10 Terrible Bathroom Design Ideas to Avoid

Remodeling a bathroom is one of the best ways to improve the quality, comfort and value of your home. Without being careful, however, it’s easy to inadvertently make huge design mistakes that can cost you dearly over the long run. Read on to learn about 10 of the biggest bathroom design mistakes to avoid to give your project the best odds of success.

 10 Terrible Bathroom Design Ideas to Avoid


10 Bathroom Design Mistakes to Stay Away From

 1. Thinking Too Big – When remodeling a bathroom, it is crucial to keep the overall size of the space that you’re working with in mind. With compact spaces in particular, it is easy to want to cram too many elements in – and that can create issues with both form and function. Select one major element that you can’t do without – for example, a double vanity – and keep everything else compact.


 2. Using the Wrong Finishes – For untiled areas of the bathroom, it is crucial to use the right types of finishes to ensure that the design stands the test of time. Therefore, always use waterproof paint that is resistant to mold, for example. If you use wallpaper, also take care to use a waterproof variety that is intended for damp places like bathrooms.


3. Overlooking Ventilation – In the excitement of transforming a bathroom with special new touches, it’s easy to overlook practical things like ventilation. That’s especially true with regards to internal bathrooms that don’t have outside windows. Invest in a top-notch exhaust fan for the space that includes a timer. That way, it can run for a sufficient period of time to keep the room as dry and clean as can be.


4. Putting Form Over Function – When checking out bathroom design ideas, it’s easy to get ahead of yourself. Again, it is crucial to keep the constraints of the space that you’re working with in mind. Will that shower door open and close easily, for instance, or will the counter or toilet be in the way? As a general rule of thumb, allow at least 30 inches between the toilet and anything in front of it, and make sure that towel racks and other bars are within easy reach.


5. Omitting Sufficient Storage Space – Even the most beautifully designed bathroom won’t look that great if it’s constantly littered with things like shampoo bottles, makeup and toiletries. Be sure to incorporate several storage methods into the design of your bathroom to avoid this pitfall. Use open shelving for items that are nice to keep on display, and use drawers, cupboards and cabinets to tuck away other things.


 6.  Using Incompatible Fittings – Sure, that rainfall shower head would be a luxurious addition to your bathroom; however, is your plumbing system up for it? Before making any major changes or additions to the space, consult with a plumber or bathroom design specialist to find out if you will need to make upgrades to your plumbing system before proceeding.


7.  Using Tiles That are Too Large or Too Small – One of the biggest bathroom design mistakes out there is using tiles that are too large or too small for the space at hand. In compact bathrooms, for example, oversize tiles may need to be cut awkwardly to work, which can result in a sloppy aesthetic. On the flip side, using tiles that are too small can make the space seem too busy and chaotic. For small spaces, stick with medium-sized tiles around 18 inches by 18 inches for best results.


8.  Relying on the Wrong Grout – In damp places like bathrooms, the grout that you use between the tiles should be resistant to moisture and humidity. Therefore, using an epoxy grout is far better than using a cement-based grout. Consider using darker grout with lighter tiles and vice versa to blend form with function perfectly.


9.  Being Careless with Lighting – Put time and thought into the ways that you will use light fixtures to illuminate the bathroom. Impractical lighting options for bathrooms can create major issues and can even be dangerous. It’s best to use a mix of lighting fixtures, including general or overhead lighting; task lighting like that used for applying makeup; and mood lighting that can be brightened or dimmed to achieve the perfect ambiance.

10 Terrible Bathroom Design Ideas to Avoid


10. Trying to Do It All Yourself – Finally, while many aspects of bathroom design and remodeling can be handled on a DIY basis, one of the biggest mistakes is trying to handle every last thing yourself. Things like plumbing and electrical work are generally best left to professionals not just for aesthetics but for safety and functionality as well. It also pays to consult with a bathroom design specialist to ensure that your ideas will translate well in reality.


As you can see, many missteps can be made when remodeling a bathroom. By avoiding the 10 mistakes above, however, you will be ahead of the game from square one.

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