11 Luxurious Marble Bathroom Designs

Wherever you use it in your home, marble is the height of luxury. As you prepare to upgrade your bathroom, you might be considering ways to incorporate marble tile into your updated bathroom design. Whatever your budget may be, there are plenty of ways to include marble in your new bathroom, and here are the best ways to pair this high-end material with your tub, vanity, and other bathroom features.

1. Masculine Design with Black and White Marble

In general, masculine decor includes a lot of angular surfaces and dark materials. Since marble comes in so many varied color schemes, it’s the perfect material to use to complement the other elements of a contemporary masculine bathroom. Simply choose a dark-colored type of marble that fits your purposes and budget, and find ways to incorporate it into your masculine bathroom.

If you want your dark, angular bathroom to offer the epitome of luxury, you can’t go wrong with covering almost every surface with jet black marble. From your floors to your countertops to your shower room, covering every possible surface with black marble generates an imposing and invigorating aura that will put pep in your step before a big day.

For a softer, more textured approach, try deploying a type of marble with a black body and white veins. To complement the white undertones in your marble, use light or white color schemes for a few small features throughout your bathroom. For instance, you might want to use a little line of pure white marble as a backsplash behind your sink.

11 Luxurious Marble Bathroom Designs

2. Soft Feminine Decor with Pink Marble

Marble is such a versatile decor material that you can also use it in even the most feminine bathrooms. This luxurious stone comes in all sorts of different pastel colors, and pink marble with speckles of white and black is hugely popular in feminine bathrooms around the world. To keep things as feminine in your bathroom as possible, however, it’s best to limit your pink marble wall tiles to the bottom half of your wall. Using too much stone on your walls can ruin the soft, simple approach that you’re going for.

11 Luxurious Marble Bathroom Designs

3. Luxurious Bathroom with All White Marble Surfaces

There’s something about white marble that’s even more attractive than marble with lots of different colors. High-quality types of white marble are as pure as the driven snow, and white marble wall tiles provide the perfect contrast with white or off-white plaster walls.

If you really want to exploit the beauty of white marble to its fullest, cover every surface except the ceiling with this opulent substance. Keep in mind that it’s even possible to cover the vertical surfaces on your vanity with white marble for an all-encompassing approach.

4. Bathroom with Matching Marble on Vanity and Floor

If you want to limit the amount of marble in your bathroom but you still want to make a statement, choose a colorful vein of marble to cover the countertop on your vanity and your bathroom’s floor. While this decor approach won’t overwhelm your senses with marble, it will expertly use the natural beauty of this stone to generate a high-end aesthetic effect.

5. Simple Bathroom with Marble Backsplash

There’s no reason you have to go all-out when you use marble in your bathroom. This stone is expensive, so you might want to limit yourself to a delightful marble backsplash. In an otherwise bland bathroom, a colorful marble backsplash can be just the thing to add a little bit of brightness and life to your space.

6. Bathroom with Contrasting Marble Floor and Wall Tiles

While choosing marble styles at random and deploying them all around your bathroom would be misguided, that doesn’t mean you need to limit yourself to a single kind of marble. If you do it tastefully, in fact, you can pair marble with quartz, granite, and other stones that look completely different.

For an avant-garde approach, try deploying highly-durable manufactured quartz on your floor and marble on your walls. You can get manufactured quartz in all sorts of designs, and a geometrical, zig-zag design might be the perfect thing to contrast the intricate marble whorls on your walls.

7. Bathroom with Matching Tub and Marble Flooring Pattern

Making a tub entirely from marble would be a bad idea, but that doesn’t mean you can’t choose a marble pattern that matches your tub’s aesthetics. If you have a traditional white tub, you can put white marble on your walls, and if you have tub made from durable stone, you can choose a marble pattern that matches the natural stripes in your tub’s design.

8. Marble Flooring and Shower Room Bathroom Design

One way to use marble subtly but create a big impact is to limit your marble tile to the floors and shower room in your bathroom. Done correctly, this effect makes it look like the marble on your floor swept up the walls of your shower room while leaving the rest of your bathroom undisturbed.

9. Bathroom with Huge Marble Wall Tiles

Smaller marble wall tiles are cheaper, but if you want to maintain the natural appearance of the veins in this stone, buy tiles that are each more than two feet wide and put them on your walls without cutting them.

10. White Marble with White Walls

Just because you want to put marble on your walls doesn’t mean you have to go all-out. In fact, white marble looks great when paired with simple plaster walls you’ve painted white.

11. Wooden Accessories Accentuating White Marble Tile

White marble usually goes best with a minimalist design that uses lots of white overall, but this stone also looks surprisingly good when paired with a bunch of wooden accessories. Use a combination of bamboo blinds and decorative baskets to achieve an attractive effect.

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