11 Stylish Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas

While it’s easy to determine that you want to upgrade the aesthetics in your master bathroom, figuring out the exact steps you want to take to give yourself the shower, tub, and bathroom vanity of your dreams can be hard. Check out our top 11 tips for remodeling your bathroom to make the process of transforming this room simple and straightforward.

1. Invest in Some Marble

Marble has a way of transforming your bathroom with its mere presence. Even if you only have marble in one small part of your bathroom, this glossy stone will make your bathroom look classier, and a bathroom covered with marble on every surface is the height of luxury. Remember that there are quite a few distinct kinds of marble to choose from as you decide exactly which colors you want to have in your new master bathroom.

2. Set up a Wall-Mounted Sink

Pedestal sinks are great, but wall-mounted sinks are all the rage right now. Like pedestal sinks, wall-mounted sinks are minimal and don’t take up much room, but unlike pedestal sinks, wall-mounted sinks provide space for placing objects underneath. If you want to make sure that you have enough space to store your towels and toilet paper, buy a couple of pretty baskets and place them under your new wall-mounted sink.

3. Upgrade Your Tub

Your old Lucite tub will need to go if you want your new bathroom to amaze your friends and family. Freestanding tubs are the most attractive soakers on the market, and if you want to make a statement, you can even buy a traditional clawfoot tub to give your bathroom a Victorian allure.

4. Go for the Frameless Look

Even though they’re made from heavy glass panels, frameless showers look like they’re floating on air. These huge sheets of glass don’t have any metal frames, so if they’re clean enough, you could walk right into your shower panels or shower door by accident.

In addition to looking nice, frameless showers also make your bathroom look bigger. If you have a shower room, you can embrace the frameless trend by choosing a glass shower door with no metal frame.

5. Try a Waterfall Showerhead

We’ve all heard of rain showerheads, but waterfall showerheads are still something of a mystery to many homeowners. These types of showerheads install directly in your shower wall, and they release a torrent of warm water whenever you turn the faucet. There’s nothing quite the same as putting your head under a real waterfall out in nature, but installing your own waterfall showerhead in your bathroom is as close as you’ll get.

11 Stylish Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas


6. Use Brass Faucets

There’s something about brass that just looks classy. Whether you’re trying to recreate the aesthetics of a French farmhouse or you want your bathroom to look like it’s from an Art Deco New York City apartment from the 1920s, brass faucets add a golden gleam to your preening area.

If you don’t like the color of brass, copper is another solid choice. Whatever type of metal you use, just make sure to pick a drain made from the same alloy for a matching effect.

7. Make Your Bathroom into a Greenhouse

Plants make your bathroom look livelier. A strategically placed fern in your shower room has a way of making you feel like you’re in a tropical jungle when you get clean every morning, and small plants on your windowsill or vanity countertop breathe life into your sterile bathroom environment. As an added benefit, plants scrub the air in your bathroom and increase the room’s oxygen content.

11 Stylish Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas


8. Put LEDs Behind Your Mirror

This simple trick bathes your bathroom in beautiful diffuse light. With the advent of cheap LED technology, you can install a strip of diodes behind your mirror without having to pull the mirror away from the wall any more than an inch or so.

When you’re done, a steady glow will pour out from behind your mirror, and it will make the objects on your vanity look stylish and classy. As an added benefit, the lights behind your mirror won’t hurt your eyes when you use your bathroom in the middle of the night.

9. Invest in a High-Quality Toilet

You might think that your boring old toilet is good enough, and you’re right; as long as a toilet does what it’s supposed to do, you don’t necessarily need to replace it. However, investing in a cutting-edge toilet can transform your bathroom.

Unless you buy a new toilet, this feature might detract from the clean, contemporary look that you’re going for in your bathroom. While it’s impossible to reinvent the wheel when it comes to toilet technology, newer toilets are more effective and water-efficient than older models.

11 Stylish Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas


10. Hang Some Pendant Lighting

Pendant lighting becomes more popular in bathrooms every year. In sharp contrast to the bright, glaring lights recessed in your bathroom’s ceiling, pendant lights shine a warm, soothing glow exactly where you need it most.

If you have a tall mirror in your bathroom, pendant lights look great hanging right in front of it. There are tons of unique styles of pendant lights to choose from, and some of them look like huge incandescent light bulbs on strings. Equip your pendant lights with long-lasting and energy efficient LEDs to invest in a bathroom lighting solution that will last you years and years.

11. Put Some LEDs in Your Showerhead

Your showerhead might be the last place you’d consider putting high-efficiency LED lights, but this bathroom makeover tip creates a stunning and attractive effect. Some rain showerheads come with LEDs installed, and as long as they’re connected to your home’s electrical grid, they’ll shine out brightly whenever you turn the water on. For the best effect, install your LED showerhead in your ceiling, and pick a model that allows you to program the color of your diodes.

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