2019 Design Trends for Bathrooms

The bathroom is one of the most used rooms of the home where both residents and guests spend their time. Whether bathing or using the restroom, the space should be contemporary to ensure that everyone feels comfortable in the setting. If you're looking to update or redesign your bathrooms, there are a few design trends for 2019 to consider.


Natural Materials

More people want to decorate their bathroom with natural materials that look raw and organic. Decorating with natural materials incorporates a touch of the outdoors into the home and creates a light and airy setting instead of relying on products that look manmade and artifical. Consider installing colored marbles on the countertops or with the use of trays or soap dishes that are on display.

Timber materials are an excellent option for the cabinetry in the bathroom, as well as any floating shelves that are installed. The natural color shade of the material adds a touch of warmth and can make the bathroom feel cozy. Install a timber material that is sealed to ensure that it can withstand the moisture that is present in the bathroom.

Pedestal Tubs

Pedestal tubs have officially made a comeback due to their classic design that looks upscale and works as the centerpiece in the bathroom. More people are foregoing the use of enclosed showers, which can be an eyesore and don't contribute to the aesthetics of the space. Make the tub the focal point of the room by installing it in the center of the space and allow it to sit in an area where natural light is present. Both antique and modern pedestal tubs are in demand and are currently trending because they work well with different types of decor. Not only do pedestal tubs look attractive, but they also promote a relaxing space that feels similar to a spa and can allow you to unwind at the end of the day.

2019 Design Trends for Bathrooms


Seating Area

Seating areas contribute to the functionality of the bathroom and are unconventional with bathroom design, but are beginning to emerge onto the design scene. Seating areas offer more comfort and can serve as a place to read or get pampered while making conversation with another person who may be getting ready in the bathroom. Consider placing an upholstered chair or couch in a corner of the room with a side table, which can hold a stack of magazines and a candle.


Patterned Tiles

More attention should be drawn to the floor with the tiles that are on display. Although tiles are a functional material to install, they can also enhance the design of the setting and work as one of the main focal points. Patterned tiles are increasing in popularity for 2019 due to their high level of design that is eclectic and modern. Honeycomb tiles are a top option that can be used on both the floors and the walls. Tiles with a herringbone design are also ideal for those who want to create a rustic setting. Long, narrow subway tile is also an option that can be used in the shower and is attractive due to the clean and sleek look of the material compared to thicker subway tiles that have been used in past years. Japanese panels can also be added for those who want a space that has plenty of zen and looks minimal.



The bathroom is a popular place to put different types of greenery on display in 2019 for those who want to create a lush area to bathe and get ready each day. Natural plants from the outdoors are known to thrive in bathrooms due to the steam that is often present in the room when using the shower or bath. Consider hanging a few plants from the ceiling or adding a plant on the countertop near the sink to create a lush oasis that has a touch of color.

Plants are known to make bathrooms feel like a resort and can fill in bare areas. You can add a fiddle leaf fig in a wicker basket near the tub or a tall tree in a stone planter near the windows. Indoor plants are known to thrive in bathrooms that have plenty of natural light.


Metallic Accents

Metallic continues to hang around in 2019 and adds a posh and chic touch to any type of bathroom. Whether you prefer rustic decor or a modern setting, metallic accents will prove to contribute to the design of the space and can be used in multiple ways. Brass hardware on the cabinets will look upscale and decorative with pieces that are sharp and have a lack of curves. Tiger bronze, matte gold, and champagne bronze are all ideal choices that are trending for the new year and look beautiful when paired with neutral or bold color shades.


Statement Mirrors

Statement mirrors are a top trend for 2019 because they're affordable and have a high level of impact on the design of the bathroom. Statement mirrors often have plenty of straight lines and can be a beautiful contrast with the sink and cabinets underneath. Although circular statement mirrors have commonly been used in past years, geometric mirrors that have more curves are becoming more common, which suit any type of budget and won't look outdated in the coming years.

Statement art is also an ideal design to use in the bathroom to incorporate a beautiful look that is high-end and will take the appeal of the space up a notch. Mounting an art piece on the wall will cause the room to look more sophisticated and will also work as the main focal point in the room.

2019 Design Trends for Bathrooms


Statement Walls

Statement walls are one of the most dramatic looks that you can incorporate into your bathroom to draw attention to a specific area of the environment. Statement walls are easy and affordable to create, whether you're using a bold color of paint or are applying wallpaper. Consider using a print that features oversized florals or stripes in a powder room that can easily be dressed up with the colors and patterns that are used with your bathroom design. Don't be afraid to use bright and bold color shades that will allow the bathroom to look professionally designed.


Vanities in Front of Windows

Although vanities have commonly been placed on long walls in front of mirrors in past decades, more designers are changing the layout of the bathroom and are placing the vanity in front of the windows. Taking advantage of the view that is available and working the layout of the room around the window can make the space more enjoyable to spend time in each day.

The bathrooms in your home don't just have to be functional but can also be beautiful with the materials and designs that are used. By following the latest trends for 2019, you can create an upscale setting that looks beautiful and will allow you to feel at home.

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