11 Amazing Narrow Bathroom Ideas

Your narrow bathroom doesn’t have to be constricting. With some simple bathroom renovation ideas, you can completely revolutionize your space and clear out plenty of room for your toilet, vanity, shower, and other bathroom features. Learn more about how you can transform your narrow bathroom into a grooming paradise on a budget.

1. Install a Wall-Mounted Toilet

The first step that many homeowners take as they transform their narrow bathrooms into the most comfortable areas in their homes is to throw out their old clunky toilets and install streamlined wall-mounted toilets instead. These types of toilets take up far less space than traditional options, and they’re easy to get around as you make your way to your shower or vanity. While you’re at it, you might as well install a toilet spritzer or a heated toilet seat to make your new compact toilet even more comfortable than it was before.

11 Amazing Narrow Bathroom Ideas


2. Try a Shower Room at the End of Your Bathroom

Most narrow bathrooms are little more than glorified hallways. Instead of trying to squeeze your shower in along the length of the room, why not give it a place of honor at the end of this narrow space? Shower rooms are undeniably luxurious, and they actually make a lot of sense in narrow bathrooms. Just remember to go all-out with rain showerheads and wall-mounted, detachable rinsers when you build your new high-end shower room.

3. Use an Oval-Shaped Basin Sink

Traditional sinks don’t make a lot of sense in narrow bathrooms. Even vessel sinks, which are traditionally quite streamlined, can get in the way when your shouldering for space just to make it down the length of your grooming area.

Instead of dealing with the space constraints related to normal sink shapes, install a sink that’s designed for your narrow bathroom instead. Some specialized vessel sinks have an oval or even troth-shaped appearance, which can make it easier to wash your hands without getting in anyone’s way.

11 Amazing Narrow Bathroom Ideas


4. Make Your Floor Tile Uninterrupted

In many bathrooms, the floor tile stops at the point where the main part of the bathroom meets the shower. However, you can make your narrow bathroom look bigger by allowing your floor tile to carry on into your walk-in shower. Whichever type of tile you have installed, the trick to this tip is simply to make this flooring material seamless throughout the length of your bathroom. Even though this trick doesn’t actually make any more space, it will make your bathroom look and feel more comfortable and roomy.

5. Keep Your Corners Soft

When you’re trying to get around in a narrow bathroom, banging into sharp corners can get old fast. While this type of obstacle is annoying, there’s another reason you should round the corners in your small bathroom space. Soft corners make your bathroom look bigger while sharp corners make it seem like your bathroom is closing in around you.

6. Make Sure You Can See into Your Shower

Narrow bathrooms and opaque shower curtains don’t mix. Instead, it’s best to choose a shower room when you have a narrow bathroom, and while frosted glass provides more privacy, it will also make your narrow bathroom feel unbearably tiny. Whether your shower room door slides or opens on hinges, make sure that it’s crystal clear even though you’ll have to clean it every day to keep up with appearances.

7. Install a Slim Vanity

Most narrow bathrooms come with vanities that are surprisingly bulky. However, there are plenty of bathroom vanities on the market that are somewhat slimmer to accommodate your decreased amount of space. Instead of dealing with a bulky vanity sticking out in your way whenever you navigate your bathroom, make things easy for yourself by switching it out with a slim vanity that gives you plenty of room to move around.

8. Deploy Lots of Lighting

Small spaces always look better with plenty of lighting. Whether you install a strip of unobtrusive LEDs behind your mirror or switch things up with some hanging lights in front of your vanity, more light is always better when you’re dealing with a smaller space.

9. Build a Ledge into the Wall

Don’t have a lot of space to put your stuff throughout your bathroom? No problem. Simply install some basic wood paneling or marble wall tile on the bottom half of your bathroom wall, and set up a small wooden or stone ledge on top of it that runs the length of your bathroom.

While this ledge will be relatively compact, it should give you plenty of room to store small things like makeup brushes, toothpaste, and eyeliner. No matter what, however, you’ll still need to come up with a place to store bulky items like extra toilet paper and tissues.

10. Increase the Greenery

Whether your space is narrow, squat, or just downright small, adding some plants to your bathroom can open things up in a big way. Your plants don’t have to be physically large to have an enormous impact; you’ll just have to pick the best possible places to put them to create the maximum effect.

The ledge under your bathroom window is, of course, the best seat in the house for potted plants. However, you can also hang a basket of creeping vines from the ceiling so that they soak up all the sun in front of your window. As long as your narrow bathroom is relatively well-lit, you can even put an unobtrusive plant or two directly on your vanity to add some life to your daily routine.

11. Make Every Piece of Furniture Count

Whether it’s a stool, a mirror, or a toilet rack, ensure that every piece of furniture in your narrow bathroom has storage potential. Just make sure you remember where you stowed everything!


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