4 Bold & Beautiful Living Room Trends for 2018

4 Bold & Beautiful Living Room Trends for 2018

 Be bold! That's the home décor trend that stands out this year, as millennials begin to adopt their own style platforms. A statement living space is designed to express the personality of an individual or couple. The modern living room isn't subtle – it grabs you by the lapels and forces you to look around. One or two incredible pieces of furniture, a breathtaking rug, contemporary art pieces and bold colors are all weapons in the arsenal of the cutting-edge home designer.


 Color & Texture

 More than any other fashion tools, color and texture can apply to just about any style element in the home. Furnishings, art, accessories, walls, floors and even ceilings are infused with hues and sensory features. Blocks of color are fitting for the clean and modern lines of your contemporary sitting room. A neutral gray wall is fine, as long as it's the backdrop for intense splashes of color. Pastels are pretty, but they don't have the same panache.


 Smooth, unfussy and easy to maintain furniture fabrics are the preference this year. Forget about velvet and tweed, and put silk right out of your mind when you get ready to settle on materials. Cool canvas or soft leather are more suitable choices as a backdrop to help you express your original style. Bold design elements such as intriguing furnishings and unique fixtures are the keys to adding flair to your living room.



Living room sofas and chairs aren't meant to look cozy or lived-in this year. Of course, you want furnishings that are comfortable, but that's not going to be enough. The pieces you choose need to add creative flair to your home and impart your style choices in a big way. The eye-catching, the unusual and the unique are goals to reach for. For example, an ergonomically crafted sofa with sleek lines makes a stunning focal point for a trend-setting main room.

4 Bold & Beautiful Living Room Trends for 2018

 Cappuccino and mahogany are two colors that take tan and brown and stand them on their heads. A main room with a statement sofa and coordinating trendy glass-topped coffee table needs little else to instill the wow-factor. This combination coffee table with additional seating has the same sensuous curving lines as its partner couch, and it mirrors the warm mahogany wood accents of the bonded leather sofa.



 Unique and striking accessories can be the hit of the room, and this is a clever option if you're a collector of beautiful things. Curves and angles are both attention-grabbers, and there's no law that states you can't use both in your personalized home design. Lamps can be a composition element to anchor the room, and each one can be a showpiece, or they can all embrace a common feature like shape, color or texture.


 Are you a dreamer, a bohemian, or a dashing sophisticate? Let the main living area of your house reflect your most whimsical, avant-garde or majestic leanings. Take an original vintage piece and repurpose it, like this refinished mid-century sewing machine cabinet. Make a drop ceiling from canvas or silk. You can also reflect elements from your favorite fantasy story in the knick-knacks and side pieces you choose. Pick a theme, and take it to extremes!



 Perhaps more any other design element, this one is the most personal. Your artistic leanings can be reflected in furnishings and embellishments and, arguably, the items themselves can be regarded as artwork. It's in vogue this year to incorporate an actual art gallery into your home as part of your statement living area. Create a gallery wall on one side of your main room or, if you have the space, line a hallway with works of art.

 Like beauty, art is in the eye of the beholder. You're making a striking statement about who you are and what speaks to you personally, but you're also sharing your unique take on what qualifies as inspiring and exceptional. Haunt the thrift stores a few weekends in a row and you'll be amazed at some of the unique finds that turn up for your personal art gallery. Create a thread that ties all the pieces together, such as color, shape or artistic genre. Or fill your gallery with an eclectic mix that only gels in your own mind if that's your desire.


Your living room will be an inspiring reflection of your personality and taste, kind of like a little piece of you. As your fabulous statement living room takes shape, aim not to impress, but to express yourself.



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