7 Additions To Boost Your Shower Experience


  1. Wet Tech

Do you have trouble putting down your smartphone while you hop in the shower? Perhaps you want to crank out the tunes to sing along to or catch up on your favorite Netflix program. Putting some gadgets in your shower can help you stay connected.

Install a frameless flat-panel TV near the tub so that you can watch a show while you bathe. Use a showerhead with a wireless speaker hidden inside to jam to your favorite songs before work. Choose in-wall speakers if you prefer something modern that sits flush with the wall.


  1. Steam Shower

You might be thinking that you already fill the bathroom with steam during your hot showers. A steam shower is an entirely different animal, though. It uses a steam generator that boils water and produces thick, hot vapor.

Besides relaxing you, steam showers have several health benefits. They improve your circulation, help your muscles recover from exercise and clear up your skin.

Plus, they help you sleep better if you take them at night. Steam makes you tired and helps you reduce stress. The total relaxation is worth the investment.

7 Additions To Boost Your Shower Experience


  1. Frameless Doors

Do you ever feel claustrophobic in the shower? Swapping your shower curtain for a door is an ideal way to expand the space. Frameless doors give you a clear view from your shower. They don’t have bulky metal or other seams to detract from your vision of the perfect shower.

If you’ve just renovated your bathroom, this type of shower door is even more desirable. You’ll catch a glimpse of your new décor every time you shower.

Frameless doors also make the room look larger. The boundary between where the bathroom ends and the shower begins is erased. When you’re in the shower, you won’t feel enclosed.

These doors can be expensive, though. You might want to choose a semi-frameless door if you’re on a budget. These still give the illusion that your bathroom is huge. They generally have frames only on the top and bottom.


  1. Shower Seat

Do you perch on one leg like a flamingo while you shave? Do you get tired when you shower just before hitting the hay? Perhaps your experience would be more restful if you had a shower seat.

These accessories are also useful for young children and elderly adults. They make showering safer.

Building codes may govern whether you can install a permanent bench in your shower. Make sure the space is large enough if you’re planning to go this route. A folding seat might be a better option if you have a small shower or tub.


  1. Shower Panels

Upgrade your faucet with a shower panel. These take your cleansing routine to another level. They feature multiple outputs to give you a full-body massage experience.

For example, this one has a rainfall showerhead and a handheld wand. Three massaging water jets swivel to reach those areas that need some TLC. The spout at the bottom fills the tub.

Knobs on the panels usually let you customize the water pressure for the perfect shower. Plus, these devices look sleek and contemporary in the bathroom. They’re an excellent way to revamp your décor in a functional way.


  1. Walk-In Shower

Building a walk-in shower involves removing doors instead of adding them. Some people wonder why you would want to do this. It seems like it would make a watery mess all over the bathroom floor.

You need plenty of room to build a walk-in shower. These aren’t usually the best option for smaller bathrooms. However, when they’re planned properly, they can be an excellent use of space. You don’t have to worry about a door swinging open and obstructing the rest of the bathroom.

Walk-in showers are ideal for people who have trouble making their way over the side of the tub. They’re easily accessible and often safer than showers with higher entry points.

Plus, they give you plenty of room to stretch out. A curved or corner shower can be installed in a bathroom that has limited space.

7 Additions To Boost Your Shower Experience


  1. Shower Doors for Bathtubs

Some people love to take a bath. If you have a small bathroom and love soaking in your tub, you can transform the area with a shower door. You won’t have to deal with the same moisture issues that you manage with your shower curtain. Shower doors are virtually leak-proof.

Plus, doors are easier to clean than curtains. They’re less likely to develop mold or mildew. As long as you dry them off with a squeegee after every shower, they should stay clean for years.

You don’t have to perform a total bathroom overhaul to take luxurious showers. A few smart purchases can go a long way. Have fun shopping for options before you decide exactly what to add to your shower.



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