11 White and Serene Bathrooms

Using lots of white in your new bathroom design is a great way to make your space look clean and spacious. While making every surface white might not be your cup of tea, most bathroom features, like tubs and toilets, are already white, and white walls are the norm in the industry. Beyond these simple approaches, here are some of the more unusual ways you might not have thought of to incorporate the purity of white into your bathroom.

1. All-White Bathroom

If you plan on going all-out, you might want to consider the benefits of making every surface in your bathroom as white as possible. From your walls to your flooring to your features, making every single surface in your bathroom white is certainly a great way to make your space look bigger and make an impression. Keep in mind, however, that the whiter you make your bathroom, the cleaner you’ll need to keep it to keep up with appearances.

2. White Bathroom with Ceramic Wall Tiles

Even if you don’t make every surface in your bathroom as white as the driven snow, white ceramic wall tiles remain attractive and simple white features that you can deploy as much or as little as you want. Some homeowners might stick to using white wall tiles in their shower enclosures, but at the same time, you can deploy these small tiles across all the walls in your bathroom if you want.

3. Bathroom with White Marble Surfaces

There’s no type of marble in existence that’s 100% white, but some types of this luxurious stone get close. Get in touch with a local quarry to find the whitest marble around, and then determine the best way to incorporate this pricey stone into your new bathroom setup. It’s always an option to use white marble on every single surface in your bathroom, but many homeowners stick to using this stone on their vanity countertops and floors.

11 White and Serene Bathrooms

4. Bathroom with White Accessories

No matter what type of bathroom decor style you’ve pursued, you can still add a little bit of white to things by choosing white bathroom accessories. White towels always look nice as long as they’re impeccably clean, and you can follow up with a white bathmat and shower curtain to increase the effect. From there, small white vases or knickknacks might look good on your vanity countertop or on top of your toilet tank.

5. Bathroom with White Cabinets and White-Dominant Floor Tiles

Making absolutely everything in your bathroom pure white might be a little bit more than you can handle. However, you can still enjoy the purity of this hue on your cabinets, walls, and other parts of your bathroom while offsetting the effect a little bit with floor tiles that are a little darker.

Marble works well for this purpose. Since this type of stone has natural veins and varied colors, even so-called “white” marble contains streaks of gray, black, and other shades. Putting multi-colored marble on the floor of your otherwise-white bathroom add something unique to a decor style that would otherwise be somewhat bland.

6. Masculine Bathroom with White and Black

It’s possible to make your bathroom highly masculine while still using lots of white. Masculine decor is an interior decorating aesthetic that makes use of lots of angular lines, subdued lighting, and basic colors. While this decor style focuses more on gray and black than it does on white, this bright hue still serves a purpose in almost every masculine bathroom.

For instance, you could make one wall in your new masculine bathroom white, or you could also use white tile for a specific section of your floor. As long as you remember not to overdo it, a little bit of white can provide some much-needed contrast in traditionally dark masculine bathrooms.

11 White and Serene Bathrooms

7. Bathroom with White Features and Gray Granite

Instead of picking a white stone, you might want to use gray granite for some of the surfaces in your white bathroom. Granite is highly durable, and adding some streaks of gray to your white bathroom can reduce the strain on the eyes this ultra-bright shade inevitably causes to some degree. For an attractive effect, use gray granite on your floor, countertop, and backsplash while keeping everything else in your bathroom white.

8. White Bathroom with a Freestanding Tub

Even if the rest of your bathroom isn’t particularly white, putting a bright-white freestanding tub in the middle of your space is enough to make your bathroom look whiter than it actually is. Freestanding tubs have a way of becoming the center of attention wherever they’re deployed, and the bright whiteness of your tub will make everything else in your bathroom look dark in comparison.

9. Bathroom with White Features and Plenty of Mirrors

Remember that mirrors always make spaces look bigger and brighter. Try deploying mirrors on opposite walls to make your bathroom look even whiter than it is.

10. White Bathroom Accentuated by Cream Furniture

If your bathroom is big enough, you might want to include a chair or settee in your space. As you search through the options on the market, remember that light cream and beige look great with white features. When the rest of your bathroom is mostly white, adding a modest cream-colored chair can be the perfect way to make your color palette a little bit diversified.

11. Bathroom with Patterned White Floor Tile

It’s less common to use white on the floor of your bathroom than it is to use this color elsewhere. Choosing white for your bathroom floor, however, can turn a space that was only somewhat white before into a bathroom that shines like the sun. You might want to try using large hexagonal or square tiles, but remember that the sky is the limit as you choose the perfect tile pattern.

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