7 Bathroom Cabinet and Mirror Design Ideas

Gone are the days when a simple cabinet and mirror combo was enough to impress guests and store all your toiletries. If you want to renovate your bathroom in cutting-edge contemporary style, you’ll need to take things to the next level with one of these seven bathroom cabinet and mirror design ideas.

7 Bathroom Cabinet and Mirror Design Ideas


1. Ditch the Cabinet and Get a Mirror Shelf

Traditionally, most homeowners have tried to determine how to deploy mirrors and cabinets in the same spaces. It’s undeniably convenient to have a mirror on the wall that opens to reveal convenient bathroom storage, but this conventional choice isn’t the only option available to you as you determine how to set up enough storage space in your bathroom.

For instance, you can try the mirror shelf approach. This type of bathroom storage option consists of a large, wall-mounted mirror that has a small shelf built right in front of it. There are quite a few different ways to pull off this effect, and you can either purchase a mirror with a shelf attached or embark on a mirror shelf DIY project.  

2. Hang Some Ornate Lights

If your overall goal is simply to make your bathroom mirror and cabinets look more attractive, there are ways to achieve this intention without switching out any of your bathroom features. As every interior decorator knows, lighting is everything in any residential space, and upgrading your lighting options can make your bathroom look brand-new on a budget.

For instance, hanging lights are currently incredibly popular. You can keep things simple with bare LED bulbs hanging in front of your mirror, or you can mix things up a little bit with intricate glass lamps or golden globes. Hanging lamps at around eye level highlights your mirror, and it provides soft lighting throughout your bathroom that makes your space look more attractive overall.

3. Put Your Mirrors on Hinges

While you’ve already ditched the mirror and medicine cabinet combo for good, there are other ways you can deploy mirrors on hinges in your bathroom. For instance, you can set up his and hers mirrors above your vanity on hinges that allow you to change the point of focus on the fly.

When both you and your partner are using the bathroom, you can have one hinged mirror pointed at each of you, but when you have the bathroom to yourself, you can use your hinged mirrors to display your face from multiple directions. This bathroom décor hack works best when you have walls on either side of your vanity, but you can also attach mirrors with hinges directly behind your vanity for a head-on effect.

4. Try Some Mirror Backlighting

You no longer have a medicine cabinet pushing its way off your bathroom wall, but there’s still a significant amount of room behind the beautiful round mirror you’ve hung. Why not use that wasted space to your advantage with some attractive mood lighting?

With the wonders of LEDs, it’s now possible to deploy tiny strips of light behind your bathroom mirror no matter how limited the space you’re working with might be. While some traditional white or yellow lights might look pretty behind your mirror, keep in mind that it’s possible to program many LED strips to display any color under the sun. With a simple app or remote control, you can change the color of the light coming from behind your mirror depending on your mood or the time of day.

7 Bathroom Cabinet and Mirror Design Ideas


5. Put a Cabinet Over Your Toilet

These days, large, round bathroom mirrors are all the rage, but these types of mirrors don’t usually work well with traditional cabinets. As you search for new and novel storage options, remember that you can usually use the space above your toilet to create a little bit of extra storage.

There are quite a few over-toilet cabinet options to choose from. Some of these cabinets reach all the way up to your ceiling, but others stop short and provide extra storage on their sides. Search around for a cabinet that both fits over your toilet and also matches the existing décor in your bathroom.

6. Build a Recessed Storage Cabinet

Now that you’ve ditched the bathroom mirror and cabinet combo that came with your home in exchange for a huge round mirror as your bathroom’s centerpiece, you need space to put all your stuff. However, every square inch of wall is already covered with cabinets, paintings, or other accessories, and building any more storage would make you hit your head whenever you move around in your bathroom. Thankfully, there’s another option that won’t crowd you for space or look unattractive.

The walls in most homes have spaces between 6 and 8 inches wide in their interiors. With a little bit of handiwork, you can transform this unused space into expanded storage potential. This project is relatively complicated, and if you make a mistake, your bathroom could become less insulated, so you might want to have a professional cut a hole in your bathroom wall, build a cabinet, and put a door on the front if you aren’t completely confident in your skills.

7. Give a Full-Length Mirror and Cabinet Combo a Shot

Do you have enough room in your bathroom for a full-length mirror? If not, you could install one of these full-length mirror storage solutions just outside your bathroom door to provide yourself with tons of extra storage.

These storage solutions operate on a simple principle to traditional bathroom cabinet and mirror combinations. However, they span all the way from head-height down to the floor. Therefore, the storage potential of a full-length mirror and cabinet combination far outstrips any other cabinet option for your bathroom. Just remember that you’ll need to keep that entire mirror clean if you want your bathroom to shine!

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