5 DIY Soap Dispensers for Your Bathroom

Soaping up your hands with a good lather is such a routine action that it’s easy to overlook your soap dispenser when you’re in the process of remodeling or re-envisioning your bathroom. However, a soap dispenser with a personalized touch can be just the thing to add a little bit of extra flair to your bathroom sink; in this guide, we’ll cover five of the best DIY soap dispenser ideas that will look great sitting on top of your vanity whether you’ve decorated your bathroom with colorful or minimalist modern features.

1. Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

Despite their original purpose as canning tools, Mason jars have become increasingly popular among practical homemakers and Instagram influencers alike. While a person from the 1920s might think that the contemporary focus on making Mason jars into all sorts of niche products is silly, people today use these handy jars for pretty much anything imaginable.

Making a soap dispenser out of a Mason jar is relatively simple. All you’ll need is a Mason jar, a soap bottle with a pump, and some water-resistant glue. Here are the steps you’ll need to follow to make your very own Mason jar soap dispenser:


  1. Empty your soap bottle and place the opening of the bottle on the underside of your Mason jar lid
  2. Trace around the soap bottle opening with permanent marker
  3. Place the lid on top of your Mason jar upside down, and secure the ring
  4. With a screwdriver and a hammer, tap around the edge of the marker circle until the central metal piece comes free
  5. Alternatively, you could cut out the circle with a jigsaw
  6. Use a saw to cut off the top of your soap bottle
  7. Insert the top of the soap bottle through the hole in your Mason jar lid
  8. Screw the pump onto the soap bottle top
  9. If the straw of your pump is too long to fit in your bottle, trim it down to size5 DIY Soap Dispensers for Your Bathroom

2. Liquor Bottle Soap Dispenser

Conveniently, most soap pumps that you can order online are the same size as the tops of liquor bottles. Whether you’re a fan of whiskey, tequila, or rum, hold onto one of your bottles once it’s empty, and find an artisanal soap pump online or at your local craft store.

Since liquor bottles are often offered in interesting shapes, they are the perfect candidates for unique labels. It’s often possible to make professional-looking labels with simple USB-connected equipment, so you might as well take the next step and equip your liquor bottle with a label that will make it fit right in with your rustic decor.

3. DIY Photo Soap Dispenser

Do you have a photo that would look perfect inside of a soap bottle? With a few basic materials, you can bring a soap dispenser to life with a family picture or a funny meme.

First, you’ll need to have a photo printed on a laser transparency. You’ll probably need the help of a local office printing shop to take care of this process, and to get ready to print, you’ll either need to use photo editing software to remove the background of your picture or physically cut the background off of a picture that’s already printed out. If you take the latter approach, you’ll simply need to place your photo cutout on a blank sheet of paper when the office printing shop makes a color laser transparency copy.

Once you have your transparency sheet, cut around your picture to remove most of the blank area on the transparency. To make sure that your photo stands up straight inside your soap dispenser, it can be helpful to cut your image to fit the contours of your soap bottle.

Next, you’ll simply need to roll up your transparency photo and use a pair of tweezers to insert it into your soap bottle. Use a gunk remover to get rid of the leftover glue that will stick on your soap bottle when you remove its original label.

5 DIY Soap Dispensers for Your Bathroom

4. Painted Dispenser with a Glass Window

While this DIY soap dispenser will look like it was professionally-made when you’re done, it’s surprisingly easy to make. To achieve the best results, however, you’ll need to start off with a relatively high-end glass soap dispenser that has a basic cylindrical shape.

If you happen to have a circle-shaped sticker sitting around the house, the process of making this soap dispenser will be even easier. Otherwise, however, you’ll need to lay a few strips of tape together, draw a circle in the center of your tape rectangle, and cut this circle out with a utility knife.

Then, adhere your sticker to the side of your glass soap dispenser. Pick a color of spray paint that you think would be a good match for your bathroom, and spray away.

Once the paint is dry, you can remove the tape or sticker and bask in the glory of the clear glass circle that shines out from its painted surroundings. If you ever get tired of using your DIY soap dispenser for its intended purpose, it would also look great as a miniature flower vase.

5. Floating Lego Dispenser

While this soap dispenser is easier to make than any of the other options on this list, it might be the biggest hit in your household if you have kids. To get started, you’ll just need a soap dispenser that’s big enough to admit a standard-sized Lego brick through its opening. Whether you use a plastic or glass soap dispenser is up to you.

With the help of your little ones, choose 5-10 of your favorite Legos and shove them through the top of your dispenser. Once you add soap to the dispenser, the Legos will distribute themselves evenly throughout their soapy home, and they’ll move around slowly as you gradually empty your soap dispenser through daily usage.

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