11 Bathroom Light Fixtures for 2019

From picking out a new tub to installing your vanity and shower room, there are tons of things to keep track of during the bathroom remodel process. One critical aspect of bathroom aesthetics that often gets overlooked, however, is lighting. The brighter your bathroom is, the better it will look, so try out these 11 bathroom light fixture ideas for 2019 to make your brand-new bathroom shine with brilliance.

1. Set up Lighting Behind Your Mirror

Your mirror should be the centerpiece of your bathroom. Whether you choose a relatively simple bathroom mirror or decide to go all-out with a luxury piece, you’ll need to make this feature look as attractive as possible. Installing lighting behind your mirror is one of the best ways to draw attention to this feature, and taking this step during the remodel process is easier than ever with the advent of LED lighting.

The tiny light-producing components of LEDs, called diodes, can fit in practically any space, and many manufacturers make these lights in strips that you can string out to provide even-looking ambient lighting in a variety of different bathroom spaces. The area behind your mirror is one of the best spots to set up a strip of LEDs, and if you decide to embark on this simple and inexpensive bathroom renovation project, you’ll be graced with attractive ambient lighting whenever you step into your bathroom. Your new behind-the-mirror LEDs can even replace your current nightlight.

11 Bathroom Light Fixtures for 2019


2. Install Some Vertical Light Bars Next to Your Mirror

While it’s easy to make LEDs into strips, you can also arrange these tiny light-emitting diodes into any shape you like. Whether you choose fixtures powered by traditional incandescent bulbs or decide to make the leap into the LED age, installing vertical light bars on either side of your mirror can revolutionize your bathroom’s aesthetics. These types of light fixtures are usually double-sided, and they produce 360-degree diffuse lighting that brings out your best features while also illuminating any blemishes that require attention.

3. Make Your Wall Sconces Adjustable

Wall sconces are incredibly popular for bathroom lighting, but most of these light fixtures are fixed in place. By investing in some adjustable wall sconces, however, you’ll be able to direct the lighting in your bathroom wherever it needs to go at any given time. It’s often possible to find vintage brass light fixtures that you can convert into wall sconces with a day of tinkering or less.

4. Hang Exposed Bulbs from the Ceiling

For whatever reason, hanging exposed incandescent bulbs from your bathroom ceiling has become a highly popular bathroom lighting trend in recent years. In fact, some manufacturers are now making long-lasting LED bulbs that look exactly like incandescents for this specific purpose.

Start off with some simple pendants that hang in front of your mirror. If the minimalist approach isn’t right for your bathroom, there are tons of other options to choose from as well.

5. Try Some Fancier Pendants

As the bathroom pendant lighting trend has gained more and more momentum, manufacturers have started making fancy alternatives to the traditional bare-bulb-and-cord approach. Whether you prefer avant-garde cubism or traditional aesthetics, there are artistic lighting pendants out there for you.

6. Hang a Vintage Lantern

If dangling pendants are a little bit too simple for your tastes, you might prefer the aesthetics of a vintage lantern hanging from your ceiling. These glass-walled contraptions used to be deployed on front porches and in front of garages, but these days, many entrepreneurs and antiques-enthusiasts are converting old lanterns into usable bathroom light fixtures.

7. Install a Bonafide Chandelier

Take things one step further by installing an actual chandelier in your bathroom. This approach only works if you have a relatively large bathroom, and before you start shopping for compact vintage chandeliers, make sure that your ceilings are high enough that you won’t hit your head on dangling crystal every time you step into your bathroom.

While chandeliers can look out-of-place or gaudy in the wrong context, they fit in perfectly with antique or Mediterranean-themed bathrooms. Remember that you have both vintage and brand-new options at your disposal as you pick your chandelier.

11 Bathroom Light Fixtures for 2019


8. Go Industrial with a Bell Jar Pendant

Bell jars are usually used on the manufacturing floor, but you can transform these pieces of industrial equipment into lighting fixtures with surprisingly little effort. If you’re already going for an industrial look in your bathroom, some repurposed bell jars will put the finishing touches on your edgy aesthetics.

9. Try Traditional Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting won’t be enough to light up your entire bathroom, but there are a few places within your grooming space where this type of lighting looks natural and is desperately needed. For instance, the section of ceiling above your shower is the perfect place to install a recessed light fixture or two, and this type of lighting also looks great over your bathroom’s entryway.

10. Install Ambient Lighting Strips Under Your Counter

Remember those low-profile lighting strips you mentioned you could put behind your mirror? This type of lighting also looks great under the countertops in your bathroom. In fact, leaving only the LEDs behind your mirror and under your counter on at night provides the perfect relaxing atmosphere you need to end your day on a good note.

11. Set up LED Lighting Inside Your Medicine Cabinet

Here’s one pro bathroom lighting tip that most homeowners overlook: Having relaxing mood lighting throughout your bathroom is important, but it will be hard to find things in your medicine cabinet when the lights are dim. One way you can solve this conundrum without turning on bright overhead lights is by installing an LED strip that activates whenever you open your medicine cabinet door. You can even install strips under each shelf in your medicine cabinet.


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