7 Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Design Ideas

Everyone wants to set up beautiful and traditional farmhouse decor in his or her bathroom, but it would be going too far to reduce the luxury of your home to the level of an actual farmhouse. Therefore, it’s best to mix the rustic charm of farmhouse style with the clean lines and ample amenities of modern style, and in this guide, we’ll introduce you to seven of the best ways to pull off this mixed look in your bathroom.

1. Try Copper Features

If you’ve ever vacationed on the French countryside, you know that hammered copper bathroom sinks are integral aspects of traditional farmhouse decor. Copper is durable and beautiful, and its unique hue lends an element of elegance to any bathroom.

Whether or not you choose to install a traditional hammered copper vessel sink, there’s more than one way to integrate copper into your modern farmhouse bathroom. For instance, you can install a full-size tub made entirely from burnished copper that will easily steal the show whenever a guest uses your bathroom. In addition, it’s possible to deploy smaller copper features like tissue dispensers, soap dishes, and drawer handles that will make your bathroom shine like the sun.

2. Deploy Some Concrete

While it might seem that concrete is more appropriate for industrial decor than a farmhouse-style bathroom, it’s easy to incorporate this material into your bathroom design in a way that doesn’t appear jarring. For instance, concrete makes a great sink material, and you might want to consider deploying matching his and hers concrete sinks that will contrast nicely with your stark white walls and other minimalist features.

Due to its durability and water resistance, concrete is also a great material for the flooring in your bathroom. While bland, gray concrete floors might not jive with the rustic farmhouse look that you’re going for, it’s easy to find concrete flooring options featuring simple patterns that are much more visually appealing.

7 Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Design Ideas

3. Use White, Then Contrast

When you think about the features of a traditional farmhouse, it’s likely that whitewashed walls, ceilings, and features come to mind. While it’s true that farmhouses have traditionally employed a lot of white, modern style is all about creating vibrant contrast while keeping things simple. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that white isn’t the only color in your bathroom when you pick out materials to renovate this part of your home.

If you want to stay within the confines of true modern style, it’s best to avoid complementing your white walls with a bunch of different bright colors. Instead, try some basic monochrome tones like gray or black. One touch that always looks beautiful in a farmhouse-style bathroom is using black wood paneling on the bottom half of your walls; the paneling looks rustic, but the stark black paint job brings out the best of modern style.

4. Hang Some Traditional Barn Doors

Even if you have the latest and greatest frameless shower door model inside your bathroom, that doesn’t mean that you can’t take a rustic approach with the door into your bathroom itself. Traditional barn doors are heavy, and they hang on tracks, which adds a rustic appeal to your otherwise starkly modern decor.

Since barn doors slide into place, they’re also the perfect door options for master bedrooms and bathrooms that are limited on space; if you’re concerned that a traditional hinged door might get too close to your bed or block your toilet, a sliding barn door might be just the thing. You’ll have your choice of giving your barn door a finished paint job or leaving it in its rustic, weathered state.

5. Deploy Brass Accents

Brass has a way of brightening up any room, and nowhere is this more the case than in your bathroom. In addition, this gold-colored metal pairs nicely with white walls, which means that it’s the perfect alloy to deploy in a modern farmhouse bathroom.

A brass faucet is the obvious way to go as you search for ways to use this metal in your new bathroom, but don’t forget that this material looks beautiful when it’s used as a mirror frame. You can also choose brass towel hooks to further exploit this metal’s natural beauty, and lastly, you might want to try hanging a traditional brass lamp above your sink for simple overhead lighting.

6. Buy a Wooden Vanity

By the time you’re halfway through the process of redecorating your bathroom in modern farmhouse style, you might start to notice an awful lot of white on practically every surface in this renovated room. White surfaces are important in farmhouse decor, but you also want to avoid getting lost in a sea of completely blank surfaces and features.

One of the best ways to break up the beautiful monotony of a perfectly white bathroom is to use a wooden vanity. Whichever type of wood you use, earthy hues will disrupt the light color scheme in your bathroom and introduce a grounding tone. If you want to truly capture the rustic aspect of farmhouse decor, you might want to use a vanity made entirely from reclaimed wood, but if you’d rather err on the modern side of things, try a sleek and practically seamless vanity made from fresh pine or cedar.

7 Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Design Ideas

7. Don’t Be Afraid to Use Some Color

While it’s true that bright and colorful features are practically taboo in purist modern decor, when you’re blending this decor style with the farmhouse look, it’s okay to use some color where it’s appropriate. As long as you make sure to keep your color choices tasteful and limited, a little bit of robin’s egg blue, seafoam green, or burnt orange might be the perfect hues to bring out the bright white and other monochromatic tones that you’ve deployed throughout your modern farmhouse bathroom.

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