7 Home Trends for 2019 and Beyond

Houses of the future will be more responsive to technological, demographic, and environmental changes. These seven trends will help to shed more light on the nature of homes in 2019 and beyond.

As time passes by, so do house trends. Each year, several stakeholders in the real estate sector such as interior designers, home builders, and architects converge in Las Vegas to update themselves on the latest home trends. While some trends come and go, many of them last for generations. Below are seven trends that will influence the housing design in 2019 and beyond.


 Technology Aesthetic and Globalization

Human beings may love and fear technology in equal measures, but most people are ready to embrace it, especially with regard to home design. Given the rapid adoption of technology in every industry, internet and connectivity will expand and play a big part in influencing house trends in the coming years. The Internet of things, virtual reality, digital trends, robots, and AI will become part of us. By 2020, every person will have at least four devices, and web traffic will increase beyond comprehension.

Today’s consumers are informed and more traveled, so they may love to show this facet in their dwelling places. Some top home designers get their inspiration from distant cultures (in places such as Africa and Asia).

7 Home Trends for 2019 and Beyond


 New Generation: Millennial Rustic Look

Millennials are the new generation of homeowners who will greatly dictate home designs trends going into the future. There will be a need for a fresher, younger aesthetic, and more individualized designs. This group of buyers may seem contradictory. On one hand, they love modern and sleek designs, but they also like rustic looks . Millennials are drawn to nature, so they appreciate natural materials such as stone and wood. Rustic wood shelves with modern looks and big mirrors, or incorporating rustic style on one wall with a mix of natural wood next to something shiny will most likely appeal to this generation.

Some experts observe that combining contemporary steel frame and reclaimed wood is also a trend that balances between new and old. Millennials might love the contemporary lines, but they also like to bring older elements into their houses.


 Colors: Earthy and warm colors

Colors play an important role in defining the home trends in the coming years. The colors that will probably influence kitchen design in 2019 and beyond are dark cabinets with a mix of light countertops. Designers will most likely use warm colors in a combination of wood in kitchens.

Furnishing in most modern homes starts with warm colors. Earthy colors such as warm brown, tan, red-browns like terracotta, and sienna combined with accent shades such as yellows, greens or red add warm lighting into the house. Dark blues, neutral greys, and cream have the same effect.


 Furnishing: Minimalism Approach

Minimalism is the new way to furnish homes. Gone are the times when it looked cool to fill the house with too much furnishing. Simplicity and minimalism have a therapeutic effect.

Because of the compact space, people will use more things but own less. With an increasing number of people sharing a small space, home designers are getting more inventive with furniture. Multipurpose and curvy pieces of furniture are finding a way into our living spaces. Bookshelves and coffee tables that convert to dining set are notable examples.

Another trend that is making a comeback is using traditional and organic resources, especially those that don’t lose value or get out of style. Glass, stone, and wood will be material of choice for many home builders because they retain longevity.


 Healthy Living, Nature, and Sustainability

As many people adopt a healthier lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, healthy living will take center stage in people’s lives. The preparation, sustainability, and source of food they eat will be important. Designers are looking into ways to incorporate this into kitchen designs. The concept of ‘the wellness kitchen’ is transforming our homes in the following ways.

  • The layouts and design support social interactions thus boosting family relationships.
  • Use of sustainable, recycled and ultra-hygienic materials.
  • Improved visibility in the kitchen to provide for easier access to chilled food and crockery. Greater transparency serves as a visual reminder to use healthy ingredients in our food, thus, helping us build a habit of awareness.
  • More indoor plants in the kitchen. The increased living produce grown in the kitchen, transform it a vibrant ecosystem.
  • Bigger spaces for fresh food storage and bigger kitchen appliances.
  • Extra room for fitness equipment.

Home builders are using walls made of high-tech glass that can open and move with ease. This material makes dwellers feel like they are living in an outdoor space. Enjoying nature with ease will become more important. At free time, people will have fun watching birds or sitting quietly surrounded by plants and all that nature has to offer without the interruptions of iPhone.

Besides this, designers will also add a lot of plants into interior living spaces. Most people consider plants to be good for their health, especially for freshening indoor air. They are also an inexpensive way to glamour to home decor.

Sustainability is a movement that traverses many sectors including home design. In 2019, it will even become more ingrained in a majority of new home designs. The earthy and eco-friendly interior reflects a desire for a more conscious living. Natural and recycled materials such as textured hardwoods, bamboo, reclaimed wood, engineered wood floors, and cork will be good options for flooring and walls.

7 Home Trends for 2019 and Beyond


 Working from Home

Innovative designs and multifunctional design is important at this age where living houses in the city suburbs continue to get smaller. On top of this, the global workplace continues to reshape to accommodate remote working. Today, more people are working from their homes. Workspaces, therefore, will influence home design in the coming months and years.

With the above in mind, the home office will become a more valued space in the house. People no longer treat home workspace as just another junk or spare room. Designers will most likely focus more on the use of ergonomic furniture and making home office a pleasing space to encourage people to stay motivated working from home.

The entry of home working spaces will see more traditional but less used spaces disappear. Studies show that in the coming years, new homes will not have formal dining spaces.


 Walk-in Tub

The bathroom is no longer a practical space but also a personal wellbeing space in the house. Quiet and privacy time are some valued luxuries within our homes. Therefore, the desire to have a calming atmosphere in the bathroom is one of the emerging house trends 2019. As more homes adopt a calming style for their bathtubs, having hydrotherapy in the bathroom will become more affordable.

The right color palette in the bathroom inspires tranquility. Beauty differentiates a relaxing retreat from a ho-hum room. Therefore, many designers are not only focusing on the functional aspects of the bathroom but also incorporating calming color schemes. Some cool combinations are pewter and ivory; navy blue, powder white, and silver; beige, creamy white, and chocolate; white, buttercream and light blue; and taupe, wood tones, and light gray.


Final Thoughts

Trends are not only a source of inspiration, but they also guide you when building or renovating your home. However, don’t forget to add personality to your home design to make it unique.


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