7 Master Bedroom Bathroom Ideas

Your master bathroom is supposed to be one of the most beautiful rooms in your house, but it can be hard to decide which vanities, showers, and tubs look best in this important part of your home. We have some ideas that might help you in your remodeling efforts; read on to learn all about the seven top tips we can offer for improving the aesthetics and functionality of your master bathroom.

1. Try a Double-Sink Vanity

Double-sink vanities, also called double vanities, provide twice the space in your bathroom for you and your significant other to take care of daily grooming activities. If you’re tired of crowding around the same sink bowl to brush your teeth every morning, you might want to consider installing a double vanity in your bathroom.

Keep in mind that your sinks don’t necessarily have to be right next to each other; it’s also possible to have two separate vanities on opposite walls. Just remember to choose the type of sink bowl you prefer before you make a final decision.

Undermount sinks can be convenient if you want your bathroom to be as minimal as possible. However, vessel sinks look beautiful, and they can add a contemporary aesthetic to your polished master bathroom.

2. Go All-Out with a Shower Room

If you have quite a bit of space in your bathroom and you think that this room needs a little more flair, you might want to consider investing in a shower room. While you’ve seen plenty of frameless showers, a shower room is another thing entirely.

Shower rooms are so big that they rival walk-in closets in size. Most homeowners install these showering areas in the corners of their bathrooms, and you can make one wall of your shower room opaque to provide a little more privacy.

When you’ve gone as far as to invest in a shower room, there’s no reason that you should stop with a single showerhead. You’ll definitely want to add a rainfall showerhead in the center of your shower room, and you might want to install an extra handheld showerhead for convenience and comfort.

7 Master Bedroom Bathroom Ideas

3. Install a Freestanding Bathtub

A master bathroom isn’t authentic unless it has a little bit of luxury, and nothing’s more luxurious than separating your tub from your shower. If you’re going to have a separate tub anyway, you might as well go ahead and install a freestanding tub.

Unless you really love antiques, no one is suggesting that you install a bonafide clawfoot soaker in your contemporary bathroom. However, there are plenty of contemporary freestanding tubs that produce the same sort of effect without looking overly old or menacing.

One major benefit of freestanding tubs is that these soakers usually consist of quality materials. While traditional corner tubs might contain Lucite or fiberglass, freestanding tubs generally consist of pure porcelain on steel or cast iron.

4. Set up a Rustic Farmhouse Door

This tip only truly applies if you’ve already decided to go with farmhouse décor for your remodel, but a farm door can also look good in certain rustic or contemporary master bathrooms. This type of door slides on a huge overhead track, and farmhouse doors often have intricate designs with exquisite metalwork.

You’ll love the heaviness of a genuine farmhouse door whenever you slide your door shut, and a sliding-style door can provide increased openness in your master suite without compromising on privacy. If you want, you can build your own farmhouse door with lumber, but many homeowners choose to refurbish genuine farmhouse doors that farms have discarded. Whichever choice you make, just remember to choose an eclectic color for your farmhouse door that firmly reflects your home décor.

5. Make It Simplistic with a Wall-Mounted Toilet

As you remodel your master bathroom, it’s natural to overlook your toilet. Most people don’t like to spend lots of time staring at their toilets, and we’re sure you’re no exception.

However, your toilet definitely contributes to your overall bathroom décor, and even if you completely overhaul every other aspect of your bathroom, an unattractive toilet can ruin the effect you’re going for.

One of the best ways to minimize the footprint of your toilet while making your bathroom look more sleek and modern is to invest in a wall-mounted toilet. While other types of toilets sit on the floor and take up lots of space, wall-mounted toilets blend into the rest of your bathroom unobtrusively. Manufacturers commonly make these toilets in space-age styles to improve your master bathroom aesthetics.

7 Master Bedroom Bathroom Ideas

6. Hang Some Fluffy Towels and Robes

Once you’ve made all the choices that will affect the appearance of your newly-renovated master bathroom, a feeling that something’s missing might still haunt you. That’s right; you forgot to get lots of towels, robes, and hand towels to accentuate the beautiful curves of your fresh new bathroom!

Towels and other bathroom linens give you the power to change the appearance of your bathroom with the seasons. During the fall, you might want to set up some cinnamon red towels to blend in with the autumn leaves, and once spring comes, some lilac or pastel green towels might set the mood nicely. In the end, you might stick with white all year-round, but just remember to invest in some super-soft Egyptian or Pima cotton linens to luxuriate in whenever you get out of the shower or bath.

7. Invest in Lots of Marble

No bathroom is complete without marble. Chances are that your new bathroom vanity will have a marble countertop, but there’s no reason you should stop there. Marble also looks great on bathroom floors, and you can use marble tiles to line your tub or the walls of your shower. You may even want to go as far as to cover every inch of the floor, walls, and ceiling of your master bathroom with tiles of this lustrous stone.

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