11 Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Even if you don’t feel like renovating your entire bathroom, just replacing your old bathroom mirror can completely change the look and feel of this part of your home. Whether you prefer ornate, Old-World style or you’d rather put a modern, frameless mirror up on the wall, and there are as many mirror options out there as there are bathrooms to put them in. Learn more about the best bathroom mirror ideas for your new bathroom and how to pick the top mirror to match your vanity or tub.

1. Get Rid of the Bezel

Nobody gets “wowed” by frameless mirrors anymore. These types of mirrors are so commonplace that they aren’t the most exciting option at your disposal, but if you make the right moves, you can deploy a frameless mirror combo in your bathroom that will bring this tired trend back in style.

Frameless mirrors truly shine when you up the size significantly. If you have a large wall to work with in your bathroom, let your mirrored surface stretch out to cover as much vertical surface as possible. Whether you want to accomplish this task with a single pane or break it up into multiple panels, the sight of your gleaming bathroom mirror seemingly hanging in the air will make the effort worth it. Keep in mind that you can always add a frame later if your aesthetic vision didn’t quite pan out.

2. Choose an Ornate Wrought Iron Frame

If you’re tired of light, airy mirrors and you want something with a heavy and authoritative air, a wrought iron mirror frame might be the perfect touch. It’s easy to find these types of frames in antique stores, and the battered but elegant vibe that these mirrors give off could be right up your alley.

However, it’s also possible to find brand-new wrought iron frames that look just as good as the antique options. Take your time as you choose an option, and remember that mirror frames are relatively easy to take on and off if you decide a style change is in order.

3. Put LEDs Behind Your Mirror

These days, light bulbs are so small that it’s easy to put tiny light-emitting diodes (LEDs) behind your mirror to achieve an attractive diffuse lighting effect. These miniature light sources generally come in long strips that are easy to tack onto the backs of mirror frames, and if all else fails, some adhesive strips will do the trick.

Many new mirrors come with LEDs these days, which might save you some time and effort. While many homeowners stick with tried-and-true soft white LEDs, you can just as easily attach some RGB LEDs to the back of your mirror. With the right system and a remote control, you’ll be able to change the hue coming from behind your mirror at will.

11 Bathroom Mirror Ideas

4. Invest in Multiple Mirrors

Your main goal is to replace your bathroom mirror, but even with that task complete, will you really have enough reflective surfaces in your bathroom? While you’re at it, you might want to collect a couple of supporting mirrors to add to your countertop lineup or arrange on your bathroom walls.

Magnifying mirrors are a makeup enthusiast’s best friend, and if you put a mirror on the wall opposite of your vanity, you’ll be able to enjoy a space-boosting “wall of mirrors” effect at the right angle that will make any small mirror look enormous. Try different mirror styles to get a firm grasp of which style choices work best for you.

11 Bathroom Mirror Ideas

5. Try a Mosaic Frame

Mosaics don’t have to be fancy to function as mirror frames. Instead of trying to recreate a work of art, try getting some crushed tiles, a few tools at the hardware store, and making your own simple mosaic on top of an existing frame. This DIY project is quick and fun, and you can also purchase ready-made mosaic mirror frames that will fit with your existing bathroom decor.

6. Embed LEDs in the Frame

Instead of sticking with a simple backlit frame, choose a new mirror that has LEDs installed directly in its bezel. In many cases, these ultra-modern mirrors glow out of both sides, which creates a double-headed diffuse glow effect that’s perfect for those late-night bathroom visits and sleepy early mornings.

7. Scatter Oval Mirrors Across the Wall

If you want to make a small bathroom look bigger, try covering an entire wall with different-sized oval mirrors. Choosing spots for each of the small mirrors can be a fun project to tackle with kids.

8. Install Old-School Hollywood Bulbs

Minimal LEDs are all the rage today, but the counter-surge toward the olden days is resulting in a sudden obsession with old Hollywood-style mirror frames with light bulbs all the way around. Remember that you can remove those hot incandescents and install cool, efficient LED bulbs in their place. Just remember to get the warm white option!

9. Fix up a Reclaimed Frame

Go to your local reclaimed furniture store and ask for mirror frames. It’s often possible to find beat-up antique frames that will look great with a simple coat of paint. Frames that would cost $100 at an antique store might be $20 at a reclaimed furniture depot.

10. Get a Custom Mirror Made

Can’t find a mirror that fits your tastes? Remember that you can order one custom-made if you want. Both online and in your local area, you can find committed artisans who will be happy to make a mirror that fulfills your exact specifications.

11. Switch to Safe Mirror Cleansers

To commemorate the installation of your new mirror, throw that old glass cleaner away and choose a non-toxic alternative. You’ve been meaning to switch to something with fewer harmful chemicals for a while, and now is a perfect time.


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