7 Dream Spa-Style Bathrooms

Everyone likes to relax at the spa, but most people can only enjoy this luxury on special occasions. If you bring the aesthetics of the spa to your own bathroom, you’ll be able to sink into the relaxing vibe of the spa treatment whenever you take a shower or freshen up. Check out the following examples of excellent spa-like bathrooms in action, and learn from our tips for using the right materials to make your bathroom look like it belongs in a high-end spa.

1. The Mandalay on Sanibel

The Mandalay is one of Southwest Florida’s most luxurious vacation homes, and it’s located on Sanibel, which is a tropical barrier island. This vacation home has 700 feet of private beachfront and 10,960 square feet to play around in, but the most striking feature of this home is its master bathroom.

You might notice this bathroom’s spacious flooring first, which is covered with simple patterned tile. However, picture windows dominate the room, and you can observe the ocean from the central bathtub, which features mosaic-tiled sides.

2. Villa Horizon in Phuket

Even if you don’t mimic any of the other features of Villa Horizon’s luxurious master bathroom, you can still evoke this bathroom’s aesthetics by installing a rectangular tub that’s sunken into tile flooring. This bathroom, which is part of an enormous six-bedroom, nine-bathroom vacation complex, overlooks one of Thailand’s most famous beaches from three sides, and it features spacious his-and-hers sinks and vanities.

If you want to keep prying eyes out of your bathing haven, you can copy Villa Horizon’s roll-down bamboo blinds. You might even want to set up a posh bench like the piece featured in the center of this high-end bathroom.

3. Villa Kaba Kaba in Bali

Villa Kaba Kaba’s master bathroom is the textbook definition of a spa-like bathroom since it’s located inside an actual spa. The living quarters, however, are separate from this Bali villa’s spa, which gives you plenty of room to stretch out after a day of grueling beauty treatments.

If you live in a tropical region, you might want to mimic one of the most striking features of Kaba Kaba’s bathroom: its outdoor tub. Some might say that this tub looks more like a swimming pool, and they wouldn’t be wrong. With a partial roof overhead to protect from seasonal rains, however, an outdoor tub might be the perfect feature to bring the aesthetics of the spa home with you.


4. Los Angeles Aerie

There’s nothing better than looking down on city lights from above, and if you can do it from the comfort of the bath, that’s even better. This Los Angeles bathroom takes minimal to a whole new level, but it still features all of the amenities you need to stay clean and comfortable.

Dominating the bathroom is an oval bathtub with a standalone faucet housing. Even if you decide to go for a different style of tub, you might want to copy another one of this bathroom’s more notable features: a wall-mounted TV to ensure that you never miss a minute of the news.

5. 700 Seven South on Grand Cayman

You might think that marble is meant for countertops and backsplashes, but the designers of the master bathroom at 700 Seven South on Grand Cayman would beg to differ. The only surface in this bathroom that doesn’t feature psychedelic blue and white marble is the ceiling, and even this surface is dominated by a central golden disc. While some of this bathroom’s features might be a little too opulent for your taste, it’s agreed that 700 Seven South’s wrap-around walk-in shower is a dream come true.

6. The Mansions by Bvlgari in Bali

If you’re looking for a more old-world vibe, you might want to derive inspiration from the bathroom aesthetics at The Mansions by Bvlgari. This luxury vacation home’s master bathroom is dominated by rich, dark tones, and its glassed-in shower room is easy to access from French doors that open onto a path to the beach.

7. Darlington in New Jersey

Originally owned by railroad tycoon George Crocker, Darlington positively screams mid-century modern decor. In the master bedroom wing, you’ll find his-and-hers spa bathrooms, wet and dry saunas, a massage room, and a dedicated beauty salon. While some of the features in Darlington may be somewhat over-the-top, its mix of mosaic walls and latticed windows evokes the best stylistic aspects of the age when American industry was just starting to take flight. If you have room for it, why not copy Darlington and incorporate a lap pool into your bathroom?

Tips for Achieving Spa-Like Luxury in Your Bathroom

Now that you have an idea of the incredible luxury bathrooms that are out there, it’s time to learn how to apply these spa principles in your own bathroom at home. Here are some of the most important tips you should keep in mind:

7 Dream Spa-Style Bathrooms

Go for a Minimalist Look

If you’ve ever soaked in a bath at a spa, you know that spa bathrooms are clean and minimal. While it isn’t necessary to go for an ultra-modern look, keep the clutter to a minimum, and avoid filling your space with lots of accessories and works of art.

Take Advantage of Natural Light

Your new spa-like bathroom should exploit its surroundings to the fullest. Incorporate floor-to-ceiling windows into your bathroom design, and consider the benefits of skylights.

Add Some Plants

While you shouldn’t overdo it with the verdure, deploying a few plants in your bathroom can give it a vibrant appeal. If you’re planning to add a spacious walk-in shower to your spa-like bathroom, you should consider the benefits of putting plants in your shower.

7 Dream Spa-Style Bathrooms

Don’t Forget the Art

Too much art would distract from your minimal decor, but a couple of tasteful pieces might lend your bathroom a degree of depth and class. Just make sure that the pieces of art you pick are region-specific and relatively simple.

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