively tame to make sure your investment is worth it in the end.

7 Things Everyone Forgets When Renovating a Bathroom

6. Ventilating Your Bathroom Properly

Don’t forget the fans. The best-laid bathroom plans of professional interior designers and amateurs alike are all-too-often foiled by the simple specter of poor ventilation. If you don’t want your entire bathroom to steam up whenever you take a shower, make sure your fans are up to the task, and keep in mind that bathrooms with shower rooms and other sources of steam often require two or more fans.

7. Providing Adequate Storage

Wow, your new bathroom looks amazing! Just, where are you going to put the toilet paper?

Your fancy new bathroom design will be utterly ruined if you lack storage space. Make sure you know where everything will go ahead of time.

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