5 Bathroom Designs to Be Inspired By

You know you want to have a unique bathroom that will be the talk of the town, but you aren’t sure which direction you should take in the renovation process. In this guide, we’ll cover the five best ways to set up your shower, tub, sink, and vanity to create a truly inspirational bathroom environment.

1. Industrial Bathroom with a Pedestal Sink

While you’ve seen plenty of industrial bathroom ideas on the internet, you still aren’t sure exactly how to pull off this incredible décor style in your bathroom. It’s easy to understand that industrial décor style involves repurposing the types of features you’d find on the factory floor and making them comfortable, but how, exactly, do you pull off this look in your own bathroom?

You’ll need to start by setting up a relatively dark color scheme. One of the central aspects of an industrial bathroom is a darker or more masculine-looking space. Therefore, if your white walls and ceiling dominate your bathroom’s color palette, it might be time for a refresh. Instead of repainting your walls, consider the benefits of setting up putting stone tile or wood paneling.

Next, it’s time to pick some minimalist features. Instead of a traditional shower, you might want to install an old-school washtub, and many industrial bathrooms do away with shower enclosures entirely and have open showers with basic showerheads.

Lastly, set up a beautiful and simple pedestal sink to seal the deal. You can make things fancy if you want, but a simple metal bowl with pipes coming out of the wall for cold and hot water captures the essence of industrial style.

2. Rustic Bathroom with a Clawfoot Tub

In search of the ultimate bathroom décor ideas, you might choose to head back to the past and set up a rustic bathroom complete with a vintage vanity and a clawfoot tub. Keep in mind that these types of bathrooms are relatively ornate, so don’t head down this path unless you have a significant budget to work with.

On the floor of your bathroom, you might want to go with marble tile, and a small crystal chandelier or two wouldn’t look out of place in your fancy rustic bathroom. Bulky, wooden vanities are a must in rustic bathrooms, and in the corner, you should set up a traditional clawfoot tub to complete the effect.

While you can search for a legitimate antique clawfoot tub if you want, keep in mind that you can also find amazing freestanding tubs online. With your traditional soaker in place, all you’ll need to do is install your other features and accessorize until you feel you’ve pulled off the rustic look to your complete satisfaction.

5 Bathroom Designs to Be Inspired By


3. Contemporary Bathroom with Lots of White

Contemporary décor is just short of minimalist, and it’s the perfect option for you if you want a clean, open bathroom without skimping on style. Modern décor and contemporary décor are similar, but making your bathroom contemporary is the right choice if you want your bathroom to be simple and attractive while steering clear of being too spartan.

While modern décor style calls for doing away with practically all color and sharp edges, contemporary décor gives you a little bit more room to explore. Still, it’s best to keep things relatively white when you’re setting up a new bathroom in contemporary décor, and make sure you keep the lines in your bathroom flowing and simple.

The key to pulling off contemporary décor in your bathroom is leaving as much open space as possible. Therefore, you won’t want to accessorize too much in your contemporary bathroom, and you should also use features that are as small and unobtrusive as possible. It might be a good idea to install a wall-mounted toilet and a pedestal sink in your contemporary bathroom to keep things completely streamlined.

5 Bathroom Designs to Be Inspired By


4. Tropical Bathroom with Bamboo Shades

No matter what type of climate you live in, a tropical bathroom is just the thing to brighten up your space and make it more comfortable. While you might want to paint waves on the walls and put up a bunch of pictures of parrots, there are other ways to pull off a tropical bathroom that aren’t so overtly touristy.

For instance, you can lend your bathroom a bit of tropical appeal just by hanging up simple bamboo shades. These types of blinds, which are traditional in Southeast Asia and the South Pacific, usually roll up, and they can lend an otherwise bland bathroom a distinctly tropical vibe. While you’re at it, some brightly colored towels can accentuate the limited number of beautiful seashells you’ve scattered here and there to solidify your bathroom’s tropical look.

5. Masculine Bathroom with a Stone Shower Room

Masculine décor can serve as a great counterpoint to an otherwise basic or feminine home-wide décor scheme, and it can also complement other dark or sharp décor themes you’ve deployed throughout your house. This décor style is similar to industrial décor, but it incorporates the polished, high-end aspects of contemporary décor to keep you from feeling like you’re on the factory floor whenever you brush your teeth.

One of the best ways to deploy masculine décor in your bathroom is to set up a dimly-lit shower room surrounded by stone walls. If you want to keep things simple, you can use one type of stone for all the walls in your shower room, but you can also mix things up by using separate stone textures on each wall.

Dark-colored stone tile floor will look great throughout the rest of your masculine bathroom, and the key to making your dark space look beautiful is deploying minimal soft lighting. Back in the shower room, try installing a waterfall showerhead to keep things comfortable and utilitarian at the same time.

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