5 Things Everyone Forgets When Renovating Their Bathroom

There’s a lot to keep track of when you renovate your bathroom. From picking out the right materials to deciding whether or not to hire a contractor to get the job done, the number of factors you’ll need to consider during this process makes it easy for things to slip through the cracks. Make sure you don’t make any mistakes during the process of giving your bathroom a new lease on life by remembering these important bathroom renovation components most homeowners forget.

1. Prepare for Messes

In the pursuit of creating a perfect contemporary or modern-style bathroom, it’s easy to forget the nitty-gritty aspects that come along with your fancy new grooming space. Many types of decor call for minimalist, bright-white spaces, and while bathrooms decorated in this way always look good in magazines, no bathroom is exempt from the dirt and grime that inevitably cake up during the daily process of getting clean.

Therefore, it’s best to build your new bathroom with messes in mind. Ensure that all of your surfaces are easy to clean; if your bathtub is near your vanity, make sure to make a gap between these two features that’s big enough to reach into easily with a scrub brush. In addition, choose your surface materials wisely; while marble might look beautiful, it’s somewhat prone to staining, and the same goes for concrete.

If you have any kids or pets, it’s best to veer away from the elegant side of things and stick to functional materials and features. Otherwise, your magazine-perfect bathroom might turn into a hot mess in no time flat.

5 Things Everyone Forgets When Renovating Their Bathroom

2. Keep Resale Value in Mind

If you’re planning to go to the effort of remodeling your bathroom, you probably have your own comfort in mind as a primary motivator. However, it’s also important to remember the impact that your renovation efforts will have on your home’s resale value and its ability to catch the eye of potential buyers.

While you might love the idea of having an ultra-modern or tropical-themed bathroom, future buyers may not feel the same way. If you harbor even the slightest doubt that you’ll keep your home forever, it’s best to hold back on personalized or trendy factors and choose timeless medicine cabinets, mirrors, and faucets that hold universal appeal.

Don’t forget to pick a paint color that will improve your home’s resale appeal; while you might think that purple walls and a green ceiling would look great in your bathroom, potential buyers may care to differ. Remember that the average time between bathroom remodels is about 15 years, so any decisions you make now will likely stick around long enough to be appraised by a buyer’s critical eye.

5 Things Everyone Forgets When Renovating Their Bathroom

3. Prevent Potential Leaks

Aside from your kitchen, your bathroom is the wettest part of your house. Keeping all of that water contained to the areas where it’s supposed to be is one of your most important responsibilities as you remodel; water damage originating from inside of your house is one of the costliest types of home damage to repair, and it can cause serious structural issues.

While there isn’t much you can do during the renovation process to protect yourself from the dangers posed by burst pipes or other types of water damage that are caused by gradual wear and tear or extreme weather, there are a few ways that you can mitigate any chances of water seeping through your floorboards or slipping inside the cracks between your walls and flooring. For instance, make sure that your new shower fixture is sealed in all of the places where it’s supposed to be. It’s common to find that the area directly below a shower door isn’t sealed properly, but since this is an area where water accumulates in large volumes, it’s more important to protect this space more than any other area surrounding your shower.

Also, make sure to caulk the area behind your sink thoroughly. This area is one of the first to go as water splashes on top of your vanity, so if you’re keeping your existing vanity but making various repairs around your bathroom, this spot is one of the first places you should check.

4. Provide Ample Storage Space

So, you’ve effectively made your bathroom more modern, and your home is now the talk of the block. However, after all of the accolades die down, you don’t want to find yourself in the position of having a bathroom that’s all style and no substance.

That’s why it’s so important to equip your bathroom with plenty of places to store toiletries and other items before you finish the renovation process. While that modern pedestal sink might look good, where are you going to put your toilet paper? And while a frameless walk-in shower might be luxurious, are you certain that you want your shampoo and body wash to be on display for all to see? If you don’t want to be forced to walk out of your bathroom anytime you need something, these are all important questions to ask.

5. Make Ventilation a Priority

There’s one obvious reason why it’s important to ventilate your bathroom, but there are other airflow factors that you might not have considered. For instance, things get pretty humid in your bathroom right after you take a bath or shower, and over time, this moisture that accumulates on your walls or surfaces can cause disastrous effects.

If you don’t want to be dealing with black mold in five years time, make sure that your bathroom is properly ventilated from the get-go. If you’re a homeowner who has an extra-large master bathroom, you may even want to install two or three fans in different areas throughout your grooming area; when your bathroom is still in saleable condition 20 years down the road thanks to proper ventilation, you’ll be truly thankful you followed this advice.


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