5 Proven Ways to Increase Home Value

It's always a good time to inject value into your home. Whether you're moving soon or you want to enjoy your house for years to come, doing the necessary legwork to improve your home's value pays off in the long run. While certain aspects of your home's value, such as location, can't be altered, you can keep up with repairs and improve your home to the point that it will stand out prominently upon even the most cursory glance at your block. If you're ready to take your home's desirability into your own hands, you'll love my top five tips for increasing the value of your house.


Increase Your Square Footage

This first tip might take you by surprise; you may think that it simply isn't possible to add more space to your house without magic. However, all it takes is a foundation and some building materials to add a room to your house, and that's only the beginning when it comes to methods for increasing your square footage.

Did you know that most experts actually include decks and porches in square footage estimates? That wraparound porch you've always wanted might not be such a frivolous expense after all. In addition, if you choose to finish your basement with drywall, flooring, and attractive ceilings, you can factor this space into your calculations as well. Also, while outbuildings might not necessarily factor into square footage assessments, finished outbuildings like pool houses and guest houses will definitely improve your home's appeal and resale value.


Upgrade Your Backyard

You might think that a backyard is only meant to be a blank expanse of green for your dog or kids to run around in. However, many homebuyers see backyards as something else entirely. In fact, if you take it upon yourself to transform your backyard into a verdant paradise, you'll find that your home's value will skyrocket.

Some simple tactics you can take to give your backyard a makeover include installing water features such as fountains or koi ponds. Also, you might want to throw a gazebo in for good measure, and hardscaping with rocks can give your backyard a three-dimensional appeal. Lastly, I can't say enough good things about solar lighting; including copious self-powered lamps throughout your backyard can create a soothing and inviting ambiance.

5 Proven Ways to Increase Home Value


Invest in Curb Appeal

Take a walk across the street, and turn to face your house. What do you see? If, upon viewing your house, you get the feeling that you would want to buy it again yourself, you might not have much work to do when it comes to renovations. However, if you feel like it would be easy to miss your home during a quick drive down the street, you'll need to try hard to improve your home's curb appeal.

Any aspect of your house that passersby can see from the street contributes to your curb appeal. In your quest to make your house as initially appealing as possible, you might find yourself installing a new garage door, replacing your front door, or even completely repainting the exterior of your house. You'll thank yourself when your home blows you away from all the way down the street.

5 Proven Ways to Increase Home Value


Update Your Lighting

Whether it's in your bathroom, dining room, or living room, updating the light fixtures within your home can improve your resale value in a couple of ways. First of all, having adequate lighting can help you show off how beautiful and clean your house is. No matter how nice your furniture and features are, nobody will know without enough light to see by. Also, investing in beautiful light fixtures is a winning move on its own; while they serve an undeniable practical function, effectively placed artistic light sources can easily become the centers of attention.


Take the High Tech Route

These days, people want their houses to be smarter than they are. Whether you invest in a thermostat that learns your daily schedule or a door that unlocks itself upon your approach, high tech gadgets are big selling points in today's housing market. Whichever other geeky gizmos you decide to incorporate into your home, don't forget to set up a security system. Not only do security cameras go over well with potential buyers, but they also help you spot interested parties who might have taken a bit too much of a liking to the home you've taken such pains to make so incredibly appealing.

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