13 Framed Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Just like there are lots of ways to screw in a lightbulb, there are also a million and one ways to equip your bathroom with a new framed mirror. Whether you want to accentuate your bathroom’s sleek, modern look or take things in a different direction altogether, you’ll need to start by coming up with some actionable ideas. No two framed bathroom mirror styles are exactly alike, and only one option out there will perfectly accent your vanity, tub, and shower. Read on to learn exactly how to find the framed bathroom mirror that’s right for you.

1. Make Your Own Antique Chic Frame

You know those old cabinets you have in the garage? How about that driftwood you’ve been collecting for years? Now’s the time to put these materials to good use by crafting them into a one-of-a-kind bathroom mirror frame.

Creating your own mirror frame takes practice and expertise, but if you have the experience that this job requires, it can be one of the most rewarding ways to get your hands on a new bathroom mirror frame. Making your own mirror frame is unique, cheap, and ultimately quite enjoyable.

2. Refurbish a Salvaged Frame

If you already go on regular antique hunts, you know all the usual haunts in your neighborhood where you can find great deals on vintage furniture. Did you know, however, that antique stores often offer bathroom features like mirror frames as well?

Striking out at your local antique stores doesn’t mean you’ve run out of options. Also seek out any furniture salvage stores in your community. These retailers take features and furniture from old or damaged houses and resell them. The items you can find at salvaged furniture stores are often in bad shape, but you can fix them up with a few simple tools and materials.

3. Give Reclaimed Wood a Try

Reclaimed wood is a bit of a fad these days, and in many cases, reclaimed furniture is simply overpriced and low-quality. By finding your own wood and making it into a work of art, however, you can enjoy all the benefits of reclaimed wood furniture without the exorbitant costs that this hipster-driven market has developed over time.

13 Framed Bathroom Mirror Ideas

4. Put LEDs Behind the Frame

LED lights are so small that they fit perfectly behind the frames of most mirrors. Experiment with different distances from the wall as you hang your mirror; if the LEDs behind the mirror are close to the wall, they create a sharper lighting effect, but if they’re further from the wall, the illumination is more diffuse.

5. Consider Using Materials Other Than Wood

Wood is great and all when it comes to mirror frames, but it isn’t the only option at your disposal. Brass and wrought iron, for instance, are both popular mirror frame materials, and some bathroom mirrors even feature stainless steel frames. Experiment with a couple of other options before you decide that wood is the way to go.

6. Get a Matching Framed Bathroom Mirror Set

Splitting the reflective space in your bathroom into two mirrors is sometimes a good idea. This effect works the best with his-and-hers sinks, but even if you only have one sink in your bathroom, matching mirrors on opposite walls provide an expansive and attractive effect.

13 Framed Bathroom Mirror Ideas

7. Put a Border of Lights in Your Frame

Whether you want to go with a border of old-school Hollywood-style incandescents or you’d prefer cool and energy-efficient LEDs, covering your frame with a border of lights is a great way to shed more illumination on your face when you examine yourself in your new mirror.

8. Seek out a Custom Frame Builder

Depending on where you live, there might be a custom mirror frame builder nearby who would love to learn more about your project. Take a look at the listings in your area, and remember that Angie’s List is another popular place to seek out trained professionals.

9. Go for a Farmhouse Look with a Whitewashed Frame

Nothing looks better than a simple coating of whitewash when you’re going for a farmhouse decor style in your bathroom. Remember that white isn’t your only option when you choose this patchy, rustic paint style.

10. Get Glitzy with a Marble Mirror Frame

Why keep things simple when you can aim for the ultimate in luxury? Marble can be used pretty much anywhere in your bathroom, and this high-end stone looks great in mirror frames. This glitzy material comes in all sorts of different colors and styles to fit in with any type of bathroom decor style that you might want to implement.

11. Go Even Further with Gold Leaf

If marble isn’t enough to cater to your expensive tastes, you can buy an intricately-carved marble frame that’s adorned with gold leaf. Such a frame might cost you more than the rest of your bathroom remodel efforts combined, but if opulence is the name of the game, you’ll have to invest in some real gold to get the job done.

12. Try an Onsen-Style Cedar Theme

If you’ve ever been in a traditional Japanese bathhouse, or onsen, you know that cedar is the dominant material in these luxurious environments. It’s understandable if you don’t want to import a huge amount of Japanese cedar, but keep in mind that you can often source local cedar wood from lumberyards in your community. Cedar smells great, it’s antibacterial, and it’s an awesome material for mirror frames.

13. Hang Your Mirror from the Ceiling

The hanging mirror fad mainly applies to frameless options, but there’s no reason you shouldn’t hang a framed mirror as well. As always when dealing with hanging mirrors, attach the hook to a thick beam, and make sure your rope or alternative hanging material is strong enough to hold your mirror’s weight.

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