2019 Bathroom Designs for Best ROI

ROI, or “return on investment,” is a measurement of how much money you end up getting out of the funding you invest in a project. For many homeowners, maximizing ROI is the most important consideration in their bathroom redesign efforts. While there are certain tried-and-true ways to improve your overall home value by improving your shower, vanity, and tub, there are also some dead ends you should avoid in this process. Learn more about the bathroom designs for best ROI that are trending in 2019.

Invest in a Shower Room

No, the current homebuyer obsession with walk-in showers doesn’t seem like it will end any time soon. And we don’t mean “step-in” showers; walk-in showers are shower enclosures that you can waltz into without lifting your feet even once.

Currently, the most popular type of walk-in shower is the shower room. While any shower that you can walk into is technically a walk-in shower, a shower room is something else altogether. Depending on how much space you can sink into your shower redesign, your shower room might take up the same area as an average bathroom in a small apartment.

Once you’ve set aside space for your shower room, you can start going crazy with the design process. In most cases, shower rooms are tiled, and if you only have one showerhead in your shower room, you’re doing it wrong. Even the most high-tech showerhead won’t be enough for your new shower room; the more additional showerheads and other accessories you add, the higher your shower room will drive your home’s resale value.

2019 Bathroom Designs for Best ROI


Install a Luxury Vanity

As many aspects of bathroom design become increasingly streamlined, high-tech, and contemporary, bathroom vanities are trending in the opposite direction. An increasing number of homebuyers now prefer vintage vanities to the bland, boring countertops and sinks that were popular just 10 years ago.

These days, the more all-out you go when you select a vanity, the more you’ll increase your home value. Vanities with marble countertops, long legs, and ornate designs are in high demand right now, and keep in mind that spending a little extra on a vanity will also significantly improve your comfort until the point that you decide to sell your house.

Match Your Floor and Counter Tile

Just as luxurious vanities are “in” right now, so are vanities that have marble, granite, or other types of stone countertops. To maximize the ROI of your bathroom remodel, however, just make sure to do one thing: Match the material you use for your vanity countertop with the material you use for your bathroom floor.

While it isn’t necessary to match the exact material, at least make sure that the color scheme and design are the same. If you do match the materials on your countertops and floors exactly, however, your ROI will increase.

If you’re concerned about the durability of marble, there are other options at your disposal that look almost as good. For instance, engineered quartz is a popular option that offers many of the aesthetic benefits of marble while providing drastically increased durability. Plus, engineered quartz is much cheaper than marble, which allows you to improve your ROI without having to spend too much out of pocket.

Try a Quiet Exhaust Fan

You may have never given a thought to the sound that the exhaust fan in your bathroom makes. However, many homeowners now prefer exhaust fans that are as quiet as possible. Advances in exhaust fan technology have made it possible to construct fans that are almost whisper-quiet, and the less noise your bathroom fan makes, the more attractive your fan will be to potential buyers.

PRO TIP: While you’re at it, invest in two fans if you have a big bathroom. The more ventilation you have in your bathroom, the better your air quality will be, and the more attractive your home will be to potential buyers.

Smart Bathrooms Are on the Rise

Everywhere you look, traditionally analog bathroom features are getting high-tech makeovers. From automatic toilet seats to programmable LED lighting to automatic sinks, smart bathroom features are making waves all over the world, and the more high-tech you make your bathroom, the more you’ll be able to sell your home for later.

The smart bathroom craze is a subsection of the rise of the internet of things (IoT), which refers to the network of internet-connected devices throughout your home. If your bathroom climate is controlled by a Nest thermostat, for instance, you’ve already taken your first step in transforming your analog bathroom into its new, “smarter,” incarnation.

2019 Bathroom Designs for Best ROI


Install Lots of LED Lighting

Homebuyers want bathrooms with plenty of lighting. From the space behind your mirror to the ledge under your vanity countertop, there are tons of spots in your bathroom that are ripe for LED installation. The more customizable lighting your bathroom has, the more attractive it will be to homebuyers.

Make It More Comfortable with Heated Floors

Radiant floor heating is getting more and more popular in a variety of applications, but your bathroom is one of the best spots to install this type of heating. This small initial investment will do wonders for your home value.

Hang a Barn Door

While taking an actual door off a barn and hanging it up in your bathroom might decrease your home value, bathroom doors built in barn-door style are all the rage right now. These doors mount on heavy-duty tracks outside your bathroom doorway, and they’re most appropriate in master bedrooms.

Homeowners like the fact that barn doors look attractive whether they’re open or shut. When you’re hanging out in your master suite, you probably only want to shut your bathroom door rarely, and when you invest in a barn door, your master suite aesthetics will remain open while offering the option of privacy when you need it.  


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