11 Ways to Boost and Refresh Your Bathroom By Adding Wood

Update Your Sink

You don’t have to settle for a white porcelain sink. There are plenty of options for washbasins that add character to the bathroom and bring the outdoors in. Vessel sinks are becoming more popular because they raise the counter height, which means that you don’t have to bend over too far to wash your face.

Bamboo is an ideal material for the bathroom. It brings to mind a tropical rain forest and withstands moisture well. Plus, our bamboo sinks come with a lifetime warranty. You’ll have peace of mind for as long as you own the sink.


Frame the Mirror

Many bathroom mirrors cover the entire expanse of the wall. They’re large and give you a great view, but they lack personality. Framing the mirror is an easy way to make it pop. This is a budget-friendly project that you can complete in a few hours.

If you use a router, you can cut out the edge of the wood pieces so that they float over the mirror. You’ll attach the wood to the studs in the wall, as detailed in these instructions.

11 Ways to Boost and Refresh Your Bathroom By Adding Wood


Build Some Shelving

There are several ways to create more storage space in your bathroom with wood accents. Build a tower to corral towels and toiletries. Attach dowels to a wood plank, and stand it against the wall to hold toilet paper rolls. Floating shelves are ideal for a bathroom. You can also stain a heavy wooden board and situate it on top of the toilet tank for a refined look.

Natural wood looks beautiful in a bathroom. You might want to stain the pieces to give them more dimension and help them hold up to moisture.


Wooden Bath Mats

Is your bath mat dingy and soggy? You can protect your floors and give yourself a smooth, luxurious surface to step on when you get out of the shower. Wood or bamboo bath mats have a Zen feel and provide a contemporary, architectural look. They match any color palette and complement any style.

Look for a raised surface, which allows water to drain. Just make sure that you dry the area below the mat so that water doesn’t collect and damage your flooring.


Rustic Flooring

Many homeowners wonder if they can install wood flooring in the bathroom. The porous surface can soak up water if it’s not sealed properly. However, splashes and spills can damage the wood and seep into the seams.

Engineered hardwood is a better option for bathrooms that don’t get a lot of traffic. You can also choose laminate or tile flooring that mimics the look of natural wood.

11 Ways to Boost and Refresh Your Bathroom By Adding Wood


Replace the Shower Walls

White tile around the shower may look fresh, but it can be difficult to keep clean. You can find many options for faux wood tiles. These look like natural wood, but they’re made of ceramic or porcelain. You might feel as though you’re showering outdoors.

Add a glass shower door to showcase the upgrade. You’ll let the vibrancy of the walls to extend throughout the entire room.


Surround Your Tub

If your bathtub has straight sides, you can encase it with wood. It provides a custom look and can make a traditional bath feel more like a hot tub. You can frame the bathtub with oak for a durable solution. White wainscoting provides a vintage, cottage ambience.

Creating an apron for a tub isn’t too difficult. Assemble a frame, attach it to the walls, and finish it as you desire. Add a ledge at the top to prevent water from seeping into the space between the apron and the side of the tub.


Repurpose a Pallet

Pallets have nooks in them that work well as shelving. Cut one to size, and hang it on your wall. It can replace a medicine cabinet. Place soaps and lotions in the pocket at the bottom, and hang towels from the additional slats.

Repurposed pallets add country appeal to the room. This is an eco-friendly way to update your bathroom. It’s an inexpensive, simple project.


Slab Countertops

Wood counters aren’t usually the first choice for a bathroom vanity. Splashes can discolor them quickly, and the upkeep may be more intensive than you bargained for. However, a hardwood slab can work well in this instance. When it’s sealed adequately, it can withstand plenty of spills and splashes.

It also tones down the coldness of the bathroom. Consider maintaining the natural edge for an organic vibe.

Updating the countertop with a conversation piece such as this might be all you need to rejuvenate the space. You want the vanity to be the focal point. Keep the other accents simple and neutral.


Redo the Walls

We discussed updating the shower surround. However, you can add wood to the other walls in your bathroom without worrying about water damage. If the walls and ceiling are in good shape, you can install shiplap over the existing surfaces.

Keep the project simple by adding shiplap to one accent wall. A nook behind the toilet or sink is a perfect place for shiplap. Ensure that your bathroom is properly vented to avoid moisture issues.


Wooden Benches

If you don’t have seating in your shower, it might be time to update the bathroom. Wooden benches provide a place to rest while you’re shampooing your hair. They prevent you from tipping over when you’re shaving. Benches are also practical if you have young children or seniors in the household.

While you’re updating your bathroom, make sure that your fixtures complement the new look. At Room to Rooms, we have a wide variety of vanities, sinks, faucets and other items to make your bathroom luxurious.


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