11 Striking Ways to Add Color to Any Room

11 Striking Ways to Add Color to Any Room

 We all want our homes to be as bright an enticing as possible. Whether we're hosting guests or simply living out our daily lives with our families, we want the rooms in our houses to exude color and express our particular takes on style. However, coming up with new ways to add color to rooms can be hard, and this process sometimes requires thinking outside of the box. In this list, I'll acquaint you with 11 of my top tips for adding color to any room in your home.


  1. Flaunt Your Flooring

 Overlooking the floors in your home is a mistake that any novice designer can make. After all, floors are so low to the ground that they can often escape notice. However, when you decide to replace your boring old laminate with intricate ceramic tile or bright splashes of paint, an entire room can come to life with color and splendor.

11 Striking Ways to Add Color to Any Room


  1. Don't Skimp on the Doors

 When searching for places in your home where you can add color, it's common to forget about your interior doors. However, giving the door to your guest bathroom or bonus room a bright paint job can be just the thing to sneak in color where it's least expected.


  1. Color Block Your Shelves

 If you have a bunch of shelves in your living room or office, you can group items on these shelves by color. This color blocking effect works best with small, square shelves, but you can even achieve this attractive aesthetic feat with normal bookcases. Just remember to keep yellow knickknacks on one shelf and green thingamajigs on another.


  1. Feature a Bright Painting

 Never underestimate the effect that hanging a bright, colorful painting in your living room can have on your home's color scheme. For the purposes of adding color to a room, you should choose bright, blocky painting, and basic abstract prints with lots of orange, blue, or green are great choices. For the best possible effect, make sure that the painting you pick takes up at least 20 percent of the wall you hang it on.


  1. Paint Your Cabinets Individually

 You can bring the brightness of the rainbow into your house by painting each of your kitchen or bathroom cabinets a different color. Alternatively, you can paint long banks of cabinets in a repeating pattern.


  1. Don't Forget the Inside

 While you're at it, you might as well paint the insides of your cabinets as well. For a truly shocking look, paint the insides of your cabinets different colors than the outsides. Using normal wood stain on the outside of your cabinets and bright paint on the inside is another great color popping hack.


  1. Wallpaper Everywhere

 While a uniform color on the walls of a room can definitely look great, wallpaper takes things to another level entirely. If you decide to use wallpaper on the walls of your home, make sure to pick patterns that draw out the colors of the objects in each room.

11 Striking Ways to Add Color to Any Room


  1. Paint a Hearty Hearth

 Even if you choose white walls for the rest of your living room, painting your hearth a bright blue, yellow, or red hue can serve as a dramatic, color-soaking interior decoration move.


  1. Remember the Trim

 It's easy to forget that the trim around your windows can also benefit from a bright paint job. To catch the rays of the sun, you can paint the trim around your kitchen windows a bright yellow, and in the living room, bold tones like sky blue, lime green, and burnt orange can bring out your fancy furniture or tasteful accessories.


  1. Paint the Ceiling Bright

 While it might be a bit too overwhelming to paint all of the walls in your bedroom pink, painting this color on your ceiling can provide an excellent counterpoint to blank white walls. Choosing a bright, bold color for your ceiling can make your room colorful in a way that doesn't hurt your eyes.


  1. Bring the Sky Inside

 If you truly want your ceiling to pop with color, you might want to recreate the sky within your own home. Whether you depict a bright blue summer sky with stray clouds or a beautiful starry night, this decorative tactic might be the color solution you've been looking for.

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