12 Top Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

12 Top Bathroom Remodeling Ideas


Remodeling the bathroom is a fun project that requires imagination and skill. Even though you may hire a plumber to install the new appliances, it's your creativity that puts it all together. We've gathered 12 suggestions for every part of the bath to help you decide what kind of fabulous your new bathroom will be!


Bathroom Walls

  1. CERAMIC TILE: Tiled walls are a beautiful luxury in any bathroom. You can get them in a smooth or glossy finish and with or without texture. Some tile looks like stone, and diagonal tiles will make a small bathroom look larger.


  1. PAINT: If you decide to paint the walls, remember that you'll be living with the color for a long time, so choose a neutral tone that will allow you to redecorate from time to time. An eggshell or semi-gloss finish is a must because of bathroom moisture.


  1. WALLPAPER: This is another great bathroom option and, as with paint, you'll want to choose a moisture-resistant wallpaper. Wallpaper comes in different textures as well as colors, and you can find beautiful designs that clean up with a damp sponge.


  1. FAUX TEXTURE: If you want to go all out with your bathroom décor, faux textures can be a lot of fun. For example, there are brick-look panels that will make one wall of the bath look like the real thing. We like rag painting because it lets your creativity shine.


Appliances, Fixtures and Floors

  1. TOILET AND SINK: A couple of things to think about with the bathroom toilet are the height of the commode and placement of the handle. The toilet should also have a similar design to the bathroom vanity or pedestal sink. For a vanity, you'll need to decide on a built-in or raised sink. Bowl-type sinks seem to perch on top of the counter, and they can be found in porcelain, metal and glass.


  1. BATH AND SHOWER: You can really change things up with these selections. If you're going to replace them, think about features you've always wanted like a whirlpool or free-standing tub. If there's enough space in the bathroom, a separate shower is another convenient luxury.


  1. FAUCETS AND HARDWARE: For an integrated design, the faucets, light fixtures and towel racks should all have a similar finish. Variations of shape and design can be incorporated as long as they're all the same copper, brushed nickel, ceramic, or whatever finish you choose.


  1. CERAMIC TILE OR VINYL FLOOR: This is a tossup since there are such delicious options in both materials. True, vinyl is warmer on the feet, but this can be a moot point if there are scatter rugs in the bath. Both ceramic and vinyl come in many colors and textures, including flooring that mimics wood and stone.


Windows, Lighting and Accents

  1. WINDOW TREATMENTS: Window toppers work well in the bathroom. If you position the topper above the window with the bottom just covering the frame, it will make the bathroom ceiling seem taller and the window bigger.


  1. LIGHTING: A dimmer switch in the bathroom is a great convenience because it allows you to go from brightness to dim lighting for a relaxing soak in seconds. Adequate lighting above the bathroom sink is a necessity for grooming.


  1. ACCENT RUGS: Any rug you purchase for the bath will need to have a non-skid rubber backing for safety. The best option is to strategically place two or three small rugs that you can throw in the washing machine from time to time.


  1. MIRRORS: The right mirror over the sink can add convenience and style to your bathroom. A mirror can hide extra storage, and it's also a style element in your bathroom design. If the room is small, consider a mirrored wall to give the illusion of more space.

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