7 Gorgeous Kitchen Materials

7 Gorgeous Kitchen Materials

 As you plan out how you want to design your kitchen, there are tons of different materials to choose from. However, if you're already going to the trouble of remodeling your space or building a new kitchen from scratch, you might as well use the best materials available. The truth is that some kitchen materials are better than others, and in this list, I'll acquaint you with seven of the most beautiful materials that you can use in your kitchen.


  1. Brass

 Wherever you see brass used, it always evokes the feeling of a rustic European countryside. This durable and shiny material isn't a common pick for kitchens, but those homeowners who do incorporate brass into their appliances are among the luckiest cooks in the world.

 One place in which brass is often expertly applied is in kitchen sinks. Brass faucets look quite unique in comparison to their standard stainless steel counterparts, and if you polish them enough, they shine like the sun. However, vintage brass faucets also look great, and you might want to leave these antique fixtures unpolished to luxuriate in their rustic charm.


  1. Marble

 The beauty of marble as a kitchen material can't be understated. While many types of laminate are designed to mimic marble, they're nothing like the real thing, and even the most complex laminate patterns can't quite capture the complex vein structures that run through this naturally occurring material. If you decide to go no holds barred in your quest to include marble on all of the surfaces in your kitchen, make sure that you invest in the best types of sealers since this rare beauty of a material can also be somewhat temperamental.

7 Gorgeous Kitchen Materials


  1. Hardwood

 These days, most kitchen cabinets contain plywood. Even if they have hardwood veneers, they have usually plywood cores, and a true kitchen connoisseur can tell the difference from a mile away. If you want a truly gorgeous kitchen, you'll want to make sure to pick cabinets made from real hardwood, and some of the best types of wood to choose from include oak, walnut, cherry, mahogany, and teak. Keep in mind that hardwood is also a great material for kitchen flooring.


  1. Stainless Steel

 While stainless steel isn't quite as glitzy as brass, it certainly has its place. For instance, this material is a great choice for the basin of your sink, and it's also commonly included in ovens and refrigerators. If you want to go for a modern look, you can even use stainless steel as a backsplash on your kitchen walls.

7 Gorgeous Kitchen Materials


  1. Glazed Ceramic Tile

 One of the best things about ceramic tile is its incredible diversity. You can find tile in practically any color under the sun, and some tile artisans emblazon their work with incredibly intricate patterns. Glazed ceramic tile is also a surprisingly diverse material; you can use it as a backsplash, countertop material, or flooring material at your discretion. If you want, you can even use the same type of tile on all three surfaces for a uniform look. Best of all, ceramic tile is sturdier than it looks, and it can take a serious beating before showing any signs of wear.


  1. Quartz

 In the context of countertop materials, quartz is another name for engineered stone. It consists of quartz particles that have been glued together with a special solvent, and the resulting product is a beauty to behold. While quartz is replete with intricate patterns and colors, it is more durable than marble, which makes it a great pick for the long haul. Typical quartz countertops feature swirling and crisscrossing veins of white, gray, and black, and because it has a nonporous surface, it won't stain. Unlike marble, quartz doesn't require annual sealing, and experts can engineer it in any shape or size.


  1. Soapstone

 While soapstone used to be famous for its frequent inclusion in the kitchens of historic homes, this beautiful counter material has experienced a recent comeback in modern kitchens around the world. One look at a soapstone countertop is enough to see why; this material looks unlike any other type of stone, and its sharp edges are counterpoised by a rich, velvety texture that you'll have to feel for yourself to truly appreciate. In sharp contrast with other natural kitchen counter materials, soapstone is dark gray or black, and it is more stain-resistant than marble. If you're trying to echo the aesthetics of an antique kitchen, soapstone might be just the material you need to pull it all together.

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