11 Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Ideas

Farmhouse sinks are undeniably some of the most attractive kitchen sinks on the market. Whether you want to attach a water filter to your faucet or simply have plenty of room to wash bulky dishes, these types of sinks are as voluminous as they are convenient, and they’ll look great in contrast to your rustic bar stools or contemporary glass dining table. If you’re having trouble picking the right sink for your space, check out these 11 farmhouse kitchen sink ideas to get the inspiration you need to select the perfect sink.

11 Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Ideas


1. Try a Hammered Copper Option

No matter how much time passes, it seems that hammered copper never goes out of style. This high-quality sink material has a handmade look that makes your kitchen appear even more rustic than it is, and there’s something about the gleaming of copper in a kitchen that you can’t easily replace. Hammered copper is easy to shape, and it’s durable enough to see your kitchen through multiple decades with no need to remodel.

2. Go for Granite

While marble will always be the ritzy option when it comes to kitchen sink materials, granite is rapidly coming to the fore as a more affordable and durable alternative. This type of stone comes in a variety of different colors, and it can blend right in with your granite countertops to provide a fully seamless look.

3. Split Your Basin

Traditionally, farmhouse sinks only have one basin, and that’s part of the allure of these kitchen features. When you split your basin, however, you get all the benefits of a contemporary sink while enjoying the unique aesthetic attributes of an old-school farmhouse kitchen sink. Remember that farmhouse sinks are deeper than normal sinks, which means you’ll still have plenty of room to wash your hands and prep food while pots and pans soak in your other basin.

4. Choose a Curved Apron Front

The apron front of a farmhouse sink is one of this type of sink’s most attractive features. There’s more than one way to build an apron front for a farmhouse sink, however, and some options might be more beneficial than others.

If you’re always hitting your hands on the front of your sink, for instance, you might want to pick a farmhouse kitchen sink with a curved apron front. Instead of featuring fronts that run straight across, these sinks have fronts that dip down slightly on the top, which gives your hands more clearance while you’re washing dishes or rinsing vegetables.

5. Match Your Wooden Countertops

While no one would ever suggest that a wooden kitchen sink is a good idea, there are still ways to make sure your sink will match your wooden countertops with ease. Certain types of granite, for instance, feature the same color schemes as wood, and you can also choose an undermount sink that won’t interfere with the progression of your beautiful countertops across your kitchen surfaces.

11 Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Ideas


6. Put Your Sink in a Corner

It seems almost axiomatic to put a farmhouse kitchen sink about halfway through the longest portion of your kitchen counter. However, it’s just as easy to put this type of sink in the corner of your kitchen even though farmhouse sinks don’t feature the curves of normal corner sinks. Installing your farmhouse sink in the corner is one of the most space-efficient choices you can make, and this arrangement also makes the bright, colorful features of your sink stand out all the clearer.

7. Make It Rough Around the Edges

Most stone farmhouse kitchen sinks are highly chiseled and polished, but that’s not the only type of stone sink you’ll find on the market. In fact, you might find that you prefer a rough-hewn stone sink that looks like it was literally ripped out of the mountainside. If you pair your “mountain main” sink with some highly polished brass fixtures, you’ll be able to enjoy the best of both worlds.

8. Select an Angled Apron

Most of the aprons on farmhouse sinks go straight up and down, but you might want to mix things up with an angled apron for your new sink. These aprons stick out from your countertop by an inch or two, and they taper down along their height to become flush with your kitchen cabinets at their bottoms. An angled apron can give you a little more room to work with in your sink and look great at the same time.

9. Use a Detachable Faucet

With more room in your sink basins comes more culinary potential, but to make your way around your farmhouse sink without missing any corners, you’ll need a high-powered detachable faucet. While you might be able to get by without a detachable faucet if your farmhouse sink only has one basin, these types of fixtures become increasingly necessary the more nooks and crannies you need to clean out whenever you cook a big meal.

10. Set up Old-Fashioned Fixtures

These days, single handles and detachable faucets are the norm when it comes to kitchen sinks. You can make your farmhouse kitchen sink look unique, however, by using old-fashioned fixtures. In most cases, these fixtures consist of bath-type faucets with handles on either side, and while clunky, fixtures like these certainly make your kitchen look unique.

11. Don’t Forget the Sideboards

Sideboards on sinks are incredibly rare in contemporary décor, but since farmhouse style hearkens back to times long past, there’s no reason you shouldn’t go the traditional route and choose a sink with sideboards. These features consist of the same material as your sink, and they provide staging areas where you can drain dishes, provide a sanitary space for meat, or rinse vegetables. While you’re at it, why not have a sideboard on either side of your sink?

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